Cool to see a bunch

Cool to see a bunch of Mets players entering The Buck Showalter Classroom at the top railing of the dugout to find out what just happened Theyre probably wondering Is there anything this man doesnt know about baseball

DeeshaThosar insta: @deeshtho Cool to see a bunch of Mets players entering The Buck Showalter Classroom at the top railing of the dugout to find out what just happened. They're probably wondering, 'Is... there anything this man doesn't know about baseball?' Mets beat reporter and columnist for @NYDailyNews
redlianak Toronto See also: the, recent Star Wars thing. I saw the racism go down, and the general consensus among SW fans was "that is not cool and the racists deserve mockery". But what did the franchise and the media elevate with coverage? The racists, not the people who instantly pushed back. Host @NotTherapyShow, Game Dev, YouTuber, analyst, gamer. Poop-throwing unicorn wrangler. Here to have fun! Creative director of @SongSparkle
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Scott_755 Alberta, Canada @WaterSHEDLab @Albert_Nobbs Of course! Cool oven, btw. What is that one? I have the Ooni Koda 16. Love it. Just watching the world slowly collapse and wondering why it had to be this way.
c_panther95 @CraigpParrish Jr spoke on Jeremys split personality, 1 week he was cool, the next he was ready to fight. I wonder if that was reason for adderal, to level him off a bit? He must have lost his jobs off his attitude. Nascar is like the NFL with what they can get away with. So I'm team Jeremy! Just here to keep up with things I enjoy. But mostly I'm here to give smartasses something to do in their spare time.
Jennaaaaaaaaay_ DDD , Tx Alone…. Is like k cool what’s there next to life after tomorrow ?” Idk if that make sense or not but it does too me 🫥 just a female who don’t give a shit 😊
_canarious ic: 1110yu_ku_si @dwtvirgo I am not sure what this public quote retweet is trying to accomplish. But cool? they/any || 17 || resident chuuya enthusiast
swithonce967 usa; 27; black; she/her; infj VIVIZ! I likey Red Sun. The dresses remind me of What is Love? That aside, this performance was nice. It had some broadway, theatrical influences that were really cool. I liked the masked men and the elegant dressed women. I liked the deck of cards animation in the background… ults: STAYC, TWICE, LOONA and (G)I-DLE in that order | girl group multistan | a love fool for Nayeon and J | browse my k-pop listography
MintyFreshKarma MD @curious10665 @mahoganysaid @Eve_Barlow @Angenette5 Judy is not a juror. What did she do wrong? She went to the cool kids’ party for a moment #bernieforpresident #truth #wearmasks #vaccinate #BLM #SaveOurDemocracy 🇺🇸 #universalhealthcare #ACIM #StudentDebtForgiveness #johnnydepp

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