I wish I was too

I wish I was too cool for This is Us but Im not Ill be sorry to see it end I didnt even yell oh grow up at Kevin tonight And Uncle Nicky Did he turn into a great character or what

BethMooreLPM Houston, TX I wish I was too cool for This is Us but I’m not. I’ll be sorry to see it end. I didn’t even yell oh grow up at Kevin tonight. And Uncle Nicky. Did he turn into a great character or what? I love Jesus. I love Scripture. I like people. I like diversity. My interactions and follows do not equal endorsements or reflections of doctrinal alignment.

DrJenGunter San Francisco, CA Body Stuff is back for season 2 and is already climbing up the @ApplePodcasts charts. What is a super taster? How are language and smell interrelated? It's such a cool episode. OB/GYN, appropriately confident, lasso of truth, Canadian Spice, I speak for no one but me. The Vagina Bible. Menopause Manifesto. Body Stuff. NYT contributor.

TitusNation Not to put too fine a point on it but the conservatives on the Supreme Court and the republicans, are pro rape and incest over the constitution. Cool. What planet is this? Comedian, fair & brutal, self-aware & oblivious, pragmatically delusional. Independent & codependent. Scream Sanity louder than they scream Insanity.

Mindgimmet @JuliDG BRO WHAT?! COME THE FUCK ON MAN I love the TVD universe. This is so stupid. (I haven't seen second half of s4) but first josie leaves, then they do cool stuff (tribrid etc) and now cancelled. THIS IS BULLSHIT 🇸🇪

DannyWalnert Lost in my thoughts Happy birthday, @MotionMarkus guess what? We share the same birthday this is freaking cool!, also enjoy the slice of cake Abstract Artist; Designer at @VANS , Love F1 and Movies, You can find me on Foundation, Currently working on something Amazing for WEB 3

eam14357429 I wonder what Jose is up to? He was the dishwasher at tequila Cowboy and we would hangout sometimes as I would often pick him up for work. He was cool af probably my favorite coworker there he just may or may not have a license or whatever. I love Jose tbh I should reach out !

JetSetChristy @nowthisnews Wow! This is amazing! My only question is what happens once they locate the patient & triage? Do they radio a heli or have they come up w/a jet board to fly them down the mountain yet?😉Very cool! Proud GenX’er / 𝕎𝕒𝕣𝕣𝕚𝕠𝕣 / Travel✈ / ᕼᑌᗰOᖇ / Realist / ᓰﬡᔕᗝᙢﬡᓰᗩᑕ / Dog-Obsessed🐾 / a little bitchy / ƓƖƦԼ ƤƠƜЄƦ👊🏼 / Scotch🥃 / Oxford Comma,

paqtasit Unceded Lekwungen Land @EEvanier @KLWN73 @DrJayDrNo Yeah cool he said those things, do you know what reactive aggressions are and how they happen? He was abused psychologically, it’s not surprising as an abuse victim he would say that. What we’re not gonna do here is act like men can’t be victims. Out of the two of them only one M’ikMa’q who grew up on six nations territory of wolastoqiyik.

_aurevior 🇨🇦🇵🇭 Not at TXT having a whole damn sched for a magazine like a cb schedule or something 🤣 what is going on?? But this is so cool 🤩 #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER (multi) svt txt got7 day6— stan with me (95L) #HOSHI #BEOMGYU #GOT7 #DOWOON other accnt: @_hoshingie_

BenDuBose Houston, TX @PauloAlvesNBA @Jake_W_23 .@MarkBermanFox26: "How cool is it to be able to show off the World Series trophy at Toyota Center?" "It's a dream. It's what we all dreamed of, as kids. To win one and have it, and show it off, it's definitely cool." I. Am. Deceased. Sports account for all things Houston, Mizzou, and Chelsea. Editor of USA Today's @TheRocketsWire. Analyst for @SportsTalk790. Human with opinions.

billhallsonora What’s the new album with the night shot of a basketball court? Great sounding. I can’t remember who it is. Cool cover… but my memory can’t zoom in on the text. Help. Tries to pay attention

DemiBoy_Agent4 The Splatlands @itz_Mavi wait what is this? is there a link or something? it seems pretty cool Hi! I'm Asher! He/They ⚦ I like playing Splatoon! (Splash-O-Matic Neo Main) PLEASE CHECK MY WEBSITE BEFORE FOLLOWING!!!

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