Ive written to Trump many

Ive written to Trump many times He never wrote back has written me 6 times What Is that unreal or what I love him Hes so cool

MarkSchultzy 9th circle of Dante's inferno I've written to Trump many times. He never wrote back. @AndrewYang has written me 6 times. What??!! Is that unreal or what. I love him. He's so cool. Olympic,2x World,7x Nat'l Champ.BJJ Black Belt.UFC 9 winner.Masters-Exercise Physiology.NYT best-selling Author. Producer. Actor. Played by Channing Tatum.
tarak9999 Hyderabad What is your favourite food that you'd like to pair with @iamappyfizz ? Let your friends on Twitter know and win cool stuff. Follow @iamappyfizz for more details #ArtofFizz Actor
jasonzweigwsj The Wall Street Journal “Hey Google, what’s my balance?” The tech giant is getting into the banking business. via @WSJ cool, so you can buy back your own health data from them with a debit card! Investing columnist for @WSJ. Editor, Benjamin Graham's *The Intelligent Investor.* Author, *Your Money and Your Brain* and *The Devil's Financial Dictionary.*
SizeJenna Los Angeles, CA Man. Must have been a pain to reanimate the Sonic movie from the ground up. I'm so glad the community is happy with it and giving the artists and animators the credit they deserve. What's that? They arent? Some fat geeks are even saying they prefer the old design? ....cool. Hey there, I'm Jenna (She/her) Giant Kaiju Queen of #SizeTwitter . Half Nerd, Half Kaiju, all badass. Approach with caution, I bite.
Crystalpeach_ The Underworld @DeSkereStudent That sounds pretty cool tbh, question is: what kind of tree would you want to be? I game, draw, eat and sleep ✌🏻
SOPELITES 032215 - 050617 WHAT IS NAMJOON'S BEAUTIFUL COUSIN'S IG????? IMMA LET HER KICK MY ASS BC SHES "THAT" COOL IN MY EYES he exudes intelligence and finesse, shines like its not the stars' business, chorltes like he isn't the cutest. he smiles, more than picturesque 💕 김나무
AdriannaPennino Philadelphia, PA @TuckerLiberal @CulinaryOasis79 @seanmdav @DonaldJTrumpJr Logically what is there is opinions. If you can't point out what else is there besides that, perhaps you've had a drink of cool aid? Always ready and willing to change my opinion based on new information.
kikikrazed @joachimtrier because you don’t always need to get that specific. the month is enough to orient you so it goes first and if you need more info you keep reading the date. what does having the day first tell you? oh cool it’s the 21st of what? waste of my fuckin time i like filmé but like, in a gay way (she/her) can also be found @YoungFilmOnline + [ ]

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