5-year-old Look what I drewMe

5-year-old Look what I drewMe That looks cool What is it5 I havent decided yetUnlimited potential

XplodingUnicorn Indianapolis, IN 5-year-old: Look what I drew! Me: That looks cool. What is it? 5: I haven't decided yet. Unlimited potential. Father of daughters. Owner of pigs. Writer of books:
GameIdentityV The sun shines bright and the cool crisp air washes the cares away, while the flowers bloom happily. What is your favourite part of the Spring Festival, detectives? #identityv #identityvspringfestival Welcome to Identity V official English Page. Customer Service:gameidentityv@global.netease.com Business Contact: id5.bd@global.netease.com
_thedailysass Buffalo, NY How cool is our partnership with the @mapleleafs , EH? 🍁 They’ll be hosting an event this year along w/other support. First @NYRangers ,now @MapleLeafs !! What @NHL team is next to support the @PWHPA in the @SecretDeodorant Dream Gap Tour?! Head to 📰 brick wall on ice 🧱 design walls off ice Architecture @HLWIntl 📐 | STEM @ifthenshecan 🗣 | Pro Goalie & Board @PWHPA 🥅 | Artist @sassstudio_art🎨
Awaais London, England @fawadchaudhry Talkhian? Can you tell me precisely what have the sitting government done to reduce the tension? In the history of Pakistan, the sitting government is the one who tries to cool down thing. But the sitting PM and then people like you have made it impossible to sit and talk. A banker - Born in Lahore, Dutch national - working in London
BelieveBlue1953 Southern Indiana If Calvin Johnson is a first ballot hall of famer then so is Julio Jones, Larry Fitzgerald, Antonio Brown, Andre Johnson. If not then what the fuck is the voting criteria? Cool nicknames? A twitter account of a Colts fan, Writting poorly in a blog titled Believe Blue.
atbv1 👨:"Hmm what kind of motorcycle is this" 👦🏻:"It's a second hand honda scoopy i bought 5 years ago" 👨:"Cool, what do you do for a living?" 👦🏻:"I'm a student who refuse to graduate, parasite to my parents u see 😎" 👨:"Wonderful have a nc day!" 👦🏻:"You too!" *ride away glamorously ENTP
avatargreyskull @naturalbbygirl @sibajparker @slickskuddy @Yanthecancer It's sexist because she's implying women inherently aren't cool but she is. She's different. That's what, "I'm female BUT" means. How is this basic logic escaping you? 30 yr old Black lesbian who made this acct just to keep my lesbian smut and real acct separate. Currently obsessed with Adora and Korra. I'm following my bliss
jandoe23 The Netherlands (and beyond) What I did like: I think it’s cool that Chungmuro is delving into sci-fi - more is always welcomed and especially outside of Hollywood. The story is this weird - or unique? - amalgam of Hollywood space movies - slightly tacky with cringey lines - with Korean feels. #SpaceSweepers "Growth is a lifelong craft" | Tweets on Asian dramas, work-life, and various musing | Poetry and art enthusiast | Malaysian | Owner of blogphilic & dramaphilic
Talen_Lee Dharawal Land, Australia What are/were the rules about using cell phones at your school? — welp, cool, I'm old, this is it, this is how I find out oh wait no I was also poor so nobody had a fucking PHONE at school • Hollerer at Clouds • Cis♂, White, Bi, He/Him • I make board games, card games, and game words • Radically Inclusive Open Mentorship •
illmindofshaner Insomnia is cool bc I never know what I’ll be doing at 5 in the morning. Am I writing? Learning Spanish? Having an existential crisis? Who knows. controlled chaos.
JenniferCoogan1 Wiltshire @ade__87 @lmfzep @BritishAlba @Femi_Sorry @EE Cool. You don’t have to watch. The only problem is with those that consider they are fit to decide what other people are allowed to watch. The leftist attitude of deciding what is best for others? Regardless of their opinions, experience or vote?!
that_cool__guy Canada in Jesus name @tailessbeast_ I don’t know what that is. What’s Moriah? Eccentric, taciturn. Tech bro.