Big brother is cool

Big brother is cool.

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waronweakness Start a You, Inc Business 👉 @ROGUEWEALTH @lawrencekingyo @LogFitz6 I think the 3 of you do authenticity really well in the most unique ways. You give sage advice, Logan is raw positive energy and Lawrence is like that cool big brother we all wanted growing up Quit my office job at 24 to write my own story | I help people profit from their personality | Crush your Weaknesses, Enjoy your Life & Escape the 9-5
kozumeluvb0t THEY SHE !! ENTP !! CBYF !! @duhhhserena inosuke seems like a cool character and yes tanjiro is literally the best big brother i love him so much. i’m watching sub though nanami’s side chick // confession thing in website!! yeahhh!!
pinkberryboba East Perrine, FL @Canadahws @catboychina “Hey Germany, check it cool! This is my big brother Romano! Isn’t be cheesy? I’m the Northern part of the country, and he’s the Southern Part! Since we’ve always been governed separately he’s had to spend time with our big brother Spain so he’s become kind of a dick, right?” 🐻‍❄️🧋She/Her, 17, black || I’ve been in this fandom since I was 8, escape is futile ||🧋🐻‍❄️ matching with @eboyspain // !! Proship + NSFW DNI !!
omgsynecdoche 🏳️‍🌈 bi | she/her @rinablet the first time daichi comes over, sugawara brother is determined to intimidate him but when he sees that daichi is big and tall(er than him) he backs off. he suddenly remembers he has to be cool and tough so he just shoots death glares at daichi from a safe distance. 30+ | Haikyuu and Switch games | writer | multi-shipper but DaiSuga OTP | sometimes NSFW (minors beware) | writing in link in bio | pfp by @001teyu
KevinLacy22 California, USA I think this is just too cool and wish stories like this would get more publicity. Hockey correspondent for @TealTownUSA. I tweet a lot about the AHL. Former pro wrestling ring announcer, amateur hockey defenseman, general loud person.
sukannku100 Tokyo JAPAN Good Evening 🌃 BIG Brother Mr. David 🏍💘☮️🇺🇸 All the photos Mr. David send us are amazing & COOL 🏍❤️👍🏻🎯 This is Not Early Shovel 😆💘 Below is Pan and above is Shovel 🔧💖 More hot customizations are made everywhere 😎💘👍🏻‼️Very Nice ❤️ ブルーズ・ロッカー #16才の迫撃砲🚀#50歳の防空壕😎 #JizzyRiders #Biker🏍 #FIAT🚙💨
kaydeejay1995 I don't remember anything about him. Not a moment spent with him. His voice. Nothing! But I know he was a damn cool guy and I feel a lot better about my life knowing my big brother is watching over me from way the fork up in the sky or space or something or however that works. Why are you here? There's nothing to see here.
Amon26 they got everyone. Spike looks casually cool. Faye looks plucky and sly. Jet looks like a big brother-esque teddy-bear disguised as a bruiser. This is lining up to be very cherry. AOOFAD/AuSable/Gyossait. Freelance bird + himbo. Gentleman bastard and friend to indies. Fentoozler class Trashmancer. He/Him. Seagull encrusted dumpster fire.
DrDebiSmith She and her big brother found a new home yesterday after this video. How cool is that? 2 down, 1 to go. ❤️ Which would you rather be? A Wise Woman builds her house. A foolish one tears hers down with her own hands. Proverbs 14:1
dbm422 Socal to Port Orchard WA @sdmissthefleet Thanks brother. @imerri1 and I are searching for cool coffee mugs. My next buy is a big foot mug Love my family, Lakers, Dodgers, Seahawks, UCLA. Proud parent of US Army veteran
LynnShawProd New York Amazon is about to share your Internet connection with neighbors. Here’s how to turn it off. And you thought Echo and Ring were so cool. Big Brother just doing "THEIR JOB." Lynn Shaw Productions:#DamageControl Producer, PR,Branding,Strategy,Writer,VPLionelMedia,Human Trafficking Education&Advocacy @Lynns_Warriors #protectchildren
sophie_stardust MILEY WORLD My little brother is so cool and popular and I’m just a loser loner big sister SMILER. NYC. 19. SHE/THEY. ☮️ and ❤️. I have auditory/verbal processing disorder so please bare with me.
tiptupupdates Sometimes he sits next to my bed and leans his head back so our hair touches, my blond hair on his brown hair. I wish my hair was brown like his, like Tubbo's as well. I still match Phil, though. I think that's cool. Wilbur is like a big brother, he's annoying. tiptup updates! (hes still dead) || banner: @FGMooUpdates || mod info on pinned tweet!! 📌
spiritcryptic He / it / they @UsekoWhorechata Yeah! It explains how much he had such a drive to find and express himself in the world, from being overlooked. It also explained how immature he is, considering he was the baby brother who had to be looked after and lorded over. Now HE’S the cool, smart big broth3 to be admired! ↓30 nb. MP100 side acc. 💛REIGEN💛 Reimob / Mobrei | モブ霊 / 霊モブ. Fluff, angst, dark, guro, nsfw. Friendly! 🚫This is my private haven, Antis do not disturb.🚫
_mochimacol 🎭🌺🦔💨 Miyabi is not only cute but he is also cool! His appearance is cute and whatever he does is cute! A TRUE ANGEL! He's cool when he sounds responsible like a big brother! I find him cool when he always does his best!! I love Diamond no Ace, Holostars & seiyuus | Hanasaki Miyabi is a TRUE ANGEL | EN/FIL🆗 / 日本語📖 | art acct: @riereen_art
SHIBATOKEN2021 Big brother is responsible for cool, and I am responsible for lovely! Trying and Doing are two different things. When you try, you hope. When you do, you succeed🎲🕹️
JulesDramaFan Alabama, USA Instagrams current ad rotation is poorly fitting bras and swimsuits. Putting this out there for big brother- let’s go back to handbags. I’m looking for a cool crossover bag. Thanks. Audiologist by day. Asian drama watcher by night. Photographer and baseball in between. “Scary, but cool.” 😎
xxcanadeexx Multistan (she/her) Minor he’s like a big brother he’s so cool and he is really caring :) ᴖ◡ᴖ. •ᴗ• -ㅅ- ^♡^ •᷄ʚ•᷅ ^ㅁ^ OJO
ShirleyImMilk Cleveland Park, Washington, DC @thekjohnston I’m the one on the right. Joe Cool is my big little brother.. and it was a surprise when I came out. Really? A vest no shirt? What was everyone, headless? I’m Short, Vegan, Gay, Buddhist, Sober, HIV+. Dad to Eltro my vegan diet puppy, Steven’s best friend an his pup Alex. I am my own party. Feel free to crash it.
Coach_Clark13 Cedar Park, TX So I love big brother big time (seen every season, watch the live feeds). Austin is in the Bahamas for the week and next thing I know he’s FaceTiming me but he wasn’t on the other end. It was Christmas Abbott and Memphis from big brother and I lost all my cool!!! #bballstars Teacher & Coach for Cedar Park High School 💚🐺 AJV 15 Cedar Park Volleyball Coach ❤️💙🏐 #bebetteralways #CPProud #AJVFam
SMasyaracat @Timmiespigeon WAIT NO I MEAN childe is still teucer's coolest big brother but zhongli is also really cool and teucer just wants to get to know the person close to his big bro!!! 🔞 18+ content!!! Minors do not interact || Writer || She/her || ID/EN || Dumping place for ideas || Inactive until active || MUTE NSFW IF YOU DONT WANT TO SEE
syxeye they / he | 16 | 🇹🇭 hajime adopted them all and now is their cool big brother 👍 -- #danganronpa #danganronpafanart Xean | I simp and draw a lot of stuff | #WhatsHappeningInThailand |||
notpachet /tmp Abusing bash exit codes: exit 13 = you got unlucky exit 23 = slam dunk exit 64 = cool title for an n64 game exit 84 = big brother is watching exit 101 = copy pasted from a comp sci intro textbook exit 180 = turn around and go back the way you came systems sorcerer & network necromancer
bbametvc @bbrightbread And then p'jennie " do you like him too!" Dew " no, but I think he is cool, i called him my big brother" 🤣 #bbrightvc #dew_jsu #bbrightvc #Amemeow
uselesseadragon in monster prom hell send help BEST BIG BROTHER EVER, HE'S INCREDIBLE😭😭😭 His design is also really cool, and his relationship with Marnie is super wholesome🥺🥺 🏳️‍🌈He/They ✦ 19 ✦ ENG/SPA ✦ Mainly into FE, Pokémon, Monster Prom and TLOZ✦ pfp made by @_Toxcity ✦ #BlackLivesMatter 🖤🤎
Mbalizah7 Durban, South Africa @PetlaMayson @sweetTido But how cool is this, he has a big brother who works, who can spoil him and he can show off his brother and the bro agrees and and plays his part, hhayi I wish I was this kid 🥰 my kids have a 8yr gap so atleast big sis can spoil the younger 2 when she starts working I am an African, I am a mother and a wife ❤ I love to travel, lover of nature 🌴🌻💐🦋🍃
Mbalizah7 Durban, South Africa @PetlaMayson @CyaVarified My man 🤴 you are the best big brother 💙 you deserve an award 👏 I can just see him walking into school with a smile on his face and a cool walk that says I told you my brother is a lawyer 😍😍😍 yabona manje they will respect the young man. I am an African, I am a mother and a wife ❤ I love to travel, lover of nature 🌴🌻💐🦋🍃
___honghua antis / minors / maps dni gaze from those blue eyes on his face, a cool contrast to the burning sunlight? Gojo is tall and handsome and careless with money in a way only the obscenely rich are. Yūji tries to see him as a big brother, ignoring the hammering of his heart whenever Gojo touches him somehow. 20+ | she/her | 🀄️ / eng | NSFW + Spoilers | Enjoys Geto a healthy amount
TheRivethead @swilko5 @Jesswhitecomic I remember seeing all these ads when I was like 8 years old and thinking how cool they were, then my brother ordered the "8 foot floating ghost" and they sent him a balloon and a big white plastic sheet. I guess this is why the first Latin your learn is "Caveat Emptor".
hyomeow5 ya moms @j0y_buzzcut my brother is a big fan of her and he showed me a few!!!! her style is soo bouncy and cool i love it lots 〘 they/them 〙⋄ 🏳️‍🌈🇪🇸 ⋄ multifandom (´−`) ンー ⋄ check pinned + carrd!!! ⇩
hhdtv Vancouver BC Canada @mikebickerton Indeed! Trevor has had an impressive career too from comedian to Big Brother (oh Marsha) and is no doubt a great choice for DR but you will be missed. That being said - what a fab cool great opportunity for you to create and lead even more teams! So sashay you will! Congrats pal My license plate is TV Mom! ‘cause I’m a mom (to grown a** adults) and a TV Director “Endlings”, “Odd Squad”, “Dino Dana” & more
autumnxhoran she/her @EVASFINELINE oh yeah that’s cool 😎 just like 👍 oh my brother is so funny 😂 is a little bitch and he’s not a bad person he’s a big fan but he’s a big fan and i love 💕 he likes 👍 he just loves me too so cute ☺️ i got my hair so much better i and my hair so yeah it’s a lot like 👍 but yeah an ot5 who’s a complete fan girl
Champiiiiiionn Hollywood, Los Angeles @TWOremyG I have a big brother that is gay , and he would watch ru Paul around my son and I would just tell him like bro I don’t want my son thinking that’s normal, because it isn’t. It’s cool , it’s okay but I have a choice to not want that around my son and that period 1of1⚡️🌈 RIP MAMA
SharonB95062708 @bridget_mwango @instablog9ja At least sleeping and fighting is also a talent pick a side do you want to be cool or be pepper pick a side yeah she made a hell of money for Big Brother watch that show whenever she is up for eviction you can see the distance she gave to every other housemate so why the pain why
redrocket_rider @Vigilante_Blade @TheExtraLayer @FEConversations Camilla is actually a decent character if you can look past the fan-service. Ryoma has a cool design and stuff, but I can't even remember his personality past "responsible and kinda wise big brother". He has no real flaws or anything to make him stand out. *notices red rocket* UwU what's this?
CBHindsgaul Dublin City, Ireland We killed the big shadow thing and my character ate the NPC's memories. So now she can do cool shadow magic too. Which is basically as good as having the NPC friend/brother survive, right? Author of 'QUICKfood', a Danish novel published by Fuglekøjen (Also likes fencing and cats. Everything is vampire. She/her. Bi. 28.

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