Cool Hexagon of Willis anatomy

Cool Hexagon of Willis anatomy What is arrow pointing to

OGdukeneurosurg Chapel Hill, North Carolina Cool Hexagon of Willis anatomy. What is arrow pointing to? Duke University Neurosurgeon / Spine Surgeon / Professor / Vice Chair / TV Medical Advisor, Writer, & Actor
livewithnoregrt check out my course being attractive is cool but what else can you offer ? rip dad 🖤
PastorMikeDyal Washington, DC How is this for a #RealityTV show? A 1923 #Pentecostal #Protestant #Holiness preacher from the roaring 20’s somehow mysteriously #TimeTravels into the Whoring 20’s #2023 (with cool #clothes ) and an #iphone ? What would he say? Follow @EvangelistMDyal @PastorMikeDyal #Retweet 73,100 follow me at but I get no respect, no respect at all on Twitter. I’m like Rodney Dangerfield on here. Follow me
Anonymuzkilla @LupeFiasco Wow 8 years I’m an old nigga now straight grandpa how old is the cool wtf is this what getting older is like? Nigga my knee boutta give out smh All socials: @Anonymuzkilla I belong to no one
johntalley1959 Florissant, Mo. @its_the_Dr What gets me is how did they talk to with nasa when our cell phones can't even go 5 miles without a tower? How did they get that car in that little capsule? How did they cool their spacesuits when a/c's need air to work. How did the spacesuits block gamma and neutron particles? Retired Maintenance Supervisor. From Bethalto, IL. Independent leaning right.
713JJW 13 @Snowcow79 @Dean_Winnipeg @Captaincoby00 Cool, so should we let capital owners be the sole deciding factor in what the serfs get to listen to? Is that right? 7
mkqdot05 mental prison™️ Ykw I might be jumping the gun here, but this doesn’t sound like Dakota defending these people to me? Like what she’s essentially saying is “Ah what? These people who I thought were cool actually suck? Oh well.” I have no idea what some of these qrts and replies are talking about 🇵🇭 17 (any prns) • #amp enjoyer ⚡️ multifandom • rt heavy • comms: open🚦
ZbornakwrestLes Who cares what the results are of the Fightful awards? If your favorites won cool, if not who cares You also have people that truly think the Uncle Howdy stuff is great cinema. I think it's cheap spooky dooky shit If you only watch WWE please let me know so I don't waste my time. My header gives me joy
protractions #wolquestion is there any part of MSQ that you have changed to better fit your character's story? any characters brought back / removed, decisions made differently, etc? if you haven't, what are some cool ones you have seen? #wolqotd she/they 🦋 25+ 🦋 eng&한 OK 🦋 6.2 spoilers! gpose commissions CLOSED 🦋 i&h:@omaehaco2
kim_because summerland bc @PraiseHisName50 @AdorablePodcast @Raven4212 @StillDizzy2 @Melanie33720945 @EdgeZeto @1pckt @A_Damned_smith @D1scoJerrys @willsworldview @Guy_JustaGuy3 @JHerbatov @Cthulhu_is_lord @ahmuhdayus @Felix_Cat7 @ooohglobbits @WondersNorbit @WooWooSpaceJew @Cern_lXXl @foo_oom @DarkCowboyGod @shock_hazard @BruceRayCarr1 @AGwraig @zypisfy @bigbert81 @MephistoTabern1 @LeeTWimberly @Viktor_Renquist @LivingKira @Monstercoyliar @AprilLigeia @IMudlet @KuttoBasKarDo @SecularSmurf @Simple_Shaman @NairbOtto @Chortling_Man @TessFromWessex @brkdwnparadise @SylvieDParris @Shane99768797 @MucusMucous @sullivanbill573 @Fel1x_Cat7 @CubeSteve @RossGilroy @kraegkust @HaircutSpock @Atheist_1978 Cool. What is in the Book of Secularism? I don't do "happily ever after". I drag my characters through hell and then either kill them, or give them a fate worse than death.
gloriousreturns What the heck?! How is Karasuno's libero that dang cool? someday, together.
Paintitred_90 @SayaDoesStuff Strap master gundam wing on it? What is it for anyway, griffon wing is stabilizer, master wing is cool factor & armor also stabilizer
SkyChickyDAO The Tin 7) What is your favourite dino? Triceratops, three horned hero, I think I’ve always liked the underdog, and as a kid, pics and films always had the trice depicted as standing up to the T-rex. I wish there was an ancient Trice like Trevor. That moving Volcano is cool. The official DAO for Sardinhas holders of @claynosaurz All alpha kept in The Tin