Anyway what is the point

Anyway what is the point In other news the Indian Army might be planning to get Bactrian Camels for patrolling in Ladakh How cool is that huh

SJha1618 India Anyway, what is the point. In other news, the Indian Army might be planning to get Bactrian Camels for patrolling in Ladakh. How cool is that, huh? War and Economics. Author of 'The Upside Down Book of Nuclear Power' & @HeatandDustProj. Columnist @DeccanHerald. Founder @delhidefence.
pbump New York So the White House announced that "ballots for the president were found in Pennsylvania" before DOJ announced that nine Trump ballots were found before any investigation into what happened is complete? Cool, perfect. National correspondent for The Washington Post. philip.bump@washpost.com pbump@protonmail.com
malikoa London • She/Her Obviously. This is so cool. Thankyou for creating this little world with so much attention to question detail. I love it ❤️ I just got result 'me before you' on quiz 'which mali-koa song are you?'. What will you get? via @uquiz There’s talk of a revolution. I never knew it, but I believed.
LeTiny_ @Owy_xy Loool! What did you just say? That Laycon wouldn’t have congratulated her?! Please, this is funny😂🤣. The way he smiled all through her insults and still didn’t hate her after all she said to him tells me he would have. As long as you know she is NOT a saint, I’m cool with that. I'm a tiny genius, an impossible little holy terror of enigmatic Kalabari descent who's been accused of being a narcissist and a feminist.
ZeeGoes Lagos @radaronlinetv @tweetyangel20 @M_4real @iammrssamuels What? She can't have her friends at her own party? That is stupid. When did Monique become the god of Candiace? They fought 3 years ago and Candiace has been cool with this woman all through out. She was at her engagement and invited to her wedding! Is this kindergarten? the hustle is real!
DIG3146BOT What is your favorite color? Mine is violet, but white is really cool too. I think triangles looks best in purple, it just gives off a feeling of happiness. It makes me want to protect my teacher Neil. Do you have a different opinion? Just a class assignment feat. a bot with an existential crisis.
shy_2tweet London, UK @James_Chang0111 This is cool! What software is this? Custom? MSc ASCC CSCS CES | S&C Coach | Weightlifting Coach | Technical Tutor in Sport Science | London Sport Institute, Middlesex University
Entropy1024 United Kingdom @ErcXspace @SpaceX @elonmusk Wow! Is that what it really looks like or is that a CGI mockup? Rather looks like a sidewinder missile stacked vertically. Very cool. Trying to make sense of the world one subject at a time
Karnkapil1 @rootupco @kirti_bakoriya @AmitShah Do you even know what arya samaj is?😂😂 Or you just want to look cool by saying 'wtf'?😂

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