Also does he mean Kochi

Also does he mean Kochi Or Cochin What is this chochi In every South Indian home or hotel water is sprinkled on the cast iron pan between every dosai to cool it down What even IS egg water I mean thats not a thing isnt Egg made liquid is omelette mix

kavita_krishnan Delhi @rohini_sgh @arfilaamba @InsureMeForever @CGH_Earth Also does he mean Kochi? Or Cochin? What is this chochi 🤔. In every South Indian home or hotel, water is sprinkled on the cast iron pan between every dosai to cool it down. What even IS “egg water”?! I mean, that’s not a thing. 🥚 isn’t 🥥. Egg made liquid is …omelette mix? she/her 🌈 CPIML PB member, AIPWA, communist feminist, author: Fearless Freedom (Penguin 2020), winner @Laadli_PF 2021, queer, gender labels don’t fit me
ElizabethEThorp Washington, DC You know what’s cool? This is a real Time Magazine cover. Single mom. VP at Sunshine Sachs. Former EIC of @CapitolFileMag & @PYPO. @HouseofCards alumna. Views are obvi mine, and not those of my floof or my employer.
byalexcoffey Philly The cool thing about this is it frees everyone up to watch the sixers play the heat tonight. What could go wrong??? Phillies writer for @PhillyInquirer, previously @TheAthletic. Second-generation sportswriter. Contact: acoffey@inquirer.com
WheezleyNFT I’ve got to make so many cool things for @RuggedRevenants and this is only just the beginning 😌 If you haven’t joined the Discord and played the beta yet… what are you waiting for?! #Rugs2Riches #RuggedRevenants 😼 @Dope_Cats // @RuggedRevenants // @GFuelEnergy 🎨
jesse_altman Atlanta, GA @rexwub What happened to WOW? I haven’t been tracking them. Jesus. Which is a better buy? Wow or Cool Cats? Follow me for art convo and HEN artist recs. And cats. Day job = exec in design related field
carlbroflaski @CM_Master2022 @JackPosobiec You fine with ww3? Do you know what world war looks like? Do you think a pandemic is worse than a world war? Where did you get this idea that world war is ok? Do you think world war or war is cool and bone chilling? Where did you get this idea, from movies and youtube videos? Hi . Love and peace.
MattTheMexican When are we allowed to start talking about all the cool stuff in #DoctorStrange bc that’s all I want to do right now but nobody else has seen it yet! What is with you people? Why do you all wait so long to see it!?! 🤬 🌋 Team D/M
DrunkChangeling @raygungoth1 @benners36 @Fenrirs_Chosen thats cool and all but what is he saying that's particularly egregious? All I am reading is corporal/capital punishment is not particularly uncommon in a historical setting.
jigglyclops México @Snake_RIVER_90 Oh that's so cool, what is it? Besides a cool art, obviously. Monster master 🐉 animation & indie games fan 🎮 QA and future localization manager 🇲🇽 Dragon Quest XII is coming!🔥 Switch friend code: SW-0964-4428-4691
cool_nel Pune/Bangalore Wow @NammaBESCOM , you decide to charge Additional Security Deposit (ADS) on bills in May knowing the fact there is additional usage during summer. What kind of loot technique is this? Please improve your service and increase efficiency first #ThiefBescom #PrivatizeBescom Xonfused desi
kazzyrus @FNFNewsAnnounc1 Know what? I'm tired of having this on the shadows. I need a good coder. And I wish I would be able to pay but as you can see, i'm extremely busy doing the backgrounds and spritesheets alone. If someone is down and able to do this c'mere, time to make cool shit Hi! I'm kazz, I draw and animate usually! Feel free to be here! | He/Him | 🇻🇪 PFP by @MarbleInsanity BG by @ATrueDonaldist
Unbreaking_Star Peaceful Ending AU "Why are swords so cool!? Why didn't they give me one at my creation!? What is the nonsense!?" A weapon meant to end the world, struggling vainly to find meaning when nothing fights back
potaylortotstoo 12th floor being on a diet is cool and all but you know what’s cooler? queso and a plate of vegetarian enchiladas…IF I COULD HAVE IT you know when you press the randomizer button? that’s my account
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zigster01 What is Blunt going to say about saving his daughter??? Cool to let her die??? @RoyBlunt Pro Democracy, Anti-Trump, Voting Rights for All, Proudly woke, dog lover, married my best friend, 2 beautiful daughters, play the Cajon & Tennis
wadevstheworld Melbourne, Australia @bmw311waves @Randum311 @311 Nothing wrong with showing support to literal racists? You're kidding right? That's what separates us. I won't support someone that is okay with fascist ideologies. If 'my high horse' is me not being racist....cool...I'll ride that fucker proudly. Graphic Designer...Macgyver...All round nice guy with a thirst for destruction...
jane_nail @LudoJanssens ❤️❤️ Awww what a cool picture. ✌️ John looks just like Shaun in that one, u know? Then in others’ Julian looks just like him — especially when he’s older. DNA is a funny thing… Passion is Family books Music-play piano by ear..Love Beatles & 70’s. Joined 8/2016. I believe we are All responsible for each other—& Our planet ❤️🇺🇸
Michael_Gaming_ @AbeAnimated I haven't seen the movie yet. And have no idea who this is. But from what I've seen from reviews and trailers the animation looks really cool and has a great artstyle. Am I missing something big in the actual movie? Hey how's it going
DontLetmeSudo Boston, MA @AncietyG What is this from? Looks so cool Senior SRE | Comics | Manga | MTG | MonoG is best in magic
tyunnami Magic Island What does op mean by unconventional handsome? #TAEHYUN have that princely expensive Saint Laurent actor type of handsome one moment he is cool, then hot, then cute, then pretty. Ofc he is unconventional, not everyone can be everything at once 😆 @TXT_members my one and on1y \\ 23 y/o
Coolest_bot What is better than flying at the school and than going to the park and making cool twitter bots?👏 🔥 💯
lunagrown1 Second Star On The Right @Talia_Christine What is this? it's very cool. 'You never really understand a person until you consider things from their point of view' #LGBTQ ~ I Block Stupid People & Mute Drama Queens!
CocoMentos @Positive_Call What is confidence? How do we attain it? Is a sociopath, a master manipulator, the picture of confidence? I would think being emotionally intelligent, self-aware, and curious is how people are able to keep their cool. If that's what makes someone confident, then I agree. Get it? Because I'm a Virgo on the cusp of Libra? #MentalHealthAdvocate #Socialist #IntersectionalFeminist 🏳️‍🌈✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿♍♌♒
vinylnavigator @paulc130 WOW! That is beyond cool! Honestly, no LP will ever compare to the greatness of that cd you’re holding. Did you catch them live? What’s the story behind your signed cd? Vinyl Navigator is an exploration of the swirling sounds and hallucinatory music that was created during the psychedelic era
maciheartssap :))) SO HAPPY!! they/she bi! that is SO cool? what???? LOVE U FOREVER ☕️