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Keep cool

ILykkelig Norge🇳🇴
Keep cool #MAYWARDxASAPLaroSaTaginit @maymayentrata07 @Barber_Edward_
haschenputtel Germany
@emmajmh_ subtweets sind nicht cool
Jwfergy1980 Scotland
@lemontwittor Just started watching this series. Is cool runnings a possibility??
@IndianBlanco You think you're so cool lmao go back to sucking Zidanes ass, you can never admit when you're wrong
@MattSchafer1974 @LoneJobber Jobber's "Work Dilemma," is what I care about. :) He flat out got someone telling him…
zhaun davao city, philippines
@jviince Hahaha he’s cool though. Funny and conyo.
watched 2 cool last night and still thinking about it up to this hour today because 1. e/than s/alvador killed me 2. what a movie
RealIvelisse Tampa, FL (From Puerto Rico)
I successfully advanced in the BCW Womens Championshil tournament, I was reunited with a good friend (Danielle) aft…
papa250254 Austria
@cool_mind359 @Rowaida_Abdel is sisi eligiable to play for Egypt, i thought more Israel considering that his mother…
baxters Adelaide, South Australia
@tbzr0 Last time I was in Greece the water was a little cool.
plantwtch xix || she/they || Belgium
yeah you're so cool liking photos on fb from 6yrs ago to show everyone how embarrassing we were back then because e…
zapple_aki Tianjin
😍cool @peakpeemapol #peakpeemapol #boompeak #MIRtripinKorea
MiggyMackAttack Johannesburg
@scottEweinberg Maybe they don't hold up at all... But Eye For An Eye was cool. The first 2 Delta Force movies and…
@chloeriddell123 Lol. Yeah. It'd be cool if you were here too but you can't go to the bars with us yet.
What's your opinion about people pretending to have a mental illness just because they think it's cool? — Live and…
AtomicSynthesis Swansea
@XboxOneReece Cool what you got in mind
sligo79 Knockemstiff
@j42070 I´m not a big fan of it when I´m alone tbh. Our Fauna was super cool with it but Otto the lil sissy dies ev…
sayitssarahhh8 the midwest
Everyday me? She cool! Drunk me? She wylin! Post-drunk sobering up me? MY DARKEST THOUGHTS ARE GOING TO EAT ME ALIVE OH MY GOD HELP ME
EponineZero Nohr
"What a cool equipment ! More sneaky to spy everyone..." Nina wore a sneaky grin. #FERP #RP #LewdRP #SFW
🧒🏿Tell You tha truth nobody really cares. I give two choices 1. be cool happy 2. be mad now being mad often leads t…
dianelrf France
@JoanaHanna nesta - i'm not cool
thaliaanid San Antonio, TX
Just wanna say that I got to talk with everyone from @DGDtheband today, and I don’t understand why people assert th…

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