Mirror mirroris deployed has taken

Mirror mirroris deployed has taken on its final form For the next 6 months the space telescope will cool down calibrate its instruments and prepare to What cosmic mysteries will it unveil Stay tuned

NASA Pale Blue Dot Mirror, mirror…is deployed. @NASAWebb has taken on its final form. For the next ~6 months, the space telescope will cool down, calibrate its instruments, and prepare to #UnfoldTheUniverse. What cosmic mysteries will it unveil? Stay tuned: There's space for everybody. ✨
Peter_Fitz Sydney Because it is not fair to kids to advertise in that manner that makes them think from the age of dot that gambling is cool, that you rarely lose, that it is what sport is about. It is none of the above. But whole lives and families are ruined because of it. Any more questions? Chair of Australian Republic Movement. Join us! Author, 30 books. New book, Sir Hubert Wilkins, is out now. Order your copy now
RexChapman Lexington/Phoenix Jeremy Faison. Tennessee Rep. He claimed last night that he “lost his cool” and wanted the referee to fight him. When he clearly just tried to “pants” a referee at a basketball game because he was mad over the officiating. What is happening!? I hold the microphone like a grudge
jaimebarclay Rochester NY Google photos does this thing that is cool and very very scary sometimes. This morning Dan sent me 15 photos Google highlighted for him (evidently of us). Exhibit A: scary. WHAT IS MY FACE DOING? Google this isn’t helping… 1/2 I am the possibility of grace & kindness | Personal account | Beer & Education | ROC ✈️ NYC 🏠 ROC | #620sqftofawesome #RelocateresettleRoc #FirstGenClub
Michele27Rivera Boston, MA What the CDC director said--not cool. I've been living w/ a disability since I was 22 but diagnosed after 9 years of testing when I was 31...so, that means my life is more disposable? Um, no. #MyDisabledLifeIsWorthy 🌈Author of #lesbian & #wlw #romance/ poet/#cat mom/music lover/#bourbon drinker/#disabled/#lesfic enthusiast 👭Find my books here
suchme11 London, England @MookieNFT WOW MookieNFT THATTTT IS SWEEET! Check out also @wallstbullsNFT SWEEET BULLSSS ARE REAL LIT! We got lots of cool stuff; Get 3 bulls and get 1 free intern bull for free The most hyped community hyped by @suchme11 Bulls-Option Market what are u waiting for?? check the market Persian hype god(no rug)/Filmmaker/Director/professional storyteller/trader/Living that NFT life/@wallstbullsNFT🚀🦍/@leapnverse /@the_opendao Genesis multisig
makwellchill At the adoption center @PiggySoda This is so cool what program you use to make this? i AtE yO U r Ho M Wo rK I di oT A 1920s-50s lover i draw whatever i want a roblox gamer
_p_t_g_22 @JB17191966 Supposing this is coming from Baker’s people, what’s in it for them to cool things down now? I would think the sooner he’s dealt the better, no? “Get in where you fit in”...*My opinions are my own(and you probably won’t like them).
BaconbotU Timeling Cafe @SirRovers What is this tho? Looks cool Pfp by someone Just a boy who loves Roblox Platformers wayy more than what's normal. I'm a complete sucker for AF/PR, Stars Align, and Roblox Animation. (YT)
AllenDoesWDW Walt Disney World For those of you that were able to visit Disney World as a kid, what is one of your fondest memories? Mine was eating at the Garden Grill at EPCOT and meeting all the characters and having them sign my autograph book! At the time It was SUPER cool that the restaurant spun. 29•Fun guy•Disney World enthusiast•newly acquired taste of rollercoasters

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