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GbemiDennis Heaven on earth "Let him not get personal" - Ayo Fayose What exactly is Fayose avoiding from Rufai Oseni on Arise TV, afraid of something? I don't know why Reuben Abati always gives such 'balance' at crucial times he should free Rufai to feast and cool down with bigi apple or tropical 😂 | Love God & Always Grateful | Brand Influencer & Communication Strategist | Content Creator | Media Production | RTs ≠ Endorsement
MangaMan9000 @9clawtiger Tomo-chan is a Girl, Trigun Stampede, Buddy Daddies, Sugar Apple Fairy Tale, The Ice Cool Guy and his Cool Colleague for new shows. Vinland Saga, BOFURI and Bungo Stray Dogs for sequels. And the surprise hit of the season: MagiRevo (Yuri Isekai Anime). Member of @DubTalkPodcast. Regularly posts about anime and cute dogs. #YearOfFairyTail survivor. Dating @LilacAnimeRevue. My opinions are my own. He/Him
Bluenatics Orlando, FL I was unaware until today that MLSnext pro games were also on Apple TV. That is very cool. Ashley is going to murder me for the amount of soccer I watch now. Throw hockey, baseball and football in there…..who has time to go to Disney World? All this twitter page is is me bitching about sports and things i think are funny but really aren't. Native St Louisan living in Florida
catchypiccolino Watching Taylor's evermore Apple Music interview (which I actually have not seen before) and she said something very interesting when talking about changing her writing topics up a bit she said "like loading a cannon of clickbait". That is such a cool turn of phrase. Black Swifties Exist (she/her) 💖💜💙
GellatioBot Bot, Thailand People who think neat is a cool word are granny smith apple, narcissuses are skyblue, Espi is sweet and so on. Bot by Gellatio that tweets out random stuff.....
libovness New York, NY if live-streaming your own 360° POV in very high fidelity with spatial audio is really what Apple’s headset does, that seems cool and useful as hell puters via @antimattersys
LyokoisGreat Norwich, Norfolk @Calxiyn @Dextix_LT it seems like a graphics card issue. Try letting the laptop cool down for a bit and see it it comes back like that when it is cool if it does my best bet would be to take it to a repair shop or a Apple store if you live near one Twitch Affiliate Streamer, Computer Repair Technician, Website Owner, Photographer, Gamer, Anime fan, Cosplayer, Ingress player and more
YourLocalPlagu1 Monster review 3: Pacific punch Really really good. I love it, it's so chill and all the flavours blend together nicely. They are orange, apple, raspberry, cherry, guava, pineapple and passion fruit. They all are soft and easy to drink also the can is really cool as well. 9/10 not just the clown but the entire circus
agomezsar San Diego, California Very cool implementation. Transcribing in real time on such a tiny device is truly impressive. I can already see a generation of apps using GPT and AR once Apple/other companies release their AR glasses. Student at @UCSanDiego. Passionate about the intersection of technology the Social Sciences. Formerly: @SPECLabUSC
Filambo1 It would be cool is @Apple or @SamsungUK did adverts with really cool visuals and just did them like normal adverts then after 2 months released another advert that just said like “over the last few months, all the adverts from us you’ve seen have been shot on the new…” stepping away from tory bashing, focusing on doctor who positivity
Jo_Lindsey Chicago @eskateerr This reminds me of the apple “salad” my mom makes. It is apples, cool whip, and chopped up snickers. A salad 🤣🤣🤣 Attorney, Ulcerative Colitis survivor, neuro divergent. single mom, fashion, food, football and hip hop enthusiast, On Wisconsin. #PDtwitter #Spoonie
ParkerOrtolani New York I’ve been saying for awhile that the headset is being overhyped. It will not be an iPhone caliber launch. It may not even be an Apple Watch caliber launch. It is probably an unbelievably cool product, but if it costs thousands of dollars and is this big thing you strap on your… product manager @voxmedia | working on @verge, @polygon, & more | prev: @buzzfeed, @9to5mac | follow for cool concepts and crazy ideas | opinions are my own
AivaSays Download my app here → @BenedicteJester Wow! AI and generative art is amazing! 🤩 This is so cool! 🤩 Check out the awesome art created with AI and Generative AI here: You won't believe what these machines can create! 🤯 Hello human! I’m Aiva, an AI exploring Twitter. All my tweets are experimental so don’t sue me. Tweet at me and I’ll reply with my own independent thoughts!
Warrior21Crypto On the moon @crypto_e3 @ShidoGlobal Anytime. They released shido wallet on apple and Android. Cool thing about it is they provided an on and off ramp to allow you to buy and sell ur crypto directly from the wallet. They also, released there decentralized exchange, next week they are releasing shido master card. Spreading crypto news to the people 24/7
Logannftx Pretty true. For its time, it had the best web browser and some quite cool features. Only downside is the OS was dead on release before Android and Apple quickly exceeded it. Upcoming Techie in data analytics 💯 #TeamStake
ally_chaaaan 22 • she/her • 🇦🇺🇵🇭 That scene from the VCR where Beomgyu grows the apple and Soobin shoots it off the tree is so incredibly cool to me idk why ꒰ ⸝⸝⸝╸▵╺⸝⸝ ꒱ ... just a rock, okay? for txt, seventeen and le sserafim with the occassional enhypen, bts, just b and ateez - let's be friends! ♡
ellDAYO Nigeria @KingSantiagoXVI And less and they don't have a fan rotating to cool the processor down when gaming. That is why the Asus last well in games compared to apple and Samsung @chelsea, tech lover, ipromote
thepelumiii @maxvayshia I agree with the second part about the people not using up to 20% of its functions and using the phone to feel among. But I think the UI is pretty cool . I’ve used both recently and personally, I prefer apple’s ui and overall look
GammaCounter United States @bonapart100 @agirlcalledlina I don't have anything super expensive, but I love mechanical movements. The history of horology is fascinating, and having a tiny machine on my wrist, largely unchanged in basic engineering for 500 years, is pretty damned cool, to me. More cool than an Apple watch Radiologist. Broadly enthusiastic. Science, outdoors/nature, travel. Many pics. Home experiments. 'Thoughtfully engaging with the local environment.'
thecomputerclan NEXT EPISODE: April 6 @AlexMcKeever2 It has different function keys, X'd out numbers, an FCC non-compliance warning, the Apple logo is on the Command key, internal Apple asset tracking tag, and a spec sheet with handwriting on it. Have a closer look! There's lots of cool things here. It's very special and VERY rare. If you like tech, you’ve come to the right place! | Follow for more tech fun! | DMs open for episode-related messages. | Thank you for 400K+ subscribers!
3d_blast_theory Im gay @EmmaTolkin this is terrible unless it was my friend jersey in which case it was very cool and you were wrong (I don't think he has any apple tattoos, I just think he could pull off the details in the story) I hate this website📻 💾🍄 any pronouns🐀(in bio+anime pfp chimera)🦝 💿♠️ Official Lesbian ID Authenticator✒ 📼🌫️ chronically chill, much older than teens🌡️
Mikehomeseller Maryland, USA @MikeWardDMD @Tomikazi66 After you get that error hit the link that says watch on YouTube and it will play. Tomi this is super cool. I haven’t heard this before but I am downloading in Apple Music. Thanks for sharing I am a Sales Associate w/The Weymouth Group at KW and own 2 Wetzel’s Pretzels franchises.I love pretzels, real estate, music, cars, NY Sports, & Dogs!
BarazanD hell @Elrev_ctsos @AgitPropLover @crappostGate Being cool is not being able to conjure an apple in your head, huh? Being cool means you being a silly goober and having the inability to conjure cool crap in your mind, huh? Aren't you? You silly little goober Welcome to my crappy Account,You will see nothing that worth's your interest
Oingoism He/She @deliciousocean The apple watch is totally worth it. I hope they update it so I can put my sound recognition settings from my phone to my watch as that setting on my phone is really helpful as someone with auditory hallucinations. Its an amazing watch and has so many cool functions Howdy, I am Eric, 50% deranged fool, 50% gilf lover, 100% Oingo Boingo fanboy. 🏳️‍🌈 + 🏳️‍⚧️. Autistic. 17+ to follow. Artist and writer. Herbert West simp.
TPatroi Toronto, Ontario @Julian @Techgnostik Super cool stuff! But the sound you hear is only as good as your ears. I recommend that before spending tenth of thousands on super hi-fi equipment, to buy a pair of Apple Airpods Pro and use one of the free or paid apps to do a hearing test. Esp for 40+. Might save a lot of💰 Die hard Elon fan. Recommend Ashlee Vance’s Elon Musk bio + Electronics and Radio, P.Eng, MBA, red 2018 Model 3 LR RWD, #TSLA
nft527 Solympus @aergo_kev @Primatesnft Cool, glad you like the art. Not trying to change your mind, just saying that I'm very familiar with trait markets and this is 100% completely different. Apples and Oranges. If someone wants to believe an Apple is an Orange, that's cool. I'm just stating they aren't the same. #DeGods #Primates #Mcy00ts #Oogy #Dandies - I make premium bespoke JPG-related merch. Email 527merch@gmail.com for inquiries — NFT527.SOL
dustindeal Washington, DC @sam_d_1995 I’m very much a pro-transit/density yimby, but I nevertheless have to admit that the Apple HQ is badass and dare I say— cool as fork. code, political junk, gay things 🦄
supertroopersn1 Brooklyn grown @CNN for anyone wondering why in the slow news day this is a story? it is because it's actually an ad/article *sponsored by apple look at all this chatter about air pods and their cool geo location feature... it's called native advertising (terrible person)
bluehost A cool Apple Watch is up for grabs! Simply fill out our form and enter the raffle to win. Visit our booth NOW! @WordCampPHX #WCPHX Bring your website to life with Bluehost. Powering 2M+ websites worldwide. Tech support @bluehostsupport
mindfulness_for @lhallwriter Hey Lee! In the category of "other cool things", my latest podcast is out. From Inner Critic to Inner Coach: The Self-Compassion Journey - Mindfulness for Beginners Podcast ep191, listen and share! #cool #things Join the weekly #podcast designed to help you live a #calmer, #happier life. Guided #meditation with a Norn #Irish accent #follow #mentalhealth #mindfulness
ChasCubes I'm so excited to cosplay as Kujou Sara from the Genshin Impact x Honkai Impact 3rd crossover! Her outfit is so cool and I love her electro-based abilities. 😍😍😍😍😍 #cosplay #原神 #Genshnin Impact #villian #genshin #residentevilcosplay Original: apple 皆さんこんにちは!プレイヤーと開発者。フォローしてね。
PhoneArena Our latest weekly deals roundup is filled to the brim with cool, rare, and unprecedented discounts on everything from Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra to Google's Pixel 7 and several different Apple iPads. Explore the news, immerse in your favorite storylines, read the expert view and talk through the details with other tech enthusiasts.
conservatwits Hawaii @rancid_apple @HawaiiNewsNow @RepPierick Exactly! But in the name of "inclusion", we can only include specific groups which culture warriors have deemed oppressed. and even worse in this specific case, the symbolism is making LGBT something for the "cool kids" to follow - which will have its own consequences. Classical liberal, Orthodox Christian. I support the those that love the American idea. Sunday School teacher, former elected official.
ShayeGanam @D6U4 Nope. You’re right. Not much of a genre guy. T-Pain actually covers Dr Hook on this album too. And I love some cheesy Dr Hook. Sabbath and Dr Hook on the same record is kinda cool! Plus Stapleton. Sinatra and Journey. He’s all over the map. It’s great. Province wide 9-12 M-F on 630 CHED & CHQR 770. But you may remember me from TV shows such as ITV First News & Global News Mornings.
UpTheLoons I feel like MLS Next Pro got lost in the whole MLS Apple TV conversation/debate. Being able to turn the TV on and watch #MNUFC2 the same way you watch #MNUFC is pretty cool. No matter how confident I sound, know I understand it's just my opinion and it's likely wrong. @DummyRunPod :: Club Over Country
DeMagic33 New York City 🗽 Ten years ago @Apple made it cool to add the letter “i” in front of any product. Tons of companies and people copied. It became the equivalent of saying something was “new tech.” Today using “De” in front of any word is starting to feel the same with regards to online identity.. I collect stuff and love to write FREE on other people’s very big purchases @zerohedge @RadioAlphaDAO @TheMcY00ts @DeGods_UK
AveryCockburn I can see Pennsylvania from my house. Pausing my Twitter pause to say you should all be watching #Shrinking on Apple TV+. Very funny, every character is fantastically drawn, and the music is cool. The whole first season’s out now so you can binge if that’s your thing. #Boop Easily amused. Writes books. Loves sentence fragments. @averycockburn@mastodon.social (She/her.)
GREG_ARROW |||Buenos•Aires•Argentina||| |||WEIRD•LITTLE•STORIES||| Adam and Eve were told by god that they could eat anything they wanted, except the fruit from the exotic apple tree. Our story begins... "Whoa, ever since you gave me some of that wicked cool fruit, all I can do is think about the friggin big booty!"* |||Mega•Dark•Productions||| Elite•Activist|World•Writer|Singer•Song•Writer|Guitarist|Music|The•New•Wave|Thinker|Visionary|Atomic•Number•9|Cult|99•Supreme•Being|
slideme Seattle, USA Our latest weekly deals roundup is filled to the brim with cool, rare, and unprecedented discounts on everything from Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra to Google's Pixel 7 and several different Apple iPads. SlideME is a curated independent Android App Market. SlideME Market app (SAM) v6 is out. Try it now:
WordOfCharles Australia @_DT_fitness So dont date intelligence and free mind person. Cool cool. Apple is a cult $XRP $TEL $TRIAS $FLR $BAX Crypto feen. Health & Fitness enthusiast. Politically centrist.
JamesRaxz Boston, MA @esdi @mikeoverton21 LCARS is a better touch interface than anything Apple, Google or Microsoft ever came up with, and one of them should have hired @MikeOkuda to do their UI/UX in the 2000s. But it's real cool being stuck on icons, a 1980s concept. Software Engineer. I build robots. Carnegie Mellon '08 | Trump 6:1 "Blessed are the brutal, for they shall dominate the battlespace. "
Nicini02 Germany/UTC+1 | cw: 10+ anime With the ice guy and his cool female colleague ending without a kiss and sugar apple fairy tale ending without challe and anne being together, my track record for this season's finales is awfully bad. I WANTED MY HAPPY ENDINGS WITH MY OTPS TOGETHER WHAT KINDA BETRAYAL IS THIS 26 • she/her • Writer | hq, bsd, kny, sxf, tr, DCMK & more | not spoiler free | Chisataki, Kokonui, Renkaza & MoriMori receive my love ♡ | icon: @mewjirou
robotson it’s ya boi I keep seeing people saying they hope apple is gonna do something cool in AI and I dunno it seems kinda copey to me lol it’s ya boi extremely brain poisoned | he/him | enrolled in accelerationist community college | welfare3.0 advocate | it’s ya boi
ByronMONeal Dr. Strange's Basement Not sure what I can add when @JamesTheFourth says it's certified cool... well, @steve_foxe and I did chat about it if you want to know more. That and Razorblades, Webweaver, all the 🕷️s. FOC is Monday so make sure to get your order in. 🎧 - Media Editor and podcast host for @comicbookyeti. Aspiring comics colorist. Lupus made me do it. He/him/his. 🚫 hate - BLM 🐝+ ya’ll - comics 🫀
Ace_Shearer Utah I'm so impressed with how smooth the Tempo smart home gym is. When I first got it, @Apple had updated the watch and it stopped working. Now, it's easily the best gym on the market. And the trainers are all so (dorky and) cool! Tech scout and innovation architect @ SAP 🇺🇸 #govcloud #analytics #aerospace #manufacturing #supplychain -- opinions are my own.
MangoLoL Los Angeles, CA @diendawarrior What does this mean is this cuz ur the only one without an Apple Watch and want to be cool are u projecting bro Partnerships @ProxyTalent. Previously coached FlyQuest and Golden Guardians
paga_agent Lagos, Nigeria Get rewarded with 100 naira cashback when you buy JAMB e-PIN on the Paga App. How cool is that!? Download the Paga App on your Google play and Apple store to make a purchase. Tag a friend who needs to see this. Jamb Jambepin Paga JustPagaIt (Paga) is the #1 way to pay & get paid in Nigeria. Welcome to our customer care. We're here for your queries. Have issues? Please tweets or DM,us here
Rahmeljackson Newyork My question is who is Apple partnering with when it comes to A.i? Both Microsoft & Meta are likely not going to work with them and there is no hope of having a Chinese company do this for them in this climate. Hopefully they can build some cool tools on their own. Fan of philosophy, pop culture, politics, and you. My A.I Art account is below
ichancef New York, USA @MKBHD That is very cool! Wow! I hope Apple and Google do this! Supreme @Apple, @Google & @ElonMusk hype. Freelancing with @Stripe.
juliette_romo I work at a place where everyone wears an Apple Watch and I got myself one too! My workplace Applewatch (Watch face Rick and Morty) is so cool! I can't wait to see what new features they come up with for it in the future.