Big brother is cool

Big brother is cool.

The things some people say about Big brother is cool.

iam_ic_ London, England Big brother is cool and all, but it’s a big distraction for Nigerians right now.. THE AFRICAN ROLLING STONE (IC OMOALLEN) Official twitter page.
Yassin_Kent I LOVE Lana’s and Lex’ friendship in Smallville. It’s so cool that a high status man like Lex can crave and create connection for a girl like Lana. I love how Lana sees him like a big brother/mentor type and how she is kind of the only human bond Lex has Was @YassinLney and got suspended :(
RobertH00545091 Washington, DC @barstoolsports I appreciate greatness and Mahomes is great. That said, Joe cool is no slouch. Hoping for a great game. As for Patrick’s brother, that’s one unlikeable kid. Must be rough though, your brother is the best QB in football and you have absolutely no sports abilities whatsoever. Big L DC born and raised, Retired Association Executive
BobbyRoses2 Pennsylvania, USA @snidog @Wittman7 Your a baseball fan and are arguing a Third basemans gold gloves? And don't know Kent is the all-time leader in HR/RBI for a 2nd all-time. ? Cool story brother ... Big if true ... Lmfao clown BRUINS+STEELERS+DODGERS+LAKERS....
Livadiva2 Ontario, Canada Posting cool music kids are allowed to like. This ages 2+, this world is sexist and Big Brother doesn’t want True Love to exist!!! Angry music!! Incarnate of Oracle on Delphi. Keeper of the True Church. St Brigid (Donnelly). no knees. accepted Job in 2004. 18 and Life. perhaps I’m Bach.
FocusCentralPA Pennsylvania, USA Seriously creative and cool...@BucknellU Samek Art Museum newest exhibition The Nemesis Machine, by British artist Stanza, is like Big Brother parsed through the lens of the Internet of things. #Iot #Art #WorkSmartLiveHappy #CentralPALivability Regional economic development marketing alliance committed to promoting new corporate investment in Central Pennsylvania
fightmesatah United States @ai7riku Movie club is Yama, Mitsu, Gaku, Yuki, and Torao joined recently as of one of the more recent chats (unforch I can't remember which, but I do remember because it felt like an unexpected, cool choice). I'm also hoping for a big brother trio (minus Tenn) with Mitsu, Tama, and Ryu~ Tiny video game sideblog. She/her. Occasional NSFW content. Slide into my DMs to talk i7 and I will listen!
Quern137 It's like Canada is the little brother to the United States and one day they are going to show the world they're just as cool as their successful big brother. #NFT #Quote #NFTDrop #Farming #Airdrop #Artist NFT Content Creator and Promoter! | Host #NFTGiveaways | 📨DM for more info
ChigweOf England, United Kingdom Calm , cool, funny , mature, team player, responsible and loving. Kanaga is the face of Big brother Titians 2023🔰🔰🔰🔰 #KanagaJnr #BBTitans2023 #BBTitans KANAGA JNR X BLUE AIVA I love WIZKID and a wizkid fc , A BELIEBER and also an ICON An Aries ♈️ Queen 👑 IG @realbabygirlchigwe p N phynations for life
itsmelissaaa Los Angeles, CA @RobHasApodcast @KevinTedJacobs No, It’s cool RHAP. Wish Kevin a happy birthday and not your BIG BROTHER PODCASTER. I see how it is. ehhh... Lawyer. Firm believer in the oxford comma. RHAP LFC.
Marilyn65517252 @servicerotties That's so cute. I like her little wiggle !! She is cool....picks that up from her big brother and friends,, Wife,Mama Bear,grammie.Not a fan of trump or Smith, love beautiful pics,all animals,softy for kids.Views are mine.Can be caustic and sometimes swear a little.
HadassahRT @CynnyBoms @StarDStar_ The fact that they think it’s cool is what is funny 🤣 this is literally why biggie had to shove Nigerians in y’all’s Big brother and called it BBTitans 🌚 ELOHIM es numero uno ☝️! I wanna be a BILLIONAIRE in USD 🌟!
lockergirl_ she/her, age 22 In fact, right now, the only thing Tommy cares about is finding a henchman to help with the cool heist he has planned! And his big brother Techno is the perfect candidate! (Yes this was all an attempt to promote an old fic lol) fanfic writer (steal my ideas!!!! I give you permission!!!! just tag me after!!!!)
JasonRempala Hollywood, FL @katielogue520 @TheKnightUCF Ever since the announcement of EPCOT's "Neighborhoods" and everything in that expansion, I said Disney is making EPCOT into the little brother wearing the clothes of the big brother, TRYING to fit in & look cool, instead of finding his own identity. Be the Voice
Cd1Craig BSc Science ecology,earth,geo @DrainedEye thats one way to DrainurEye! get it! Drain ur Eye-DrainedEye..gosh Im cool because Im funny brother!..nah we dont think cracking whips is cool bro, we have big waves and beautiful beaches, & lots of other cool things to do, like ART, your art is super cool..art whipping, cool💀🚂 an individual who believes individual voices standing united and not divided can make change. The good life, Australia - Ships Master & Engineer, SSI Divemaster
sayimax That big brother a girl should win. #KhosiTwala will look good as a winner. #Thabang is cool to be on Top 3 too and if he can win also is fine. 💯Real and Hustler.
TByusuff Ibadan, Oyo State @Tony_Uketui Well there is actually... I don't think it's as bad as we put it.. If you decide to do it and you find joy in it. It's cool I had a brother he was a multi millionaire with 9-5. Yes he had less time cause of travels (he was a chattered accountant that audits for BIG firms) Over $100,000 in revenue Generated for Clients. More than Quadrupled the Revenue of a Service-Based Business || Keenly Interested in Psychology and Persuasion.
MxnkindDefender MDNI | mun 25+ | #GIRP #MVRP @R0GUEMUSICIAN M-hm ~ Costume with his iconic BIG sword looks really hot ~ He´s definitely a monster from how skillfully he´s using his sword! And yes! His brother is indeed pretty cool *snorts at the pun* ᅠ 𝐘 𝘰𝘶 𝘮𝘶𝘴𝘵 𝘵𝘳𝘺 𝘩𝘢𝘳𝘥𝘦𝘳 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘯 𝓣 𝘏𝘈𝘛⠀ׅ 𝓣 𝘤𝘩 . . . 𝓟 𝘢𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘵𝘪𝘤 . ᅠ ・゜・. ・・.
maleblggggrrrr he/him was in a band w my brother (I listwn to Andy's music religiously and I hope he gets big one day bc he rly forking deserves it he's one of the least judgy ppl in the world and it's so fun to talk to him ab literally whatever he is so cool ☆ sh/vent/edtwt interact I love yall mwah ☆ my online journal ☆ 18 ☆
lemurescythes Old Sharlayan Ok but. L'azrael meeting Aymeric is honestly really funny. Bc you go to meet him with Haurche and Alphi right? So that's big brother figure and the boy she's in love with. And she's just like. "Aymeric is so cool!!!" in teenage girl fashion. And Alphi is just like 😐 27 ♡ she/her ♡ ffxiv ♡ wlw ♡ writer ♡ gposes ♡ whm/rpr main ♡ seraph/brynhildr i: @pianta_ ♡ h: insta/bunnis.artbin ♡ 🔞 ♡ 6.3 spoilers!
SpadesandAcez Cari sees Donnie as a cool big brother,mainly due to his tech and cari’s interest in computers.Cari is good at building computers(based on me irl) and loves coding but not the best at making tech really.8/? lv.16||Do not repost art||incest or weirdos leave me alone||I do art lolz||They/He||Pansexual/aromantic||DNI‼️Abliests/1ncest/homophobes/racists
JessicaEi03 @tongthk You’re always a supportive big brother 🧡💛 He is so handsome and cool, right? #SiamParagonCNY2023xAPO #SiamParagonCNY2023 🫶🏻 Mile, Apo and MileApo 🫶🏻 For Mile and Apo only. #apocolleagues #GreenyRose
archvejun Jakarta Capital Region Bloody Roar is so embedded on my memory since my big brother loved playing it and I duelled against him a lot. Cool character design though. perish; idea of man
am_euno kirschtelle heaven Nito Alter be like “Ereshkigal is my rival and I also have a cool benefactor (shows Anubis who is a giant big titty god) Eresh,running to her dragon older brother/uncle/ guardian/kidnapper: KUR I WANT THAT Kresi, a woman possessed by Kur : Oh ok ↳ serendine/euno┆20+┆♀️┆mostly FGO ┆夢女子┆i physically cannot stop talking about kirschtaria wodime┆mental breakdown over olympus pt. 2 ┆ alt: @esteIIe_verse
GetbackJack5 Desantis land @RealKevinNash @TMZ Big Kevin, you once told me to pay it forward one late night when my AC went out. I’m returning the favor and say don’t let it get to you big man. Life is short and Kevin Nash is as cool as the other side of the pillow. Relax brother. Navy Vet of 8. Defender of what is right with America, and knows what is wrong. Joe Biden is a traitor to America! Republicans taking back the country in 2024!
aegyptiangod Nalanda My big brother Rishiyur, who I am very proud of, is already a multi-millionaire. The real Jay-z #fyi. Jay talks it, he lives it. But we're taking the Electronics business to billions Insha Allah. Dangote wants in. And that's cool with me. He brings markets...to the table. 😎 Year of Physics.
mkc_keigo XXII. ROPPONGI, MINATO. ️ㅤ ️ㅤ Seeing Sukai all emotional and also being a big brother he is. He's such a cool aniki! And now finally the time for him to start his life all over again, Kimura Fuyuki independence is now here. First of all, what he is going to do is… ㅤ"Ahchoo!" ️ㅤ ️ㅤ ㅤㅤ𝅛 @MINATOCITYRP's #佐藤景瑚: KIMURA FUYUKI (木村冬城). A Sculptor also Staff of HIA's Museum & Gallery. 愛知県 1995年01月01日.「2/10 — ¥607,001」
Someguy458 Montana, USA Day 5 of #11dayocprompt2023 Meet Finn, Caddie's cool older brother! It's been a while since they've seen each other, with Finn visiting family in England, but now they're reunited! And of course, the first thing Finn does is give Caddie a big ol' noogie. Secret secondary account for @Matttob618 (don't tell anyone!) Furry/kink artist who likes preg, inflation, and the like. 🔞 Age: 22
AngelSc83521560 @Nipping_Fire You're welcome I am a big fan of you I think you are very cool and your brother is cool too you both are amazing 🤩 I'm 18 year old girl I love making new friends I like FNAF and sonic and Friday night funkin I like to draw I love music and dancing
Frunzo4000 Planet Matsunok I think that for as long as it can things are going great. These curses and Megumi meeting the white dog rather than just summoning it and Gojo being a big brother/surrogate father is a cool heartwarming step plus the hana flashback and Yuji wanting to help and missing nobara. I Alone Stand. 18+
sivuntsinde Cape Town, South Africa I love juicy jay on big brother shem .He is funny and has a cool vibe just breathing
BonnerFaythe New Hampshire Hey, @JoeyB My brother says "Tell Joe Burrow I'm a big fan!! And that he is SOOO cool! And to keep going! And to please if he does not mind to say to the Camera "LET GO ALL CINCINNATI FANS" if he want to! And if he does he will follow all the @Bengals channels" I love Ja'marr Chase #1 baby
MuckPodcast South Florida When you stand on a stage and complain about "Big Brother" after being introduced by someone who is literally taking away our rights to privacy. Cool Story Bro. Maladies, madness, mischief, and murder in American Politics ❤️🔪🏛. Hosts: @hilarydougherty & @tinamjara. Proud Member of @oddpodsmedia.
ZillionZenon My big bro is cool and handsome But kinda dumb Thanks mom and dad~ Really happy i can annoyed this good old brother of mine now!~ Dimension Walker Vtuber || ID/EN || Gen 0 @VimecoP #PunishingGrayRaven and #TCG Vtuber Content Creator ママ: @EiniraYuuei パパ: @yugantama_ren
puppets_muses Meow @chaotixsea Wooaaahh thats cool ! And he is really good yes !! ( Teucer beams at the mention of his big brother ) My big brother is the best toy maker in snezhnaya !! He came here to sell toys in liyue !! And im here to visit him because he doesnt come home alot ( Teucer pouts ) Multi Muse || 16 || font users dni
gabrielgodin Maaan, I tried to watch The Traitors, but I am quitting in the 4th episode. It is the same problem that Survivor and Big Brother share: too much focus on strategy. It's cool to see Cirie in my screen (😍), but why 20 people? Why the challenges? #TheTraitorsUS Alternativo, aleatório, Survivor and BB fan. Also follow me in my little channel @brptsurvivor, where i talk about reality shows.
nzube_chris Nigeria #Nelisa it feels amazing, I feel everyone is cool and I'm so excited to be in Big Brother House #BBTitans2023 #BBTitans #ZiyakhalaWahala CEO OracleTv ( Home of Entertainment ) and VAWULENCE HQ Click on link on my Bio to join up 🤝
Sam_Smith3 Oklahoma City, OK @VanLathan I don't know if it's the best ever, but the Coen brothers released Fargo, The Big Lebowski, O Brother Where Art Thou?, And The Man Who Wasn't There in the span of about 5 years, which I think is pretty cool. Twitter bios are for chumps. Wait...
limulle63003355 @Brink_Thinker Little brother is just too cool and such a big heart. We need more of this in the world not hatred and propaganda.
warrioraheir ⠀⠀ ໑ 𓇼 ⠀⠀ writer ⠀⠀ is ⠀⠀ 20. ⠀⠀⠀⠀ this is so embarrassing. i want to curl up in a hole and cease to exist. 🫠 some cool big brother i am. ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀THE ⠀ 𝐆͟𝐎͟𝐋͟𝐃͟𝐄͟𝐍͟ ⠀ CHILD . . ⠀ “ smile ⠀ skxawng ” ⠀ ᅠᅠ╱ ⠀ A ⠀ WARRIOR’S ⠀ 𝐒͟𝐎͟𝐍͟ ⠀. “ i ⠀ need ⠀ you ⠀ to ⠀ 𝚛𝚎𝚜𝚙𝚎𝚌𝚝 ⠀ my ⠀ sister.. ”⠀
karr_pe Cleveland, Ohio So we chatted a bit about monkey bars and how cool it is that her brother is just 8 yrs old but got to play in the concert with the big kids. He is really talented. I am a mom. I am a Zionist. I am a free speech absolutist. I am politically homeless.
Depresso0410 Gatten Sushi, Sumaru City @SMTDrifter And that’s ONLY the art💀 as a character they turned her from a cool character that admires her brother but is her own character into forking “there will never be a man better than my big bro!” 18 | he/him | 🇩🇴 🇬🇹 | PFP by @SndPlusA | RT Heavy | Number 1 Persona 2 fan in the Dominican Republic | crap at FGs | +R (Robo-Ky) Rev2/GGST (Leo)
KatExistance they/them Little appreciation post for the wonderful @oh_its_harry Hey harry, you are very cool person and you always help me with a lot of crap and stuff and you kinda act like my big brother which is pretty cool :) twitch person haha funni | #SeasonsSMP member | #TheCrazySMP member | business email: businessofkat@gmail.com I'm 🇬🇧 and 🇵🇱 :D
bygonejoker Looking for a place A lot of stuff at DQ is just a big lawsuit especially when I put something on my phone and then they try to act like it was about my brother and that was not cool..... That clip has some stuff to do about my brother but not... About him and his girlfriend Just about how I felt.. Straight!!!!!!been divorce since 24 looking for a place where I fit in that not one sided and full crap .
MobSecretCrush Mun is an adult ''he seems stupid! he came to me and i got moeny from him!'' she said ''oh! i am katie knight! i am 11 years old. my brother is in a famous band called big time rush in los Angelos mommy is with him. you're seem cool' Baby Knight #magicalstrategy / #mani
chela_yego My brother is such big fan of my work and it's so cool Artist. She/her. Nairobi.
gotchka Saturne Is the name of big brother Apple ? And the happy few pay large amount of cash for it. So cool.
iam_ic_ London, England Big brother is cool and all, but it’s a big distraction for Nigerians right now.. THE AFRICAN ROLLING STONE (IC OMOALLEN) Official twitter page.
adamwade NYC The Fonz is my favorite TV character of all time! Cool, tough, a hit with the ladies, and a good friend with a big heart! First season’s Christmas Episode of Happy Days is such an underrated classic. My brother and I watch it every year! Author of #1 Best Selling Audible Original ‘You Ought to Know Adam Wade’ and Winner of 20 SLAMs at The Moth

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