Hey Texas This weeks forecast

Hey Texas This weeks forecast HotExcessive heat is expected all this week into the weekend Exposure to high temperatures can be dangerous What can you doHydrateStay CoolCheck on your neighbors Heat Tips

TDEM Austin, TX Hey, Texas! This week’s forecast: Hot! Excessive heat is expected all this week into the weekend. Exposure to high temperatures can be dangerous! What can you do? 💦Hydrate 🧊Stay Cool 🤝Check on your neighbors Heat Tips: #txwx #ExcessiveHeat Official Account of the Texas Division of Emergency Management. Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Information for Texas. Publisher of @DomPrep Journal.
ThatEricAlper Toronto What is your "Did it before it was cool" thing? Freelance Music Publicist. SiriusXM Host. Shameless Idealist. Lifelong Musicaholic. I talk about Music News in the Media. Eric@ThatEricAlper.com
_EternalReturn_ Lumia Island What's better than a theme park? A FREE theme park, duh. That's right, entry to Lumialand is completely free. Just download a ticket on Steam! (you can't ride the fun rides tho unless you have this cool Felix skin, voiced by @DashCruzVA) THE Official twitter of Eternal Return. Fend for yourself and defeat other survivors in a unique, exciting, FREE online multiplayer survival arena
camgrayson_ Atlanta, GA You got to see how strong leia is with the force, even back then, got to see a cool prison break in the inquisitors headquarters, a mini spark of rebellion, lightsabers being swung, and cool Star Wars visuals PLUS *spoiler* an entire jedi filled tomb! What is the issue?????? dead inside, but weirdly determined. he/him.
so_yuck @Drawnonward What?! Different covers! Damn that is cool. Suicide is never the answer Call 1-800-273-8255 Husband. Board gamer. Lover of cats & donuts. He/Him @Protag_Games
realjackbarlow Sydney, New South Wales @LukeBartolo1 @ChrisMinnsMP Look, cool, whatever, but to the point. Chris Minns is being purposefully misleading in this tweet. Also yet to hear what the Opp would plan to increase wages by? UWA alumnus 👨🏼‍🎓 political 🏛 love to travel ✈️ Views are my own
TheZeenith @genexer3 @fake_biden Right. So you don’t actually know what a Nazi is. Want to see something cool? Go look at the Democratic Party platform and compare it to the National-Socialist German Workers’ Party platform. Outside of loose border policies, the similarities are uncanny. Father, husband, economist, veteran, musician. Ask me why #Abortion is murder. 🇺🇸
XlAAOTlNG Written by fan. Retro. WHG-ST. @kangtaerel Hi again, Taehyun! You know what? Your song is on my playlist and it's reaaally good! I really love the after-chorus part like- the energy wow, it's so cool. Anyway, happiest moment in my life maybe when I spent my time with my loved ones, I always be the happiest! How about you? ㅤㅤ✧ A song for the Stars. (1999)
DMacTooBangin 〽️emphganistan A twitter what it mean if a woman is jealous of u and ur mom being cool?? Platinum Producer TOOBANGIN@GMAIL.COM
mitsubatweetbot in front of the lockers Woah... Ah-ha... What is this? That's so cool! surprise bitch im still dead (mitsuba from #jibakushounenhanakokun bot)
alianne3 Nunya, Bizness @Chicanatravels I am sorry you were so frightened, but that is so cool. What kind of snake? Proud Harris supporter. Lover of equality, equity, and prosperity for all. 🐝💛🐝💛🐝💛🐝💛🐝💛🐝💛🐝
batrickprogan Milford, CT @Michael_______M @Don_Franconelli @iHazzmatt @MitchLCavanaugh @scrowder @AOC What would it take to prove that somebody is racist? He wasn’t joking when he said “it’s cool for white people to be against people of color moving into their neighborhoods”. That kind of sounds like excusing racism. Musician, music lover, wrestling enthusiast, demsoc, he/him check out my band @Band_Adrenaline
chuloruiz2002 Arlington, TX @pierreperifel, The Bad Guys maybe be coming to DVD, Blu-Ray Disc, and 4K Ultra HD on June 21, 2022. But what if we made it into VHS, Betamax, & Laserdisc? Is it a cool retro idea? A man who is the fan of Movies, TV Shows, Videogames, Arcade Games, Music, Singers, Actors, Actress, Automobiles, and of course... Furries & Animation.
Ryanblackwolf Oklahoma, USA @kpu6600 @ReturnOfMrYeah @Cocobird2007 @GPCody60 @JeffreySHarper1 @VoteBlueWave22 @RothschildBrady @esullivan007 @josephsdatter @poloticalprof @RepSwalwell If you were paying attention the point I was making was that nothing that isn't gun control is considered or acceptable to you morons. His response? "ItS nOt pRoHibItIon ItS rEsTrIcTiOn." Cool What the fuck ever. It didn't address the point. So, nice deflection. Boomer Sooner! 2A Absolutist. Pro-Liberty. #BLM #ACAB #FreePalestine #FreeHaiti #EndSARS #EndAllTyranny Its Demon Time 25/8 here.
RyanSan2021 @griestho @GOPoversight Who is marketing to young people, surely not the violent video games that glorify killing and there is no way young people are influenced by music that makes killing and having guns cool, what about all those violent movies or YouTube that pushes kids to play killing games? Do the hard right over the easy wrong.
TheSystemKid Ohio @EdShields12 @atrupar This is the third time now I'm gonna ask. You're claiming it's a misunderstanding? Cool. Stop talking about me being hypersensitive or ranting...and elaborate. I speak nine languages. You should be able to clear it up. Pick a language even. What did you mean? Just explain it. Translate everything.
D412n @Marmalade402 @Julio_Rosas11 “Not cool”?!?! That’s laughable. They r exercising their constitutional rights of free speech and peaceful assembly. What’s “not cool” is forcing a child to carry a rapists baby. It’s also not cool 2 lie to congress to get an appt 2 the Supreme Court. Political junkie, tormented by the extremes. I C NOTHING recognizable 2 my right/with too little comfort 2 my left. My search for the “Middle Way” continues...

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