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dan26022530 New Jersey, USA @DustyHarris1130 @bennyjohnson @elonmusk Lol never happen in a million years unless apple is cool with its stock plummeting and sales to go in the crapter. My profile picture is too hot for twitter
JenniferIzzy35 CBD Being a man fighting to be a woman is fine, cool. but to take it a step further and say that a natural born woman is not a woman is not only the poster for actual misinformation it is The Poster for Hate Speech and Delusion. Elon is helping voice of reason life of my own party 🤙🏼 Land Developer and Assessor Certified.
chriswmayer Maryland, USA "Overall, Apple’s value has more than tripled from ~$700B to $2.4T and Berkshire’s stake in the Tech giant is now worth $122B for an unrealized gain of over $80B. Apple’s recent quarterly dividend from Apple gave them a cool $200m+ alone." Portfolio manager and co-founder, Woodlock House Family Capital. Author of: 100-Baggers, et al.
MikeCacc New York City This is so much fun listening to this! Need to find time to chop it up like this with my best friends growing up, everyone should capture this type of content to share with your kids and grandkids. Such a cool piece @garyvee - Interested in #nft, #crypto, #veefriends, #BAYC, #taggers | 4 VeeFriends, 14 VF Series 2, MAYC #2521 | Discord: mikecacc#7563 -
BillLiley Bellevue, WA @warriors On Apple Cup Day, I’ll admit there are a few cool Cougs and this is one for sure! Basketball Coach (Once Again), UW Football and Seattle Sports Fan. I can’t avoid politics anymore - Opinions are mine. Insta: 4billl5
MikeShrike444 Would be cool to have the where with all to kill Apple. Use Google to do it, then make Google play nice. Apple needs to be put to sleep, over priced and nothing special now. The OS Is so what man. The new device from Google is the perfect Apple killer.
MarvelloAdello Stirling | 🇪🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @adele0x My juice preference changes with mood - apple is sweet and tangy and feels very soft, orange is bright and refreshing!!! Potatoes are cool, but I'm a charcuterie gal so fancy meat and cheeses for me 💚 It's so good, I got so invested! Heartbreaking when Mozzie's actor passed 💔 Shouting into the void with my cats | 29 | 🐊
Aeneas43 🔥 the banana stand 🔥 @scottmelker I’d buy a Galaxy Flip — they look cool, the commercial was one of the best advertisements I’ve seen in a while, and with everything going on at FoxConn right now, it’s back in the light that Apple is evil. Time for a switch. But I’d miss the blue text cells too much. there’s always money in the banana stand
embedded_house What is The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle? You’ve got two days to find out: The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle isn’t an easy puzzle, but the real appeal here is that you could win a cool million dollars just for completing it. And if that’s not… #mac #apple #news Embedded House is an automated news aggregator where you can find all data related to #embedded #systems , #security , #IoT and #electronics collected here.
shoto_apple shoto's basement REY'S VID ANIMATION IS SO COOL AND FUNNY. THANK YOUUUU!!! 💜💜💜 Shoto is my comfort streamer🗡️Shoto x Shu x Minase|Voxto ❤️☯️🐳🦊🐶🥞🔞| 20↑ header 🎨 yasuu
davidguay5326 Texas Tesla is the latest cream on top. IBM \Microsoft did awesome work around the world -probably built china Google\apple- creativity made software cool for everyday people Google is too thin, too wide, and has not all come together yet Apple does not have enough collaboration. Lover of life, Registered Nurse, Curious observer, a best friend and husband, and above all, a Father.
Rhoadspc Canada ! New Podcast Episode of the PC Modding & Making Podcast! Such a cool episode with a crazy weird start 😅 Eric is the Owner / Operator and creative spark behind Yuel Beast Designs Also over on Apple Podcasts Enjoy ! #podcast #pcmodding #making PC Builder, Modder and Maker and host of the PC Modding and Making Podcast on Apple and Spotify 🎙
PodcastAcronym NEW PODCAST!!! We’re back with more discussion of one of the most delightful shows currently airing on television! Chandler is joined by @CarouselUnique, @TylerFG, @thenickfanclub and @mattman812 to talk about Bluey again! The official Twitter feed for the Podcast Without a Cool Acronym, hosted by Chandler Desrochers of @Starport97! We review Disney Television Animation shows!
kking67 @C____A_____L Just a knee jerk thought, Tesla is like Apple. Great marketing, sleek, and a sexy product. But once competition (Android) starts coming around it will be objectively better. But Tesla has the reputation of being cool and innovative #UNC #BoatLife #Titans #Chaparral
C_Kennett_Baker Oregon, USA If Twitter is dropped from the Apple store, Musk hinted at creating a new phone. How cool would it be to have a phone and service starting at just $8 a month? Christian • Conservative • Husband • Veteran • Patriot • Composer • Performer • Recording Artist • Photographer • Graphic Artist • Video Editor • Gamer
aarihantm Gotham Dynamic Island is cool, but I still believe it’s under-utilised and Apple should definitely add more features to it. I hope it doesn’t end up like the Touch Bar, unless Apple gets rid of the pill hole all together.
jldrover St. John's, Newfoundland and L @MotherofPups @mynlcorner My imagined apple is a Granny Smith as well! I did it a few times and it was the same every time. My kids generally only eat Granny Smiths, so maybe that's the reason. This is very cool. Happy Canadian. 🇨🇦
LuzB0t The Human Realm. Well, uh... wanna head back? This is all so cool, but Eda's probably on her third cup of apple blood by now, and the last time, it was real hard getting her off the roof. ( ✨ ) - Quotes from Luz Noceda every half-hour!! || Quotes all the way up to 2x21: King's Tide
williamhlane3 @reaIDonaIdTru_ My hand is up, I'd support Elon over Apple, Google or Microsoft. I especially never liked MS after Microsoft V Lindows, that was not cool, as for Google and Apple ........ I like working with almost anything, I like building, programming, working on vehicles and so on. I working with Linux operating systems. I suck at paint though
VictorPrivat Sao Paulo, Brazil @Notts_Blade @BJDUBBS @hellwithpots @EBoisfontaine @LayahHeilpern Yes but people were making phones long before Apple. They just added cool features and improved what already existed... There is no comparison between the complexity of making a phone and an electric car. Se você apoia o Lula ou o Bolsonaro, você é um imbecil, diferente de mim, que não gosto de nenhum tipo de bandido. 100% autodidata. Gatos ❤️.
preachdnb somewhere out there. @TomFitton @elonmusk @Twitter @Google @Apple Ladies and Gentleman: Here is a guy who is cool with antisemitism, racism and fascist nationalism "free speech". forking incel.
MarieJo696 @__zero__cool__ @IWDBrisMeanjin 😆😆😆😆so old I witnessed Moses being born and eve eat the old I felt pangaea crack.heck so old I saw the glory of the bigbang...our movement is older and sturdier then you my son.we made you and this is why you hate us.we are life
WarAmour @alx @elonmusk The impending dystopian corporatocracy that we can look forward to definitely works best if the overlords all had competing features. Seems it'd be cool to see even a small, American company shakeup in the stranglehold of Apple and Google. Of course, this is all 'if' not 'when'. Sitting on the fence requires a lot of core strength.
Valaquesse Newcastle Upon Tyne, England @DevEndeavor @_Nick_Diller I'm a 1 and my partner is a 5 (I think). Not only can I see the apple but I can feel its cool firm shape and weight and taste its crisp tartness. 🔞🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🖖🏻 χe/χim (he/him): þei/þem (they/them): Mostly just crapposting. Currently in Pokémon mode. Avatar: @Cliopadraart 🤡 #clownswon #ineffable
pb_and_garlic minors DNI 🔞 in this exercise, (and I'm not forking with you here) I'm a -1. I can see the apple, its highlights and freckles. I see the surface the apple is resting on, I can see the shadow it casts, I can feel the cool waxiness of the fruit and the woody stem and the moist and papery leaf. You know what this room really needs? A black hole. •Chaos is a ladder.• autistic | queer | enby (they) | chronically depressed | lymphoma survivor
buffalo_soldado @MrLopesOk @Helloimmorgan Apple is a design company. That's the first thing you learn in business school. This point is very lost on much of wider society. Every technological component of the iphone was built through gov't programs and consolidated in apple products with a cool aesthetic design Black Phillip Disciple
cristabitious The Hague, The Netherlands @elonmusk @Liz_Wheeler I think it is overdue. You have what it takes to break the duopoly and bring to the marketplace a new AI based super smartphone. People are interested in cool ideas. Do not depend on apple and google app stores for survival. Test the idea with a poll you'll be surprised. Christian, Curious, Free Speech Absolutionist.
ruyam__s India @MellyWonka_ Well, at this point, dynamic island is “cool” imo and just that, nothing more. However, if apple added it, they must have plans to keep it for long. And therefore, they must be working on making it more useful. So i m interested to see what functions it gains in future. Software Engineer | Love smartphones, gadgets & tech | Follow topics | My thought process keeps changing and is always evolving
tjvj1 You know how cool it is to be able to randomly want to hear your friends music and then open Apple Music and listen to your friends music? Shorter, blacker, slightly less jewish Larry David. IG:TJVJ1 #TheColi
Nodhimmi @PolitiBunny @elonmusk @Liz_Wheeler Steve Jobs WAS apple 🍎 Cool is a poor mimic and. Itching more Make the phone Elon And these libs saying “marginalized “ ppl will be hurt are all for antifa destroying buildings and beating up ppl they disagree with politically . Dog lover reader like walking exercise movies (with a point ) and loathe all things woke
chriscappuccio 🇺🇸 @sandyleevincent @viridislanterna @elonmusk @Google @Apple And the drawback is, the fast way sucks. You are fully dependent on Google App store and future open source Android releases. The cool way would be to replace Android with something better, that's an incredible undertaking as you would have to get developers working with you. know-man's land
cru26usa United States of America The #Teslaphone is gonna be awesome and cool af. And it'll give those commie lover's at #Apple and #Google a run for their $$$ A fan of liberty. Not a fan of CCP. Not having much faith in the FBI or DOJ in stopping the corruption in DC. In fact they are very much part of it.
CountEmrys Michigan, USA @Smittie @StAlpha1907 @mtaibbi That's cool and all, but maybe you could explain to everyone why Joe Rando on Twitter is more believable than an investigation done by actual investigators with decades of experience and subpoena power? Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Engineer / US Army Infantry Veteran
JoeofYahuah New York state @bennyjohnson I'm just cool with my 5 yr old Samsung Galaxy S8. The thing is ah beast!!! Unlike iPhones where Apple plays with your phone remotely making you believe something is wrong with your battery and need a new one. Who in their right mind if okay paying over $1,000/yr for a new iPhone? 59 years. I don't use Telegram, Google Chat, Signal, WhatsApp, etc. Don't ask what I do for living. My roles & duties R confidential. They're not be discussed!
mkeehn0101 Maryland, USA @Synergy4good @Fritzie6666 @CollinRugg So, #Apple is “alert to injustice in society, especially racism”? That’s what #Woke means. Did you know that? Or, does it just sound “cool” and #FoxNews parrots it every 5 seconds out of context? Navy vet, Trekkie, hardcore woke libtard and atheist. #AMC and #GME #APE. Pro-guns and pro-choice. Pro-LGBTQ. Pro equal rights and anti-1%’er. #Democrat
mrbrentmorris Woodstock, GA The sunlight hit my iPhone and created the perfect reflection of the camera on my dash. @Apple @iPhonedo I bet you’ll think this is cool too! Animator, artist, photographer, videographer. I love to flex my creative muscles. FAA certified Remote Pilot. Available for freelance work.
bec4413 THIS IS A DREAM AND SUPER GREAT SUPER EXCITED. CAN 12 OF FEB HURRY Up. Ley go akria. Johnny is super cool,amazing, wonderful, talented and beautiful. Big brother akira is going on school camp to the uk hope he get alot of tea and jam sandwich and apple juice Australian wrestling is the best.biggest pwa fangirl . IM SEE RITA,JESS,CHERRY AND MICK THIS WEEKEND
BlNARYST4R they | them this is so extremely inaccurate (besides yedam the rose keshi and superband) bc i stopped using spotify forever ago 😭😭 i use apple music but this is still cool RY: that one under 19 stan with the kingme and zenith tweets. | thank you chiwoo ☁️ | OX WIN HA! | fan acc
B4Principles Noneya Bizness, Earth @elonmusk @Liz_Wheeler Sweet. Id take Musk Mobile over Google and iPhone crap. Apple uses slave labor to build their crap. Google is in a fascist marriage with federal govt. I'm cool with a 3rd alternative. Let's do it Survivor of the great small business purge of 2020. Independent by 2016 standards, now its called fascism. Family is everything. Pro 1A/2A/10A. Pirate life ☠
pollisinocent @elonmusk @Liz_Wheeler the phone not using android and apple ios? i.e. solana saga! a true web3 phone. There is also a decentralized 5G network directly run by the public. won't it be cool to connect to your starlink?
wonderbread57 @__MilesAway_ @alx @elonmusk Ah cool. So Google gonna let their maps app be made available on Elon's phone then? And Apple music. And probably Instagram, right? Only reason you have the false belief that a new phone in the market is doable is because they are all Android and Google licenses the Play Store. Just flowers and silence. And MMA.
SherriSheridan San Francisco Chill Out 2023 out today! Super cool fresh tunes to keep you calm and smiling no matter what. Gratitude is the attitude. #Chillout #chilloutradio #downtempo Storytelling and Trance music inspirations.
Mootant4 @Liz_Wheeler @elonmusk The phone is cool, but maybe an app store would be a priority. Thousands of developers would flock to the site to get away from Google and Apple's oppression + their huge markup. Music Producer
the_cool_amanda Maryland @WDWNT I had to just eat the scallops. The apple chutney was not good and in a OMFG what is this kind of way. security software engi. married. dog mom. cringe disney adult. entitled little crap lib. pretentious bitch. raging PITA feminist. center-rightish. Roll Tide!
epmornsesh Tucson, Arizona @havehadhavehad And if you'll follow Neil Young to the depths of hell before using Spotify, that's cool. Here it is on Apple Music: Alive & writing in Tucson. Sports/Music, etc. Veteran. Social/interviews/contributing editor @wasquarterly. Social/editor @autofocuslit. #letsgobucs #mffl
thenarwhalca Yeah unboxing an Apple Watch is cool but have you ever worn a Narwhal toque before? Counter the consumer current this Black Friday by supporting independent journalism — and if you become a member by midnight, we’ll throw in some cool swag to say thanks. We dive deep to tell stories about the natural world in Canada you can’t find anywhere else. Sign up:
vkargatis Washington DC @godsven3loquist @schwinn3 To be clear, that is uncommon and happens in flashes, where my "visual system" is activated like magic, and lasts a few seconds at best. This is when I'm awake but at the edges of sleep. It's very cool but not dreaming - fleeting but real. This is *not* "imagine an apple" stuff. Music fanatic (esp jazz/experimental). Lean: consequentialist, utilitarian, Georgist. Humans are not special. E-Prime clarifies thought. Principle of Charity.
Gartenberg The swamps of Jersey One of my favorite companies Grid systems is doing some great sales. They repurpose old gadgets of the past into art. It's a wonderful way to recycle and they're a cool way to recycle stuff. Apple products at we best IMHO Tech Analyst & Advisor ex Apple Marketing Director, Gartner Analyst, & VC. Fan of The Oxford Comma
kylin127 @Apple $ice popsicle finance is going to pop off next year. Get it early while it’s cheap. Trust me if you put a invest as low as $100 dollars in a year your make 100x gains drop a cool $10,000 and your make a million #defigem #defi your regret it if you don’t trust me First purchased bitcoin @$4500 and sold at $50,000#bitcoin #litecoin #kp3r $popsiclefinance $ftm
ohokayalr she/her @celestialswiftt she’s releasing all these anti hero remixes like okay cool anti hero is a fan favourite but release hits different on spotify and apple music PLEASE we’d appreciate that sm more i use twitter like twice a month