NCT Home Exhibition interview Q

NCT Home Exhibition interview Q what s your wish at this moment Y I want to eat something delicious with the members Q what is Xiaojun to you Y Xiaojun is so cool amp cute He s that kind of younger brother for me

SQUADNYT Tutorials, Promotions, Project NCT Home Exhibition #YUTA #유타 #ユウタ interview Q) what's your wish at this moment? Y: I want to eat something delicious with the members. Q)what is Xiaojun to you? Y: Xiaojun is so cool & cute. He's that kind of younger brother for me. TEAM #YUTA 🦋 To support, promote, dedicated for NCT Yuta 🌸 Trending, Achievements, Articles, archive, updates, schedules🌸

AuthorKimberley Washington, DC I don't normally share this vile person's position on anything, but we all need to understand what's a stake. Are you cool with this, Independent voters? Because the GOP is cool with it. Host of the #StartMeUp podcast. Author/Podcaster. Books: The Virgin Diaries\Peyton's Choice. Sexy Liberal Podcast Network. Social Media Director: @mswmediapods

forvalentineboy Q. if i have a wish at this moment 🍑: as usual, it’s czennies’ health and happiness Q. what is sungchan to you? 🍑: sungchan is a very cool friend Q. when it’s windy, you have to ___? 🍑: you have to fly a kite always supporting #재현 #ジェヒョン #NCT127 | fan acc

creatinglightly Home 🏡 @dailydiecastsg Haven't seen that before, but just googled "HKS livery" and saw these kind. Looks cool! Is it what you were referring to? Otherwise, feel free to share your own pic 😁 Cars, art, photography and computer science lover from Argentina 🇦🇷 in 🇳🇱. Software engineer. DM for requests and permission. Est. 2018-04-15. He/him.

NielsAnderzen Copenhagen, Denmark @BluenoseDanny What!? Daft? 😁No doubt ED209 is the cooler one, but the Cain one is cool too, I think. Film, comics, books, music, food & drinks, politics. Collector & curator. Both pragmatic observer & intensely opinionated; capable of thinking in more than 1D.

RockyRaigeki Lemme give ya some hints about tonight's game. 1. It's about a Salaryman (fitting right?) 2. It has great 2D pixel art 3. It has a pretty cool story I heard Know what it is? ⚡️your favorite kami⚡️ |Join my Discord! twitch: | youtube: |

OrangeTrees39 39th Entrenchment, BC, Canada @CuteRoboBird [aye] [:] Header: 8/10 looks pretty cool [:] Pfp: 9/10 it's pretty good [:] Username: 9/10 Robug is a pretty cool name [:] What I like about your account: the every so often art post I see [:] Should you post this too? Yeh Scout, Bonzai, or Raven's the name I post random game clips and photos on occasion I'm a shovel user CEO of Aviator gang A Canadian CEO of Mangler

NFIyricbot work in progress The point I'm makin' is the mind is a powerful place And what you feed it can affect you in a powerful way It's pretty cool, right? Yeah, but it's not always safe Just hang with me, this'll only take a moment, okay? not affiliated with NF

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pblerks why can i not just be who i am? every move i make is calculated. i’m constantly worried if what i like is the right thing to like, the cool thing. what makes me desirable to the people i desire? i have to be that. are any of us that? are they that?

smoke_ey @TheNBACentral Why are copper skinned folks constantly policed n getting told what’s acceptable n what’s not. Everything we do some pale skinned humanoid has a opinion on it. it’s cool when everybody else do the same shit bit us? nah that’s where the line is drawn! Wtf is that? 〽️e〽️phis made ⭕️hi⭕️ raised, I adopted baby chimp🙃.

silentsantaNZ @lesbiaudrey what model is it? sometimes, software that governs the laptop fans based on temperature sensors gets out-of-whack, and of course sometimes temperature sensors themselves are flawed leaving the fan software to think that the laptop is cool when it isn't. probably moving to @silentsantanz(at)mastodon(dot)nz because birdapp headed groundward at 500 miles/hr