Big brother is cool

Big brother is cool.

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saddlezilla U S of A @kaleidoarms Honestly I’ve been thinking for awhile that the last Maiden is gonna be a child. Amber was a young woman, Raven was a full grown adult, Fria an elderly woman. So imo it makes sense. And since Jaune is tangentially related to Cinder. Big brother little sister would be cool. just someone who likes games, tv, and film. | BLM | Trump supporters do not follow | Mid 20's
puro_is_cool Hunter, my brother in christ, you OWN THE ORIGINAL WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP DESIGN WHAT THE fork IS THAT crap??? They somehow made the World Heavyweight Championship fit the exact same mold as all the others. Just slap a big forking W on it, add sideplates and call it a day プロレスが大好きです
T_Carmen22 These HMs are all cool with each other and they keep telling yall that but alas, kana Big Brother entertainment is fights Nna, I am just gonna laugh at funny ppl's tweets and crack myself up ...wear your heart on the page and people will read it to find out how you solved being alive
TasetiReloaded Dark Matter in Orbit @Omowale99949437 I agree. Being a big Roy Jones Jr fan, I was in denial that Antonio Tarver had RJ's number. I even disliked Tarver for beating RJ. But once I met Tarver and had a chance to chop it up with him, AT is a cool, smart brother with a high boxing IQ. Seeker of truth and mind liberator I Student of Malcolm X & Kwame Ture I Pan African I REBELLIOUS Black Soul | Anti-Establishment I Enemy of the State
KingWabii Being awesome making friends Big dog @CryptoShadowOff doesn’t lie 🫡 Tell them how it is brother Red pill is turning into some very very deranged stuff out here on twitter dot com 🤣 Me? I just like doing twitter spaces with cool projects and friends 💪🚀 Momentum | Head of VC @calebragroup | @becausebitcoin Head of Partnerships |The Hulk Hogan of the @0x_illuminati DAO |The Mastadon @Tier7Network |The Deal Maker
pykamyumuku 18 | fr/eng🇭🇹🇨🇦 @bennybrainbugs breaking bad is so silly !!!! and alse botw is so cool ive been watching my big brother play it and he said i could play some day cuz i dont have my own switch :'') black audhd loser "artist"
vjk_saran_yu @BTS_V199531_twt Taehyung is very big brother-like and cool! 🤓👍 Jungkook is cute like a girl🥰💜💜💜 Even if you are reborn, you are BTS and I am definitely ARMY 🥰💜
_Soul_Rebel_ Yo 2 episodes in the show Beef on Netflix that crap is funny as fork. The African-American told his brother messing with white girls is cool but you gotta settle down and get a Korean woman. He said you want that baby staring up at you with those big bottom brown eyes looking a forking bug 😂
wendysketches County Durham, UK @SpudsWasTaken I love them all 🥰 they look so cool together!! The art is gorgeous! Orion being a big brother type and founder of the Pilgrim Guard is super wholesome!! Thank you for sharing!! 💕 ✨ occasional art-doer, storyteller, nerd, gamer, introvert, work-in-progress ✨ 35yo | She/Her
OX_Yechanie @CelebConfirmed Xen is a big brother I could never have. Look at how cool he is 🤧 The sitting pose, the football stuff, and chill vibe 🍔 When I say ILY it means I Love Yechan. Not everything is about You, sometimes its about Yechan and thats okay 🍔
sorato_fan Brasil Goten holding the blanket is so cute 🥺 And the way he looks at Gohan is so sweet... you can tell he thinks his big brother is so cool and looks up to him so much 🥹 (She/Her) Fanfic writer | Obsessed with Son Gohan | 🔞 (for Spanish stori
ObserverDistant The ease with which some Big Brother fans in Africa use 'Hate' I wonder if it's ignorance or if they just grew up around a lot of hatred. Maybe hating is the new cool 😎 It's baffling 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ Anyway, let me stick to dislike and indifferent 🤣 BBNaija BBTitans BBmzansi Child Of God| Observing Humans| Positivity Mindset| A fan of @ozo_chukwu Superi⭕️n | Barca ❤️💙 Arsenal ❤️🤍 All-round sports enthusiast ⚽🏀🥎🏓🥊🥋etc...
patriotwar90 @Madbumblejacket All he sounds like a true viking and a big one at that! that is so cool that he's doing so well and i'm very happy to hear that! I appreciate you my brother you take care And god bless you my friend and Have a great rest of your weekend. Thank you for being here to support… CASHAPP: $JoeGurko VENMO: JoeGurko
TorreyMaldonado Brooklyn, New York @NealShusterman is as cool in-person as his books. Before our panel, we were up to all of the Shenanigans. 1st photo: us playing that I’m telling him about my books and he’s too “Big Time” to meet me. 2nd photo: book brother love. Teacher. Author. Close to 25 years teaching in B’klyn where I was born & raised. Books: HANDS, WHAT LANE?, TIGHT, & SECRET SATURDAYS.
Margaritapoor2 Texas, USA @TAftermath2020 I think Trump is exactly like a big brother telling Ronny boy to cool it cause you see big brother has gone through some crap and he knows about those people you are hanging out with. I AM A CHRISTIAN HAVE ALWAYS VOTED REPUBLICAN I LOVE MY COUNTRY LAW ENFORCEMENT MILITARY AND OUR POTUS HERE TO HELP HIM MAGA!
ongeFCKNzellig If he cared, Mikka would make a tweet on how the Sam Hyde Big Brother is a 2016 right-wing influencer norwoodop to make Millennials seem cool and interesting to young zoomers. He doesn't care, I don't care and you shouldn't care too. Some things don't deserve comment I will it.
ssunnyiesideup PROSHIP DNI. Haha Sammy is such a cool big brother figure he’s so silly and loves the muppets what a great friend he’s so a💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗 ☆ SILLY EXPERT !!!! ☆
archcr00065 repost🚫//QRT+PQRT OK I really like ❄️’s KR voice. Deep, smooth and cool, he sounds like a co-worker who is like a responsible big brother. On the surface he looks like he has his crap together. But also he seems like he knows exactly how to dispose of a dead body without a trace. ❮20+ ✧ they.them 🇭🇰🏳️‍🌈 ✧ NSFW 🔞 minors & haters pls DNI❯ 🔥❄️|🔶❄️🔶|🏛️🌱|💧🔥 ❮RT ALL🔄💙//1%✍️🔄// multi-ship // FUB free // more info in carrd ❯
BJesstures @fishtankdotlive @jetneptune_ I watch crap like Big Brother…so this is pretty forking cool imo. Hope it continues to go well and beyond. Memes, crapposter, nostalgia, horror, giant forehead, chubby chick; She/Her, Pans
Azizolurhemmy own my own,minding my business @AishatAdetokun1 May be bcos i am not a fan o Big brother, that’s why I didn’t know him and I haven’t seen any episode of my siblings and i. So cool and knows how to act🤭, and is fashion sense >>>>>>>> foodie,i love good food😁/i love to travel n explore 😉/lover of peace n minding my bizz😋/i stopped stressing over nothing😉/ CHOPLIFEGENG✌/proud DIPLOMAT😌
P5YCH0METRY she/they/he having a big brother is pretty nice actually. there's a Guy in your house and he beats the crap out of you but he pays for your stuff so it's cool. diary of a birthday girl - pfp by @tanjui9
HeleneLefebvr12 Gatineau, Quebec, Canada @BigBrotherCA Using his physical strength to block entry and prevent some players from playing is cheating in my opinion. Not cool at all Big Brother Canada. Very immature cast and a huge disappointment and I am disgusted in BB for allowing this. Proud French Canadian. I live in my pj’s. 🇨🇦 #TeamTrudeau #ClimateCrisis #BLM #LGBTQ🌈 #HumanRight #Antifa ✌️❤️🇺🇦🌻
subreme_FGC labbing you guys think his brother records these with his popsicle out? like just erect and at his happiest, completely enthralled cuz of how cool his big bro is my 🅱️, just woke up
kikashifts she/her, 21 * read carrd byf! jeff is a tall man which causes him to lean his arm on my head whenever we’re in line for something and whenever he teases me he just puts his palm on my forehead to put a stop to me annoying right 🙄 he’s actually pretty cool big brother vibes ˚₊‧꒰ა #shifttwt – mason mount & abed nadir’s gf ໒꒱ ‧₊˚
DarkScarecrow22 Antarctic Great Wall,Antarctia dAy¹8: Spooky's Thunderbolt. The brother of yesterday's post and big sister to his firebolt Spooky's AR10. Again this thing is pretty cool using that all in one grip in 100% infill makes it feel unbreakable. His waffle mag also makes a great combo. Such a powerhouse. theguide.ctrlpew / thegatalog / thesignal 🔫👻🧇🧌🦇 🐐🦖💀{Hi point sell parts kits!)
AphItalyBot North Italy Mr.Austria is great I want to see big brother Spain, so cool! Marco! Marukaite Chikyuu~ Hasta la pasta sauces...and everything Hasta la pasta I am very random so please be gentle with me (=ヮ=)೨
joedaymondnz Auckland, New Zealand Cool news, just landed in LA and starting Wednesday will be touring the West Coast of the US with my bro @thenoelmiller on his Everything is forked tour. Big love to my brother Vin for making it all happen. We’re doing some massive places, Aotearoa/Viti to the world baby 🇳🇿🇫🇯 Lower Hutt made.
geiimp My big brother is out vacationing and he asked brought over his cat so we could take care of him for the week. Literally the first day, little dude bit -.- Apparently he isn't cool with my other cats sooooo It will be a long week I draw lewd stuff about random things I guess | Esp/Eng | 20 | 🇲🇽 | No minors! | Feel free to draw any of my OCs, just tag me so I can see it!
DZ7436333255247 @bitcoiny00ts Hi, big brother, today's dress is still relaxed and casual, the ring above the head is really cool, the top of the head is colorful, life must be extraordinary 😀
real_goody @JLasagna43 Volpe is like the little kid brother and Rizzo the cool older brother that tells him to chill and let the big kids talk .
WajidHussain398 @BeingBum @iamrana This should be the Indian Way. I am sure the majority of Indians must be feeling very cool & content in their heart on this kind and humanistic jester. The majority, big brother, must be supportive of his younger brother, minority. What is so special if majority subdues minority.
wavetribe Ojai, CA 🏄 Surfer Magazine |  Kai Lenny is a freak of nature in big waves. And his brother, Ridge, is no slouch either. The Maui-born brothers recently nailed something rarely seen in surfing, and something they’... #surfing #surfer Rad eco surf products:
0xDegenForest 10k Degen Apes | Apply Now 👉 Gm ☕, Taco Tuesday 🌮 is here and we are about to share with you some cool things during our space later today. But first, I hope every single Web3 aficionado 🦍 who replies back to this tweet have their bags 💰 pump big time this amazing day. 🚀🌒 Our team of APES 🦍🏗️ are building simple Web3 tech that rewards everyone!🌲 | Follow our Degen Community EARLY🎲 & Get Paid to Whitelist! 💵
Ralvero This one looks cool @spgbb_eth $SPGBB Big #Meme project on ETH and currently around 550k mcap. Chart looks solid and strong. Strong team behind this and many chads and influencers on board, assigned CEXs. Big marketing starting soon. 🚀 Crypto since 2017 | DJ & Producer | Gem Hunter | Full Time Investor | DM for business | Join my Telegram:
bunsenbernerbmd Red Deer, Alberta Our Bernese Mountain Dog is a stoic, affectionate, goofy bear-thing. He lives for the winter and the cool mountain air. Shockingly something he did both ruined my birthday, made me look like a monster, and cost our family a big chunk of change. Of course I immediately… Learn science daily with the help of Bunsen and Beaker the science dogs! Followed by THOUSANDS of Scientists who chat on @sciencepawdcast Tweets by @Zedscience
emrosemarshall Bristol, RI How is Jason Momoa so big and cool?! Is he getting your Mike and Ikes? Oh, you like Mike and Ikes?
ytdiamond4luck daydream land @TheRaichu_ @JazzAaro look Raichu, you're cool and all but I wanna TF to a Pikachu because Pikachus are smol and pick-upable :3 Don't worry, I think Raichus are big, powerful, and very cute :3 Lazy yet not-so-lazy pokemon artist, what Hoping 2023 will be a better year for us all. Banner: @Xyvier98, pfp: @flarekian_
johndoe37157805 EVERYWHERE @deesnider well, for old metal-heads like me (over 50) everything you do is big news, cause we are your biggest fans, and have the cash to back it up now! (wouldn't it be cool to actually get to meet and chat with @deesnider ) nuttin spaceal here, just lil 'ole me
ellurrrrr Leeds, England do you wanna know who’s unbelievably cool? @alxrnbdMusic is ! big thank you for consistently supporting my music and that of many other new artists trying to find their feet. keep doing what you’re doing:) u rock 😎🤟 X just an indie-pop artist from yorkshire who loves to sing and ava boogie
WoodrowSadil @1337otaku A return to basic Web 2.0 would be cool. I don't know how big forums would be today, because I feel like the forums that are up for my hobbies are big but not my crowd. (I refuse to use NeoGaf and ResetEra) Personal Web Pages might be pretty cool as well. Just a random autistic guy. JRPGs and MMORPGs are my thing.
AlanJLevine Unverified @ZaidJilani I play drums (decently) and guitar (not as decently). Just one cool thing about drums is that you can configure your set in so many different ways, including how big a set to have - from a million drums, cymbals and other percussion pieces ala Neil Peart, to just a bass, snare,… Onology expert. Follower of $$$cience. Here for the nuance.
Scorpinsh @IsmailReborn *insults someones looks* *tries to play it off as cool and innocent* *idk why he replied to my tweet like omg! I just criticized his looks like duh, no big deal* This is you.
realitybites555 @CS56582359 @Adainfine_ @ThePopTingz Yup. The fact that people think she's just riding some random big animal because its "cool" and there's no deeper meaning are literally brain dead God first. 5'11. 180lbs. Here to talk crap about reality TV, movies, music, current events, and post muscle pics. USA baby🇺🇸💪
Michael36198559 @WWE @BiancaBelairWWE @YaOnlyLivvOnce @RaquelWWE That's right- the E.S.T. of Tennessee, along with Big Mami Cool and the self-proclaimed juvenile delinquent, after kicking Damage CTRL's butts!!! I work, very hard, for what I have and I know how to plan things, too!!!
mundurekk i get the idea but it just doesn't really work for me i see them more as a big bro and the younger brother who really wants to spend time with the older one and be "cool" as i said i see the potential but it won't click 4/10 your local sova simp | i consume cyberowl content daily
TReX447 @Oswald_A_Lisker @AngryJoeShow @Nerdrotics This would be so cool if the last marvel movie I watched wasn't Endgame 3rd tweet in a row you've assigned positions to me I don't hold. You're lost in the sauce bigly, but that's part and parcel of being a big bad culture warrior. Have fun shadowboxing! Forbes 30 under 30 | I had a 1.7 GPA in college once. Optimism for the future is naive but necessary. Enjoyer of policy proposals!
Mattyice6694 Dallas, TX @AlanChino8 To be fair the UFC belt is absolute trash, IWGP is not NJPW so their corporate branding isn't front and center just a cool little lion mark, AEWs is nice looking because the design was built around the logo. The WWE belt just looks like the logo was slapped into big gold. (He/Him) AEW, FC Dallas, Chelsea FC, Dallas Cowboys, Leftish politics, Educator. Will slander Britt Baker and CM Punk unprovoked.
the_cool_amanda Maryland @FavoriteTeach11 I’m sorry! 12 years in one place is a lot. My last year teaching I think I had made it to 5. Went to lunch with old coworkers Friday and they all seem to feel down in the dumps. Phones were a big discussion point. And hoodies. They said kids are just wearing them with the hood… married. cloud solution arch. dog mom. rightish. Roll Tide! *lucky blonde. cringe disney adult. entitled lil crap lib. pretentious bitch. raging PITA feminist*
Nwankwochibuzo9 Owerri, Nigeria @wojakcoineth Nice, $WOJAK grown so big and is now on basically all the top CEXs. I was trading it on Bitget when I came across this really cool memecoins special event they are hosting Unapologetically enthusiastic about Crypto.

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