People don't understand how important school is, and how far it can get uPeople don't understand how important school is, and how far it can get u

corak_traplord (at uk on Fri Jan 09 00:07:26 2015) People don't understand how important school is, and how far it can get u
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saurabh (at India on Fri Jan 09 00:04:35 2015) @baavri damn! Says a lot about my stereotyping abilities of Indian women in US of A. How far is it from the real picture?
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lauren_ritenour (at on Fri Jan 09 00:02:40 2015) seriously need to stop listening to country music because all it does is remind me of summer and how far away it is

Abisitz54 (at ☆815☆ on Fri Jan 09 00:01:52 2015) -22 at 7 am, salts defective bc how cold it is and blowing snow but no ones canceled school yet, worst day by far is tomorrow.. So dumb. ✋
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OhExpertz (at ●●●Detroit, MI●●● on Thu Jan 08 23:59:32 2015) @OGZxFTW @icYGlitcheS ogz Is life that's how far it can go lmao
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BLarsenAFC1886 (at Gillespie Road, Boston on Thu Jan 08 23:59:24 2015) @mackenzzz Painful to think about how far away it is & what may happen in that time.
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blow_this (at Southside of atl on Thu Jan 08 23:57:18 2015) @ohmyg0ddess got Damn lol how far is it now?
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dannyaax (at Texas on Thu Jan 08 23:57:06 2015) @Qteepie_____ but how... Their chairs have a back to it. And his hand is too far back..
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Millie_Louise98 (at Leicester on Thu Jan 08 23:52:38 2015) It's grim how far away my birthday is
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NManglallan (at on Thu Jan 08 23:50:50 2015) @mxrixl @itsadriannne cmon it'll be fun. I even asked her and she wouldn't mind depending how far it is for her just saying 🙋
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moretzinhas (at demi selena chloe t5w on Thu Jan 08 23:50:21 2015) @oncelifestime we are a secret, can't be exposed that's how it is, that's how it goes far from the others, close to each other
now i'm asking myself, if you wasn't here when she needed prayers for her mom, why are you here now that she has awards and great movies?

JoeMeloni (at Boston on Thu Jan 08 23:49:44 2015) @jovenitti @collegehockey yeah. it's great. see how far your hotel is from the green line lechmere station. longer walk but direct to garden
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_wuerling (at 加州//カリフォルニア on Thu Jan 08 23:49:27 2015) @jaaaape Oh, neat. How far is it from the venue?
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phoenixjay_ (at E.T on Thu Jan 08 23:49:19 2015) Home remedies:How far should you go?
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cals_sound (at Kilwinning on Thu Jan 08 23:48:16 2015) really wanty spit when the wind is blowing and see how far it goes😂
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amrsaleh88 (at on Thu Jan 08 23:47:37 2015) @Legible_M california. I cant vouch for google translate. Being fluent in arabic I find it far from accurate. How reliable is your arabic?
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TheReaLDeX (at UPTOWN NYC on Thu Jan 08 23:44:38 2015) Turning your weaknesses into strength is difficult but when U look back at how far you've come It's overwhelming!
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Evandrahhh (at Jonell W. Roberts ❤️ on Thu Jan 08 23:44:21 2015) My Sweet is in 66 days.. That ain't too far away & none of my court got their stuff smfh. Love how it ain't being taken seriously at all!!
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Donmustylz (at my kingdom on Thu Jan 08 23:40:52 2015) Little do men perceive what solitude is, and how far it extendeth.
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anoop_sidhu (at on Thu Jan 08 23:40:38 2015) @alicia_renee_ how is it so far? I haven't started 😞

MandaaKushh (at on Thu Jan 08 23:39:33 2015) “@Rob_TheDude: @MandaaKushh too far” wow i see how it is😿
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melissaduncan29 (at on Thu Jan 08 23:37:14 2015) Tooooo far how cold it is!, electric blanket on and still I'm freezing😰😰
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KdsG6gt (at on Thu Jan 08 23:36:58 2015) @originalsteel what hotel are you at. How far is it from the rink? Lots of bars/restaurants close?

how far is it
fckinbonvoyage (at on Thu Jan 08 23:31:28 2015) Talk to the Dead is actually very good so far, but that might be influenced by how everyone in it is so pretty.

how far is it
dannyroberts28 (at on Thu Jan 08 23:29:00 2015) @Mo_McFadden maybe a bit far but personally don't think he did it, how can one get found guilty and one not, the whole thing is a bit weird

DaltonBarnes (at on Thu Jan 08 23:27:19 2015) @RPickert25 how is it workin for ya so far 💁
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TADiLascio (at Atlanta, GA on Thu Jan 08 23:24:40 2015) It really is hard to overstate exactly how far off the rails our nation's most populous state has really gone. It's too bad. #California #CA
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AshOnWhy (at on Thu Jan 08 23:24:34 2015) As a side point, I do wonder how far this kind of climate in Russia is going to go and just how deadly is it going to be.
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bert1873 (at lanarkshire on Thu Jan 08 23:23:55 2015) #bbcqt @JuliaHB1 By far and away the best panelist for a long time. Tells it how it is!!! No bullshit.
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BoredomLTD (at Texas on Thu Jan 08 23:23:53 2015) #duolingo seems okay so far, it's hard to tell how effective edutainment is though
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kixesann (at Philippines on Thu Jan 08 23:18:51 2015) @ErikaMarieDorad hey! How is it going so far? Kwento 😘 I hope all is well. Love u ❤️
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dreamersteve_99 (at Massachusetts on Thu Jan 08 23:18:23 2015) how far is it from here to you distance is the cruel stranger between me and you no love can undo #museinlove #micropoetry
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ashmarie_21 (at Ramona on Thu Jan 08 23:17:30 2015) @jlkirby1993 Yikes. I know I would want to see. How far is it from you?
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CakeLikeBieber (at on Thu Jan 08 23:17:12 2015) Look at how far away my car is and it's so cold im dying
May your neighbours respect you , trouble neglect you, angels protect you and heaven accept you :) x

Caylimadison (at Yorktown ,Texas on Thu Jan 08 23:17:10 2015) @arianalara15 how far is it from San Antonio
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UrbanNinja13 (at on Thu Jan 08 23:12:13 2015) How far will you go for success? Do you want it bad enough? What is your motivation? #selfimprovement…
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RenaudClaire (at Manchester on Thu Jan 08 23:08:32 2015) @RobertDVarley and when you don't how this could've been prevented. The far right is on it already, so I don't need other moronic comments
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JamiePetagine (at Instagram - jamiepetagine on Thu Jan 08 23:06:16 2015) I've got a headache at how confusing this game is, it's so clever how I'm so far into it yet I'm unaware about what's going on
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ryanpeters03 (at k on Thu Jan 08 23:05:16 2015) @jessicaphipps_ how far up in the junior lot do you park? Because there is one camera that points and sees all the way to the top of it