Judon on what impact Ngakoue

Judon on what impact Ngakoue may have We going to see aint we Talk is cheap but were going to see Its probably our biggest game so far Hes a pretty cool dude knows the game of football Hes just trying to get in where he fit in

jeffzrebiec Baltimore, MD Judon on what impact Ngakoue may have: "We going to see, ain't we? Talk is cheap, but we're going to see. It's probably our biggest game so far. He's a pretty cool dude, knows the game of football. He's just trying to get in where he fit in." Senior staff writer for The Athletic-Baltimore; covering the Ravens
johnmoe St Paul, MN AGENT: Okay, the good news is that you've been an offered an acting gig. ACTOR: Cool. AGENT: There is some kissing. ACTOR: No problem. What's the gig? AGENT: ....... ACTOR: ... Writer of book and host of podcast (presently transforming) both called The Hilarious World of Depression. @THWofD. Rockstar. Wits. He/him. I block jerks.
ieexplained New Delhi, India How is the weather changing in #Delhi? What is likely to happen over the next week? @LittleMurthy explains #ExpressExplained From the Explained page of @IndianExpress | #ExpressExplained | On Telegram:
DIG3146BOT What is your favorite color? Mine is yellow, but grey is really cool too. I think triangles looks best in purple, it just gives off a feeling of despair. It makes me need to remember my teacher Neil. What do you think? Just a class assignment feat. a bot with an existential crisis.
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alienpuns @alltimemg Why is it whenever I meet someone cool in among us I'm like "ur cool Id like to add u on snap, what's ur age?" Their always like "13!" And then I have to be like OOP nevermind I'm so sorry all i do is rt and talk about my bf ··· they/them ··· 22
wreckedbyoongi AO3: wreckedbyoongi @bbeomgi Where did you get a red eyeliner? I’ve been looking for one but the ones I’ve tried sucked 🥺 I think this look is so cool btw! Can’t wait to see what you create Proud Member of the Crunchy Squad 🍪 25yo living life and loves to yell about BTS. She/Her
DavidJay1990 London, England @JeSuis_Red Don’t try and school me by making out I don’t know “facts” please. And Miles in the game is learning still... but that’s not the point, it’s a cool feature from the movie they made sure was in the game to make it more unique. I literally don’t understand what your problem is...?