Not cool to be asking

Not cool to be asking for the right of women to have our own spaces That would be bigotry What is not cool is not having those spaces check your male privilege please

Martina @bgilman66 @triggerpod @andrewdoyle_com @francisjfoster @KonstantinKisin Not cool to be asking for the right of women to have our own spaces? That would be bigotry? What is not cool is not having those spaces… check your male privilege, please. Married with a great family :),used to play tennis,now just talk about it. Time to speak out is now, telling me to stick to tennis=BLOCK #BLM
thevivafrei Florida, USA What’s @GavinNewsom’s solution when you are forced to set your thermostat to 78°? Easy… Go out for dinner! I hear French Laundry is very cool. 😂 I don’t consider myself to be “right-wing”. But I take it as a compliment when people accuse me of being “right-wing”. YouTube:
NWSBayArea San Francisco, CA You know what's cool? The NWS Bay Area Night Shifters. You know what else is cool? Onshore flow bringing temperatures back to average this weekend. Quite the change of pace for Saturday! #CAwx Official Twitter account for the National Weather Service San Francisco Bay Area. Details:
RobotMaximus @CybrE6t Damn that’s cool what game is that? A inspiring Graphic designer and casual Artist. Big fan of Transformers,Gundam,Destiny,and Halo. Always trying to look on the bright side of life.
Pdx_Xray Portland, OR @GoddexxXxRoxane Yes please but I can't help wonder what it's like to be you, helping create so many sissies. What it is that makes you do it? I wonder how many loads swallowed or taken in the ass are attributable to you? Cool! Part sissy chaser, part sissy. Used to be 90% the former, now feeling 60% the later... oh, and if you're reading this, chances are my cock/clit is leaking cum
UpandAdamHourly ic: grisifuu What’s wrong with that? All I do is listen. (He rejoined, and as he spoke he pulled a knife out from behind his back. He smiled. His friendly eyes reflected on the blade’s cool surface.) Quotes / Stream Videos / Song Lyrics for Up and Adam from Camp Here and There approximately every half hour! Comments are off (for now
CRyptoP67219005 @AAXExchange bud, that's a rly cool post! Btw, what do u think of @patronagedao? #patronagedao Is it as legitable as the reviews tell? It sounds too great to be true… Beyond the horizon lies a new era 🌄✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ $ETH $LINK $DAG $MPH $KTON $ORN $RSR $OCTO $LTX $eRSDL $UTK $ROOM $SUPER $GNY $KYL $DRC $DOWS $DMT
straylize she/her | in the dmcl pit mshez really be like "fshez and i are BASICALLY the same so why would working together be weird??? it's cool??" while hilda is like "literally what the fuck is wrong with you" and i love that for them 30+;🔞. NOT SPOILER-FREE. writer. co-founder+editor of @LuminaTales. fire emblem, tales of, kiseki. playing: soul hackers 2; mgs peacewalker
balov_bohdan Ukraine What is Monad? Cool designed article. #useful_it_links #monad #programming #FrontEnd Русский военный корабль, иди нахуй! | Perception is reality.
Despicable_Them NIGERIA @Iroro_M @solomonapenja @I_Am_Ilemona Traffic offense CAN lead to man slaughter is what I’m saying, so if u are caught once, fine is cool. But a second time for same offense that can cost another person his/her life? I think we should agree that that should lead to prison time. We move. Proud ATHEIST || Hater of Chemistry || Son of Barcelona || Olamide's Stan ❤️
TrefoilArabella White Plains NY United States @CarlBovisNature Good morning, Carl. How is the weather where you are? We (metro NY) had a lovely cool night, perfect for leaving the window open. Could hear birds but not sure what they were! Catherine Crean in real life. Naturalist, knitter, quilter, constant reader, good friend, make great cookies. Democrat. Resist!
H_Woodies Destination Unknown @mrsveenosen That's what they say is the new cool. I've seen countless comments on this street saying the same and I'm in shock what people are becoming. Wouldn't it feel awkward that two humans are seated in an enclosed space and would talk to each other? OBI-dient 🙌🙌 Wizkid FC✌ Barcelona ❤ || Pisces ♓ Sport Lover ❤ || Virtual Assistant.
SylintJ @chrishemsworth What was your deciding factor when allowing Disney to sexualize you in a film obviously intended for children? Was it the money? Or is that your thing? Like yeah, cool cool. Np. Game Daddy
lesbfication 17, they/them @bubblestan06 OMG WHAT IS THIS??? ITS SO COOL AND IM THERE i engage in a bit of tomfoolery sometimes! | priv: @mikaiprivate
itsumosad @CaseeBlaine yeah def his fault it limited the scope of what could be done within fights even tho the most technical ones were the best. glad boruto is gonna have that edge bc swords are always cool but i have 0 expectations. rmr how sasuke sliced off kawakis tech arm? did nothing really ☠️ so you’re complaining about me complaining?
frozengushers 【=◈︿◈=】 @pigeonstan17 whoa!!! this looks really cool what is this site?? horny for halloween ⭐
KittySnac Lavender Town @luna_hkte @Thordansmash It's boring and plain af. I hate it for her and people are hyping it waaaaaay too much for what it is. There's literally nothing to it? It looks so unfinished lol. The actual fan concept isn't the issue, that's cool. It's the complete lack of any effort put into the design of it. Pets, Plants & Rock n Roll... 🎮 Dead by Daylight, Apex, Halo, Nintendo. ✨️ PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch.
MEDlCATING 'it's cool bro, i was having an episode.' 'episode of what?' 'bpd' 'is that spongebob?' 'no it's a mental illness' ᅠ⠀ ᅠ⠀ ᅠ⠀ ᅠ⠀ ᅠᅠcigarette daydream, you were only 17
JoshiGargiGoyal Bharat .. we think is wrong. However, u insulting my choices, mocking the path and guru I have chosen for myself, presuming it won’t work or that it is wrong (which is why you need to tolerate me) is quite frankly not cool! And That, I will NOT tolerate! What does #secular mean? (3/3) Actuary | Bharatiya | #Mother | #Decolonization | Proud Bharat is Prosperous #Bharat!

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