Apple is cool

Apple is cool.

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imamousedude @keatingssixth I agree with Drake he’s always being a weirdo :Millie, Billie, IceSpice, etc like a congratulations is cool but what else do we have to talk about at your big age sir? Also I remember that Billie doc on Apple when Orlando Bloom was kissing all over her and she was like 17 so yuh
cool_finds202 An apple pen for apple products, this is for you artists who would love too draw new things online as it is super sensitive and you don't need to apply pressure. as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases
_hashtagvintage Wagmi Way Beast Hood @MattVegh @UASO_OFFICIAL Me too just downloaded The Confluence App from the Apple Store it’s awesome so neat and smooth and so cool to see @billionclubnft @Shibaclubnft @spacebapepe @UASO_OFFICIAL all together on an app this is EPIC 🔥🔥🔥🔥🚀 #UASO #Shiba #SpaceBapepe #UASO Artist 👩‍🎨 @cubexnft @alienfrens @akidcalledbeast @LazyLionsNFT @billionclubnft @UASO_OFFICIAL
mullysalt Ypsi @KCSportsNetwork @DKSportsbook @ByNateTaylor @BJ_KCSN Not an apple person, but I do have the KCSN app, and it is so cool!💛❤️💛 Gratefully on the bus since '91
ajohnduncan London, England @danridesmoto @4dmbrown @GarminUK I have an Apple Watch and it’s fine. As long as you acknowledge that it’s primary purpose is neither 1) telling time nor 2) looking cool. If I claim to be a wise man, it surely means that I don’t know. mstdn: post:
cabinofsun he/she/they || 21 his phone is just so cool and has so many features and such a good camera and battery life like i have an apple ecosystem rn so an iphone just makes more sense but hmmm mexican not mexicant
EricLocked CGI Revere Iger is against streaming bullcrap, so is Zaslav, Universal is back and forth but gave Nolan a hundred day window and seems content to pay for cool crap. Apple and Amazon both getting into theatrical, Sony showing they’re willing to go in with those companies to distribute yeah
belthesar Durham, NC @dijit tbh, if it was any of the other three, so long as Linux works without exotic tweaks (and the company's cool with it), I'd be productive. Choosing an Apple today is all about performance per watt, which means more untethered productivity. Hey, I'm Cody! I eat tech for breakfast, music for lunch, and games for dinner. | @belthesar@mastodon.social
philly51042 @fueled_by_death is a cool podcast I found recently. Im only listening to a select few, and they made the cut. On FB -
_ShaneEdmundson Des Moines - 202 968 6161 @fueled_by_death is a cool podcast I found recently. Im only listening to a select few, and they made the cut. On FB - #mallermilitia @benmaller @SeattleStorm @Mariners @OLReign @SoundersFC @PredsNHL @NewYorkRedbulls @Seahawks @XFLSeaDragons @cyclonefb @Tacdefiance
RYoshi4prezGH Oh crap I totally missed that Apple is doing a show based on the Silo trilogy. I loved those books, and it could be a very cool show video games and other nerd bullcrap | woke moralist antifa | authorization ultra-analyst | they/them | Plastic Guitar stream:
wstafrican Eh @Aloe9678 I like it fine. Nothing particularly spectacular but the cash back is given daily which is cool. 3% back when you use the card with Apple Pay at select merchants and 2% back when you use the card with Apple Pay anywhere. Easy to pay off balance in wallet. an Aries, an apocalypse. excitable! not a serious person. a traveler. aging party girl. a lawyer. could you at least be witty if you’re going to argue with me?
rbgmichael91 Hollywood, FL Apple News is cool af I got all my mags and papers it’s like thousands of dollars of stuff smh
jorgepinon Miami, FL Listening to Blank Check geek out on Apple and Steve Jobs is so cool! Didn’t know @davidlsims was such an Apple fanboy. Largely unknown. Works @addigy. Tweets are my own. Hands off the tweets!
CrezamClub Bangalore, India Want to get paid for doing what you love in a cool place? Crezam is your lucky charm! Crezam instead, and ditch the boring gigs to discover exciting creative opportunities that match your vibe! #Crezam #FindYourJam #Social #Networking #Creators #iPhone #Apple #Jobs A professional networking platform on a mission to bring about a creative revolution #FindYourJam
KelseyDotOrg Kansas City Dig into today’s episode where we talk about community care, trauma as a tool, and how white supremacy is the antithesis of wellness. Cool Queers Doing Cool crap is on Spotify, Apple & Google. Don’t forget to follow the show to never miss new episodes! 🌈queer diabetic🌈 abortions are normal🌈 listen to my podcast "cool queers doing cool crap" on spotify, apple podcsts, and google podcasts
ladidas91 n/4 this new apple music thing is so cool bc i can listen to any of these songs pretty much as instrumentals which gives me a new perspective and also means i can focus with just background music without lyrics love yourself: tear — track 7 / FAN ACCOUNT
jayy_black_24_7 USA 🇺🇸. CAN🇨🇦 Was cool chilling with my little one tonight and riding the town and watching the game and snatching up Beyoncé tickets. That’s what every come up is about. Family… #FamilyOverEverything #FOE #JayyBlackMusic🖖🏾 Super Producer. Lyricist. Vocalist. Song & Ghost Writer. #UpUpAndAway✈️out now on ALL platforms!!! #BillsMafia🦬 🖖🏾
soulharman @BennettBuhner What’s Special in This Your actual screen on time is just 4h 40m , and screen of time 8h 5m which means that it’s not Cool 😂 my iPhone 14 plus gives me screen onn for 11-12 hours and and screen off is just wow! 😌 #Apple Professional Video Editor, Cinematographer , CGi | VFx Designer.
PadresPhatCat Chula Vista, CA @MichaelJPage Wow that looks cool. I am going to try the free trial. I currently use Apple TV as my stream device with DirecTV stream app. I haven’t use traditional cable since 2018…Honestly I can’t remember. The only cable service I can get is Cox cable and that sucks. Foodie 🌮| Father 😎| Beach Bum 🏝️ | @Padres Fan ⚾️| @VMware Engineer 👨🏽‍💻 | @Diablo Gamer 😈| Soon to be apart of the 3 comma club | Meow 😸
GellatioBot Bot, Thailand People who think neat is a cool word are granny smith apple, amaranths are darkblue, Gellatio is emo and so on. Bot by Gellatio that tweets out random stuff.....
RecordRankings @spotistats when apple music is added, will it also support lifetime uploads for history? I had a couple years where I used apple music exclusively and it would be really cool to have it all in one place Music Enjoyer | New Ranking Everyday @ 12pm EST 4.9k followers & 184k likes on TikTok | @dylanHHT
summerdizzy Maryland, USA @kennyishydrated sliced strawberries with a sprinkle of sugar and cool whip. or a handful of shredded cheese. apple juice with pretzels is also a winner 27 🥀 slut for pop punk, plants, horror movies, and asoiaf. and loving @snailshea 🥺❤️ she/her
IllumiNative Unceded Native Land Whether you're into tech or not, this is a COOL update. @Apple now features Wisconsin based Tribal lands, language, and Indigenous landmarks on an upgraded version of Apple Maps. We hope to see this implemented everywhere soon! 👏🏽 #NativeRepresentation IllumiNative is a Native woman-led racial and social justice organization building power for Native peoples by amplifying Native voices, stories, and issues.
fae_dreams_ behind you @makoConstruct i think apple is about ar and their neutral engine thing which is cool but neither is using them using any number of millions to train a single model product recommenders are similarly not >100b TRANSFORM, THIS
makoConstruct Aotearoa @fae_dreams_ Amazon's a puzzle, I wonder if they're focusing on logistics (if so this is fine, cool etc), but why don't they seem to have much of a product recommender system? Apple aren't going to show anything unfinished and it all is. a stray principled system designer.
tonymuenster Nutley, NJ @eolife22 I have the card. Not great at all with points but user interface on app is nice and you get small discount on apple purchases. This might be cool to look into Not even a well known clown.
foggytimeofday she/her ; 20 ; aries @1950sblueberry omg take like an apple or a popsicle and dip it in there like a chocolate fountain... this is why i dont have access to cool things proprietress of the universal cat distribution system. autistic + adhd 💫 think of me when you see ice cubes, crescent moons and rainy afternoons
wenck_biotech Not one who wants meat anyway, but the technology is amazingly cool. It is important to realize the difficulty if one is taking on this task and ignore the hype. Finally, some of the companies that were riding the hype are trying to inject some reality. Science enthusiast, beer enthusiast, gardening enthusiast. Work at Syngenta, but the bird sounds are my own and do not reflect official company policy. Just me
KissedPodcast Beyond The Wall 🔥🔥🔥 The latest episode of Kissed By Fire is available to listen to.... NOW! Listen while you travel to IAFC! Listen if you're not going (like me) and want to pretend you're at a cool panel! Listen away while we get into all things Jaehaerys - S 🔥🔥🔥 Bword and StefLyoness host a Podcast! Tune in and listen to us chat all things ASOIAF/F&B/HOTD/GOT
jlarkytweets Denver, CO Really enjoying the new podcast from @AlexCaruso and @BenWolby 1 of them is a really cool host who is polished on the mic 🎙️ And the other is a data scientist 📊 You should tune in ⬇️ Director of Fantasy/Betting @The33rdTeamFB | hiring people who despise groupthink | somehow on @BookCameo | click the link for my R coding w/ 🏈 data course
Sky724300 The (not) latest leak on #apple #AI "Audozaker". It's actually a cool name though. #midjourney is unleashed and is giving all the design, name of future software/hardware 🤓 Tech enthusiast. AI lover. Passionate about no-code, finding smart solutions and encouraging smart ideas. Trying to build a better world with technology. 🧬🤖🍀
dvoretskyi Oslo And the best thing is that we get all of these cool animations and technologies for free from Apple, which also makes me wonder why some (many) companies consciously choose to develop their own solutions instead of going fully native. Why… 🤷‍♂️🐣 Designer at @Ruter and a bit of an artist. Oslo, Crimea 🇺🇦
A_DungeonDelver @ChaosOS_59 @thespacejamber What this justifies is a polite phone-call or email from WotC and a request to return the product in question in exchange for something equally cool the YTer could have done an unboxing of. This is Apple level cruelty right here. 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons - only. No politics.
ThisIsZackYoung London, Berlin & Beyond 🛫 Amazed at thermals on the @Apple M2 Pro. Haven't heard the fan spin once and always cool to the touch. This is a game changer vs. my previous @intel chip. 🗺 I help people navigate the human experience 👨‍💻 Founder @aplacetobehuman 🗣 Coach & Therapist in Private Practice 👨‍🏫 Coaching Fellow @McLeanHospital
jacq_weh2 Tamale, Ghana “Synched apple devices on the same wifi network is cool till u have a movie night and some call pops up on ur screen. 🥹🥹.” Anon ~ 2022 Entrepreneur. Sugah dazzy. Low budget international relations consultant. Messi is football, BARCA, YNWA, CLUTCH CITY, TIFOSI! M.D.
akhiandsaltfish Do you make time for yourself? Explore why it’s important in our latest episode w/ @sociologyblog and @hannahldeakin! 🟥 YouTube: 🟪 Apple Podcasts: 🟩 Spotify: ⬜️ Any other platform: A podcast network featuring Before Our Friends Die, SOFA SENSEI’S & Cool.Fine.Done.Wicked
SammyReidFI Cali Hello friends! A little more than a year ago I started this silly little poker podcast - if you like poker and you’ve never listened before, this would be a cool time to try it out; this week’s episode is probably my favorite one I’ve recorded to date ♠️ Host of the Reid ‘em And Weep poker pod. Crusty NL reg. A fish on the Gillcast @rotogrinders. 2x FSWA award winner. Burrito connoisseur. Manzcoin hodler.
cool_finds202 12 piece apple slicer, a super easy thing to use as all you gotta do is push down and you have 12 perfectly sliced apples. Very efficient. as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases
DrinkSeagram Canada Spring is finally here and in full swing! Crack a window and let a cold Craft Apple Cider help to cool you down🍎 Find Seagram Craft Cider at the LCBO, the Waterloo Brewing Beer Store, and select grocery! Keep life colourful with Seagram Coolers & Cider!
BobFinnerty Rochester, NY Along with our advertising campaign in Grand Central Station and Metro North, RIT is announcing some cool news out of New York City today. Big Apple: Start spreading the news about @RITtigers #GreaterROC #NYC Chief Communications Officer at Rochester Institute of Technology, a university for innovators, creators and entrepreneurs. Go Tigers! #RITnews
noairbag @MattWallace888 yes, gates is clima crazy now and wants to spray dirt in the air in order to cool down earth. take gates money, before it gets 2 late. and buy apple
lawentrepreneur Rockville, MD How cool is Brett Burney? Listen to Ep. 23 of The Law Entrepreneur. Mobile devices and Macs. Practicing attorney with a passion for entrepreneurship, blogger, podcaster, women's roller derby announcer, martial artist, and former knitter.
dotherua 겸둥이의맘속에 The description of FML for Apple Music is so cool 🥵 “The K-pop crew fight negativity with hope, confidence and attitude.” @pledis_17 #빌어먹을_세상속_세븐틴의_손오공 이석민바라기 ♥️ 23
StevenASnow New Jersey This is one of my last songs. My brother from another mother ⁦@Areal_Superb⁩ and me are starting a new account soon dedicated to daily music tracks. #ComingSoon #SongOfTheDay⁩ ⁦@AppleMusic⁩ A husband, a dad, a worker, a son and a brother. thats my life.
Sludad1 @StephenCFU_ If an 80s vibe is what you must imbibe The Retro Casio is one to subscribe A lighted display to see night and day So you won't be late if you must first calculate The Apple watch may be cool but this will make the boomers drool. I like Small Cap stocks and companies that make a needed difference. Swings for money to build long positions are fun too. No advice given just my opinions.
pawyai1 Elon Musk just teased Tesla fans with 3 brand-new EV models — and one of them is the company’s cheapest car yet - The Cool Down I’m sick and tired of all the injustice. Know who your candidate is before you vote.
GellatioBot Bot, Thailand People who think neat is a cool word are granny smith apple, freesias are snow, Gellatio is a lesbian and so on. Bot by Gellatio that tweets out random stuff.....
miagl11 USA This is crazy. And he knows he’s lying. Republican Graham loses cool over abortion after supreme court pill ruling - The Guardian Animal lover, Science geek, book reader. Diversity makes us better.
A1_ChinoAntraxx South Oak Cliff / GTO After Every month getting Random Charges from Apple on my Credit card and Being Limited on what i Can Download and Do...Apple is a Monopoly company now and I don't think thats Cool I wish Blackberries Come back out -Abraham G. Psalms:25 / Psalms:91 'First You Learn then You take Away the L..." #A1FurnitureHoldingsLLC 🛌 #LibreriaCatolicaCristoRey✝️ #ElotesCristo🌽

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