How would you feel if

How would you feel if the German government celebrated Hitlers birthdayThats what China is doing today -- except that Mao killed more people that Hitler didis cool with that Even though Twitter itself is banned in China

ezralevant Canada and the world How would you feel if the German government celebrated Hitler's birthday? That's what China is doing today -- except that Mao killed more people that Hitler did. @TwitterSafety is cool with that. Even though Twitter itself is banned in China. Journalist, publisher of Rebel News — telling the other side of the story. Awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for advancing freedom of expression.
USDA_ARS United States Did you know that ARS is also on YouTube? Explore our channel and watch videos about cool technologies, discoveries, scientist spotlights, and learn what we are doing to resolve agricultural issues. USDA’s principal in-house research agency committed to leading America toward a better future through ag research and information. #DiscoverARS and #ARSAgLab
AceTrainerLiam Derby, England This genuinely looks really cool, and is a great way to display some retro gear. Who cares if the 15 GameBoys are no longer playable? He owns them, so he can do what he likes with them. THE GARY2 SHAKER CUP IS AVAILABLE NOW 🚨 ⚡️ Use code ACE for 30% off @GFuelEnergy ⚡️ business@acetrainerliam.com 💖 @Tearastar 💍
JonathanWeissb3 @Tax_Dodge_Hodge @Moshepupik1 @SumzSaiyan @yes_we_cat @Buckeye_ricky @whywouldyou_uk @wurzel260654 @adam93452 @MrLeeArthur @IloveBush43 @johnebhome @MayaMurful @LollllllaJR @garybkatz @LAMStandley @cool_grandad @OliverKBrown @AnastasiaKLynch @N1sarAhmed @Relaxin60 @doobydoobydofu @gomiriam63 @michaelveris @BlueGreenberg @grantygordon @Roza_Shamina @eerdvark @MehrMiriam @OlivesStones @NKippur @amisraelchai41 @IILeahll @Elswood3 @Lawrenc04048984 @Glory2G_d @luketebbs @israelies_21 @Pen_Bird @BankerBun @nachal_giyus86 @a_zionist @Steven495 @AndyStill11 @SariadeG @Persian70509610 @for_americans @RZ123ZR_ @binogx @retiredjudean @wawadaneally No what I’m saying is you lie with impunity. That girl is Yemeni. How dare you use her picture. Have you no shame? Obvs not. A Herr Jezza supporter.
GIJoeRepairShop Wherever there's trouble New into the collection: The Arctic Rescue Vehicle! Is this cool, or what? #GIJoe #YoJoe #ARAH #80s #80sToys #ActionFigures #Collectibles #GIJoeCollector #GIJoePhotography #JoeNation #SnakeEyes #ToyPhotography #VintageToys Welcome to the GI Joe Repair Shop!
Magikeru_ 🇵🇭 Pearl of the Orient Seas. @StnTokoyami Other MHA fans: Tokoyami doesn't need his backstory, he is already cool and likeable as he is. Us Tokoyami stans: Do you even know what makes him want to become a hero in the first place? Magikeru (サーラ マイケル) | Lv. 25 | He/Him | EN/TL | Mostly MHA RTs | ⚠️ #MHASpoilers! ⚠️ | 🖤 S+ Fumikage Tokoyami Fan 🖤 | 👉 @dailybirdbros 👈 | ❌ Mutant Haters ❌
JamstarJupiter The Infinite Cosmos @Baz_the_only @BenGrandblade I honestly don't believe there's a tug of war. They just get together and ask "what would be cool?" Then come up with the bare basics. Potential is there. Imo, some quests/stories that have been good but the over arcing storylines have been so bad they've overshadowed them. Artist & obsessed #Godzilla fan! Currently playing: #FF14 #SWTOR #P99 #EQ2 #Pepsi
Neera95571220 Marietta, GA @RealCandaceO I usually support you but you don’t know what you’re talking about re:the vaccine. What u said to @MeghanMcCain is not cool. Have you ever struggled with your weight? Did you know that there are real health conditions that cause obesity? Your statement is judgemental & ignorant Conservative Christian, former Californian & Pharmacist in Research & development. Passion 4 healthcare & medicine. ❤️ my husband & Siamese cats, travel &ocean

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