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“MY NEW ROCK STARS” by Political ‘Mom’entator

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The skills gap at work … that no one is talking about by @invoker of @hootsuite

InvaderXan Nowhere
Can we all please agree to keep making noise about #AstroSH until more is done to fix it? That would be nice.

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New post on talking about politics! #binders #2016election #feelthebern #tkpk

My Dog is Fabulous

“Asserting myself and talking about my sexuality is an empowering thing” -@alexander_olly

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@davidmill Thought of you!

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@charlesjo @Medium this is fantastic Charles. Talking to students at @MiamiUniversity next week. Going to pull some stuff from here.

I’ve always had difficulty talking a monological perspective. I tend to see things from several different angles,...

TalkSportTV UK
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