Cool so do you support

Cool so do you support building more housing No How about taxing the windfall profits of oil companies that raised prices No Did you vote for the landmark IRA bill that funds energy production No So what IS your inflation plan Oh that s right just cut Social Security

fawfulfan San Marcos, TX Cool, so do you support building more housing? No. How about taxing the windfall profits of oil companies that raised prices? No. Did you vote for the landmark IRA bill that funds energy production? No. So what IS your inflation plan? Oh that's right, just cut Social Security. Game programmer, reporter @RawStory, author, elections nerd, devoted husband to @jesstherealmess. Proudly on the spectrum. All opinions are my own.
ZachWeiner One thing I don't understand about the metaverse is what the money spent on it is doing. Like, 15B this year alone. For reference, the Manhattan Project, in today's dollars was ~20B. Are they at least making anything cool as they set all their money on fire? NYT Bestselling author of "Soonish," and Illustrator for "Open Borders." Aspiring spacegeek. Married to @fuschmu; (Support at
MTNDEWGaming Think getting Dual 2XP for buying DEW is cool? Well, DEW and @littlecaesars are bringing you DOUBLE the DUAL 2XP on BOTH Pizza & DEW, plus IN-GAME REWARDS, including a bonus player card, emblem, and weapon charm What're you waiting for? Order Now WELCOME TO MTN DEW GAMING. All things gaming. All the time.
Heart53014170 @NicholasF0425 Bro, what brush is that!? It's so cool!
Publishedwrite1 @joncoopertweets @elonmusk I found out I was supposed to help this guy my purpose was to help this guy invent a car for us. Yes credit is cool to have about how I've kept my ish under control because anybody would go crazy. What would you do if you found out your purpose? words inflicted our lifes in a unusual way of existing in a place of much defeat and troubles. we overcame with learning and perpectuality and diverse chances.
cynersi burger shop ✵ @_LadyAgnes this is actually so fucking cool what can you do something like this but in game art???? imagine if we had loading screens that you drew 19 | @GoBitGames #1 fan / burger shop fanatic
Freekeith Galafray @MindNy77 @BrownsvilleNYK @_knicks1688 @GodSonRel @ShannonTFortune @Chuck1one @Knickanator_ @chosencvlb @0oty_Mac @StatefromHarlem @eepdllc @queens_dude @BadBadLeroyBro7 @Rick__War @TMal761 @eski225 @Not47Buddz @AngelBeingAngel @net_steven @Christian_J_D_M @Woodshed_1914 @Trace_AVP @TruePG718 @LegionOfKnicks @rahmmagick @Statspeg @DaBabyKnicks @DonaldP47082631 @FireThibodeau @KeepTomThibs @mk21_____ @J1gg__ @KnicksBig15 @bmorelikestate @jfromflorida1 @cedricshine @PodKnicks @ZamundaServant @HecBreezo @milionairerouk @jlkra1980 @Arifromanhattan @AJTheManChild @zachwiIson @KnicksPiece @PastorCoach917 @EdMemphisPimpin @nyknicks @ScottPerryGM This is what I dont get? If that happened to us against the Pistons or the Magic ..then cool I can undertake the argument, but against the Bucks? .. come on ....smh Keith was for sale, but now he's Free 'cuz Keiths shouldn't cost a thing. #AirHead #evolving lets go #knicks
noahgrahm @no_death_trths @ironicpenguino @poopygirlll @zellgiveemhell @izzykento What, on life being great? I mean clearly people think life is worth living, we don’t have a suicide rate of like 90% or anything. Life allows you to learn about so many cool, complex systems, and master them, part of why I like living life. Frog men should be forcibly feminized.
vikinstart @sofiyawiart @therealdonjibo @EtheriumQueen Agree. It's cool to take advantage of your advantages and live your best life. But what is the beauty of NFT? The fact that artists can finally earn and get more opportunities. But there are more and more people in this field who are not related to art. Maybe this is also fair. Digital, traditional, NFT 1/1 artist. About me #MystoryVikinstart 📷 Instagram
ElayyanSarah @DonyaMist This is called dominance.. There is only one case the other can change you for better which is YOU noticing smth cool and gaining it for your own good... So simply you can change people just by BEING YOURSELFFF And guess what? Not all people will love your true self insane bookworm🐛😍 JUST👩‍⚕️
AdamTesh3 Where I’m sitting Very cool… and very clever. It makes me wonder what is “space” and what is “matter” in comparison to “space”? I'm me.
ActiveManMag If you’re interested in using blue spirulina in your recipes, here are some questions to ask yourself before you buy it. First, what exactly is blue spirulina? This is an intense blue pigment that has a short shelf life and should be stored in a cool, dry Online Magazine for the Active Man.
jamesrp13 @SolPlay_jonas Cool what is it? don’t take me too seriously. writing a solana course building @ironforgecloud, and other fun software things