Cool video with Keanu Reeves

Cool video with Keanu Reeves is it him Or is it his virtual ready to enter the Possibilities with Whats next on the xSPECT more

XPunkDS Metaverse Cool @YouTube video with Keanu Reeves, is it him? Or is it his virtual #avatar ready to enter the #Metaverse Possibilities with @UnrealEngine #UE5 What's next? @xspectar on the #XRPLedger ? 🧬xSPECT more🧬 #xSPECTAR Founder of @xspectar - 'Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence' - building a #metaverse with #UE5 on the #XRPLedger - 3D #NFT - #xSPECTAR 🧬

USPacificFleet HQ @ Pearl Harbor, Hawaii In Japan? Translate the tweet and see what cool event is in store this Sunday with the @US7thFleet band! The U.S. Navy's Pacific Fleet is the world’s largest fleet command.

XHNews Headquartered in Beijing, PRC Cool technologies, green energy and Xinjiang specialties... What else is grabbing attention at the 7th China-Eurasia Expo in China's Xinjiang? What opportunities are there in the eyes of exhibitors? Join Xinhua's Zhang Yuyang to find it out. (recorded) We are public media for the public good. We don't pursue corporate interests, nor will we yield to the pressure of ideological stigmatization and political bias

hachisvoid 🇮🇳 @KnockAtTheCabin oo this is cool. what can i sacrifice? 23 | video games | movies | sci-fi fantasy | D&D | TTRPGs

oasiserenity THE DANCE MOVES????? THE VOCAL??? GIRLIE WHAT THE FUCK HE IS SO COOL???????? jeon jungkook (crowd cheers)

OSBAuthor Western Pennsylvania Happy #AutumnalEquinox This was always my favorite equinox, with the changing of the season to cool, but not cold. Apples, pumpkins, and homemade soups. What is your favorite season? Does your MC have a favorite? #WritingCommunity #writers #authors International paranormal thriller author of #RachelLawParanormalRealism series Short stories #ShortsByO Warrior-Theme Self-Help #IWARRIOR Poetry #PoemsByO

8maggiemay Ontario, CANADA @ConsumerSOS What's the temperature Sean? Is it cool at night? Love this sunrise❤️ Best Wishes to King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla. #IStandWithTrudeau

mersenaria_art Odessa, Ukraine GM fam💖 Do you know what day it is today? Today is my favorite day! 😃 Invite everyone to join the space “House of Tony” -This is one of the best spaces in nft🔥 Lots of fun, amazing art and cool atmosphere 🍹 @grrwolfie @el_nuaaa @Investopia Alina💖 From Ukraine. NFT creator. Digital artist. I draw all my life💪🏻 💖
Mikea1985 Cambridge, MA, USA @NASAWebb This is really cool. Do you know what the exposure time was for this image? Parent, partner, globetrotter, multilingual, TCK, astronomer, board gamer, Linux user, biker, baker, vegetable enthusiast, denim wearer. Views mine. He/they

henryfo64952290 What Is The Right Guidance And Support To Fix Cool Cash App Card Designs? #CoolCashAppCardDesigns
What is Cool?
KodaDot Interoperable It looks like now it's the era of AI #art. What is the best program you have used so far? And What do you think about this hit? #dalle #NFT Is it cool or scary? This Homer is definitely scary! 😁 🗺️🧭 Builders-owned NFT marketplace 🖌 🗂 🆘 ✨
Sixdiceskills Nottingham uk @CasualHammerer @Jes_Lazarus It being too good doesn't stop 1. The models being cool 2. The story being cool Why are experienced tournament gamers people that should be cussed out cause they know what is and isn't good? Bit gatekeepery Host of the Honest Wargamer. World's best Warhammer live commentator.
seokski oh 지금 날 위한 행보는 바로 날 위한 행동 날 위한 태도 그게 날 위한 행복 i’ll show you what i got 두렵진 않아 그건 내 존재니까 love myself. hoseok is so fucking cool ?? the way he danced and just his entire vibe ?? the way nO matter what the concept is he always slays!!! all bow down to KING hosoek ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⌕ ˒ ૮ – ﻌ–ა⠀hoseokie 𓂃 ⠀jungkoo ⠀ certified⠀luvr⠀⠀🧚🏻‍♀️🌱⠀𓄹 ⠀˖ ࣪✿ ⠀22, ⠀she ! her ⠀ ୨ ♡ ୧༉‧ ⠀

cti_anti @slobbs @thesiriusreport Rest of the world is cool with Russia and China, what are you talking about? It’s just a minority 15% who like being self sanctioned Enough self reflection let’s talk solutions,Independent thought. I have been called Russian Bot + CCP wumao + Hindu Nationalist + Pro Palestine + MAGA go figure

jsmithforpeace Indiana, USA So I'm running with a new theory since new finding on JWST and I feel as if Albert Einstein was wrong about light speed and it is really just as fast as the blink of an eye in the vacuum of space and what we see by telescopes is the universe in real time! How cool??? Husband and Father of 10🦸‍♂️ | Entrepreneur | Motivational Tweeter 🤔 | Automotive Mechanic 🔧 | Humanitarian 🏞 | Brainstormer 🤯 | Cannabis Advocate 😶‍🌫️

graceygw99 Menston, England @TailsAustin9922 Wait! Don't hurt him! Sonic 1 Cool. Also, what is going on?! Robotnik's back? And who is Clifford the Big Red Rage Monster?! Sonic 2 24, Steps Fan , Pro at Gaming, huge fan of Thomas the Tank engine , creator of Skarloey Fan 01 Adventures

WheezingGeek Redmond, WA @bstroud80 @AndreasCieciel1 @charliekirk11 So what you’re saying is that you have absolutely no idea how the law works, or what the constitution says, or what the coup plotters had planned.. or even that they had a plan.. and based on that foundation of shocking ignorance, you’re pretty sure it would have worked out? Cool I’m a liberal. The repeal of Roe Is their starting gun, not their finish line. Vote for liberty. Surviving leukemia.

Shady4Eternity @ShellLouise2006 Cool! Wine is good. What spirits do you like? I like bourbon whiskey especially Maker’s Mark and I like the rum based cocktail frozen strawberry daiquiri. 🥰 Here to honor The GOAT Slim Shady!

Jerzyzwierz Grudziądz, Polska @ReutersPitchbot So...did they leave in confirmation that they did is as well and though it would look cool and honorable or what?

gunnarmorling Hamburg, Germany @nipafx Cool stuff! Is there already some JDK build for trying this out? And one question on the syntax you showed: SQL."...". What does that exactly represent, some method being invoked on that SQL class? If so, which one? It seems that's a change to the Java language in fact? Open source software engineer @ Red Hat · Lead of Debezium · Spec lead of Bean Validation 2.0 · Creator of JfrUnit, kcctl and MapStruct · Java Champion · 🚴

myzu22 getsuga tenshou🗡️ @sarnuaaa YESS!! it's like i can start at 10am and have 3 hours of classes straight then nothing and then 2 hours straight it's unbearable 😔💔 and omg aerospace engineering sounds so cool??? What is it about? dottore diluc interaction in game im begging 😭 • 20yo♌ • genshin & anime & video game lover • i draw sometimes • NOT SPOILER FREE⚠️

0rangepicklejar @adityaxkaran now you are a futureteller huh? you can predict what we will do or won't do. she is my friend and i will defend her regardless. some can't relate wbk. cool down. no khaleesi, no effort. hotd show stans, team green stans, daenerys haters and rhaenyra haters dni.

Twanky1986 West Belfast BREAKING THE SEAL. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU RUN OUT OF LOO ROLL? THE NOODLE BAR IS AN AUDIO PODCAST WITH ME AND OUR KEV THAT DROPS EVERY SUNDAY. SOMETIMES WE DO COOL NEW VIDEO EPISODES. EXCLUSIVELY AT Writer. Comedian. Host of No Blasters Podcast. Repped by WME. For access to all socials and ticket sales click Linktree below.

chillnastynate United States @EdouardDbrn @RalphMachio20 @Dennis_Porter_ You’re still using energy. Energy that could go heat/cool a house or a company could use but instead is used to find bitcoin? For what? You can’t do anything with it. It doesn’t solve any problems. I sell screenshots of NFT’s. to the moon!!

OGDuckington Galapagos, Oggy Shore @cool_grandad That wasn’t what I asked you, do you think he is less dangerous than Putin? smile your face will not crack. scouser. my opinion is as valid as the next, not going to argue with nuggets, not always serious, life is too short.

burnley_patty @nypost Some people will do anything for attention. Pretty outrageous that this school allows this. What if a woman teacher decides to come in to teach with tight pants depicting male parts…they cool with that too? At some point we will stand up and say enough is enough & regain sanity. Horse lover

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erychasue Borneo, Malaysia @shopwithliaa waaahhh this is so cool... what device is this? 👻 Bibliophile. Sumandak Dusun mantad Kinabalu #Ranau❤️#UEL Alumni