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Jeremy Faison Tennessee Rep He claimed last night that he lost his cool and wanted the referee to fight him When he clearly just tried to pants a referee at a basketball game because he was mad over the officiating What is happening

RexChapman Lexington/Phoenix Jeremy Faison. Tennessee Rep. He claimed last night that he “lost his cool” and wanted the referee to fight him. When he clearly just tried to “pants” a referee at a basketball game because he was mad over the officiating. What is happening!? I hold the microphone like a grudge

sciencewithtyus Dreaming of peace and justice This vibrant and vocal jaguar is saying “hey stay away this is my spot but also ladies where you at?” I know animals can’t talk but what’s cool is this video is a clear example of the incredible breath control and manipulation of the diaphragm to produce this very specific sound! Ecology PhD Student @UCBerkeley l Schell Lab l carnivores + scicomm l #ADHD, #SciQFriday Founder, Climber & Hiker l Venmo: Tyus-Williams he/his/him

shane_burley1 Do you work with a mutual aid group? Then do I ever want to talk to you! My DMs are open and you can email me at Shane.Burley2(a)gmail(.)com. I would love to interview you about all of your cool work, your group, and what this idea of mutual aid even is. Author, Fascism Today + Why We Fight (@akpressdistro) Bylines: @nbcnews, @ajenglish @thebafflermag @thedailybeast @haaretz RTs ≠ E @newsguild ייִדישקייט

Green4UKsuka Украина @Waddill_ @AdamAdamis11 @Pimp_CSGO So what its cool when 3 players not Ukrainian nationality, but it doesn't mean shit. Organization should be under the flag in which country is located on. Because if there will be shuffles, its mean flag should be changed every time or what?!? Разбираюсь в мемах и хайповой моде

BellyTopsForMen Ottawa, Ontario What is the Twitter theme on Thursdays? I want to be cool and fit in. Moms third favourite child. (I’m an only child). Runs with scissors and colours outside the lines. Proud geek. Proud Canadian. Half of the @popcultexp podcast.

ChampagneTeddi Stamford Bridge, 5th Stand 💙 Tesla'a have a Megaphone feature? What? How cool is that? My Bane voice impressions will be epic. Top Shotta Energy 🇯🇲 Success always on my mind. "Don't let her just drop her accountability, tell her to bring it too." UNLEARNING explaining myself. #CFC

NakCrypto06 What is the best way to find cool and interesting NFTs early?

LittleLiam117 In my hypno goggles :3 6250ml capacity? ✅ Same cut as PeekABU? ✅ 4 tape, adjustable and cloth?✅ This is what the cool kids call ‘positional printing’ which, frankly, is putting ABU ahead of the game. @ABUDiapers knows what’s up! Coming… SOON™️ to the West! Smol soft boi, ENGAGED!!!! hanging out, fillin pamps. 18+ only. He/Him/Goodboy, diapered 24/7, lewd showoff~ ✡ 🌈

Thunder_Venon Tilted TiiTs @LiavKor15 @flexecas @GeorgeCGed Dude Jett is literally a hype for tournament. General viewers love to see cool Jett stuff. What's more fun to watch a Reyna getting a kill and dismiss or a Jett literally dash 360 knives out headshot dash back? Sova also have 67% pickrate or something no one is complaining smh. Go Sleep

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