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Brad Sherman US Congressman Crypto is bad and scary What could Mongoose Coin do to Crypto CoinThe Internet creates Mongoose Coin raises money using it donates to tornado disaster reliefBrad Sherman Okay maybe crypto is coolWere in the wildest timeline MONG

MikeWehner Wisconsin, USA Brad Sherman, US Congressman: "Crypto is bad and scary. What could Mongoose Coin do to Crypto Coin?" The Internet: *creates Mongoose Coin, raises money using it, donates to tornado disaster relief* Brad Sherman: "Okay maybe crypto is cool" We're in the wildest timeline. $MONG Technology Journo/Editor | Crypto Fool & Collector| Founder | 3D artist | Content Creator | DM me your favorite NFT collections and altcoins.
NaakMusiQ Yo!!How much do you know about the cool music app HUAWEI developed? Well one dope thing is When subscribing to the HUAWEI music app you can stream and enjoy an ad free experience, what else can you tell me about the HUAWEI music app? #SummaWithHUAWEIMusic Born to Entertain!
derrickvanorden Prairie du Chien, WI What would @POTUS consider intentionally abandoning American citizens to terrorists? Just a cool thing to pull off with your buddies when you are hopped up on Geritol? This is not a republican or a democratic thing, this is an American thing. This is a show stopper. Father of 4, Peepaw to 6, American. Republican Candidate WI-03. Retired Navy SEAL, Author, Actor.
Matheusnamtv Minas Gerais, Brasil @TeaNewton Happy hol*shit. Pl Tea, what gave I told about making fictional character being so apealling? Not cool. There is no way for us to flirt with her hahaha. Amazing artwork tea, merry christmas and happy holodays for you Character Designer and Comic Book Artist.
lkeetaek SND. the serpent. @RPWORLDFESS See? My idea is better, right? EHEHEHHEHEHE What can I say? I am only stating facts in my bio. Definitely handsome, cool and genius guy. 😎 ( Not Real / Strictly Eng ) South Korean Model and Actor Lee Kitaek. Part of YG KPLUS and YG Stage. 94년. ps: I'm handsome, cool and genius guy.