Europa Clipper is not only

Europa Clipper is not only a cool spacecraft we are building but it s also a pretty cool mission Can you guess what it will explore beneath Europa s ice shell Tune into the Europa Clipper 24 7 live cam to watch as we build the spacecraft

NASAJPL Pasadena, Calif. Europa Clipper is not only a cool spacecraft we are building but it's also a pretty cool mission. Can you guess what it will explore beneath Europa's ice shell? ⚡️ Tune into the Europa Clipper 24/7 live cam to watch as we build the spacecraft: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory manages many of NASA's robotic missions exploring Earth, the solar system and our universe. Tweets from JPL's News Office.
catvalente Peaks Island, ME Hey, you know what's super cool? A big dingus is whacking a brick against Twitter & yelling at it for breaking, & coincidentally, the ability to download an archive of your account is suddenly broken! Hey thanks for turning 14 years of our lives into a billionaire's litter box! NYT/USAT Bestselling author of Fairyland novels, Space Opera, Deathless & more (any/all) | | TipJar:
stevenspohn Pittsburgh, PA What's unreal is how little some, like this troll with a check mark, don't even try to hide their hatred for disabled people. Statements like that go beyond politics. You don't like Democrats? Cool. That's not what you did here; you dunked on a man because he is disabled and won. Aspiring Iron Man. Speaker. Storyteller. Advocate. Sr. Dir. of Dev. @AbleGamers. Creator @NightlyQuestion. Guy trying to make the world a better place. He/Him
TraiellL To my #Screamteam I'm currently watching #Scream3 & I just realized another cool thing they could do for future films. Is play with the voice of the killer. I liked how there was a woman's voice as the phone call and it switched to Roger's, with women killers. What do you think? I write and read. Gamer🎮 Geek🤓 YT Channel: The Treacherous Slayer | Link | Love yourself first, know your worth!😉
fuhqpaymee United States @allan9197 @GregAbbott_TX So what you’re saying is you aren’t a Texas citizen, this doesn’t affect you in any way, shape or form, & everything you’ve said on the topic means fuck all & you’re just gonna stfu now? Cool, thanks.
literaturelele Texas, USA my epiphanies class is great?? my professor just discussed poetry with me and considered what makes a poem and she tasked me with my final essay for the class being taking a piece of prose and reassembling it and analyzing what it does to the experience?? THAT’S COOL 20 | neurodivergent | another queer English major 🏳️‍🌈 | Rice ‘24 (‘23?) 🦉 | she/they | 12/13/17 💕
carolcorpsman 1312 @Luvinufrmfl @Winston_Duke @esquire isn't "emasculating" more people telling men what they should and shouldn't do... and less letting men be themselves and dress however they want? enough with this "boys don't cry boys wear blue boys can't do this can't do that" stuff winston is a badass (and looks v cool) 28. eu sou um raio de sol: causando câncer e incêndios. an anxious soft goth boy. (he/they | d/ele)
ak_44 NikeStore What da efff! I was watching the SNKRS show on Jordan history which was quite cool & then (shocking to me) it popped up that the Cherries were available. I clicked on it, checked out right away, & had “pending” for the last ~20 minutes. How is SNKRS still so shitty?!?

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