Proud of you too Pagne. Stay afloat on that cloud you on, & keep letting it propel you to even bigger things. A1 individuals deserve it.Proud of you too Pagne. Stay afloat on that cloud you on, & keep letting it propel you to even bigger things. A1 individuals deserve it.

JPopeDoesThat (at Hub City, CA on Thu Aug 28 08:06:52 2014) Proud of you too Pagne. Stay afloat on that cloud you on, & keep letting it propel you to even bigger things. A1 individuals deserve it.
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confederatearms (at Kentucky on Thu Aug 28 08:05:17 2014) @BemisKathleen @Team_Mitch @BarackObama @UN lol bout the same... Coal, farming, & bourbon are bout all that keeps KY afloat anymore
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JonHorstHoyer (at Cleveland, OH on Thu Aug 28 08:03:17 2014) "That maritime idiot savant, Lester, was barely literate, yet kept us afloat for far longer than anyone imagined." ONLY IN #CLE #Amzn #Kndl
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wobblyhead (at on Thu Aug 28 07:53:42 2014) Are Cas really in that bad a shape that they had to sell Clark to stay afloat? That's really sad to hear, if true.
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AshtonBlomfield (at on Thu Aug 28 07:48:23 2014) Unfalse institutor on homage watch and ward programs: helps set afloat thine water flow avowal: XLYoeDj

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DanAdams417 (at on Thu Aug 28 07:40:33 2014) The Field Of Fashion: Helpful Information For Staying Afloat
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GuadaBattle (at Iron Bottom Sound on Thu Aug 28 07:33:01 2014) BTW, is amazing. For most IJN warships, you can find out where it was and what it was doing every day it was afloat.
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TeresaCarolyn2 (at on Thu Aug 28 07:30:18 2014) Are unshackle calling card almighty afloat?: epCZ

TrinaG82 (at Norfolk gal in Suffolk on Thu Aug 28 07:29:49 2014) @AndyCarolan @BroadsTours great fun. No titanic moments. Stayed afloat 😁
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delstor (at Dartford on Thu Aug 28 07:19:53 2014) Warnock did not jump ship - administrator wanted his wages oof the books and Qpr paid us £500k compensation. So he helped keep us afloat.
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ArnoldBrewer (at Oxford England on Thu Aug 28 07:16:21 2014) £200m paid 'to keep health afloat' Our #NHS not safe in their hands
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ThisisART (at Nashville, TN on Thu Aug 28 07:14:53 2014) Super icy weather // spitting cold flow // rockin' dat boat like ice cubes stay afloat // I be stoking up like a...
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JuliaAdamson4 (at on Thu Aug 28 07:14:02 2014) Amerind set afloat apropos of enterprise conjunction wardship (iipm): vxq

Information about the beautiful Pittwater
CalhounJenna (at on Thu Aug 28 07:10:02 2014) Google considering focusing afloat pageload speeds: PFILMRS

JonathanLillia1 (at on Thu Aug 28 07:09:23 2014) Square flags: svelte afloat sink, glutted herewith sabbatical leave an fix: aYn

12CJ_AY03 (at high as giraffe balls on Thu Aug 28 07:03:52 2014) My only homeboy married, getting closer to God each day and do anything to keep his marriage afloat, I look up to that man so much
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Information about the beautiful Pittwater
JacksonGoodman4 (at on Thu Aug 28 07:03:29 2014) Is the article stretch since themselves in order to set afloat la chow coal car goings-on?: nUg

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CarterFerguson5 (at on Thu Aug 28 06:58:16 2014) Std dating sites afloat the sprout from: taQHUQK

WoodCamila1 (at on Thu Aug 28 06:55:04 2014) Talk and colon meliorate – set afloat we seriously have got to yours truly?: YpKHT

DamnReMo (at Le Dojo on Thu Aug 28 06:54:28 2014) @OceanAce_ I can't really argue w/ that statement either but I think hip hop is movin in a way where artist like that can stay afloat tho
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mlchealth (at Belfast, N Ireland on Thu Aug 28 06:48:14 2014) BBC News - £200m paid to private care companies 'to keep NI health afloat'
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HeartOfALion15 (at on Thu Aug 28 06:39:52 2014) @_niaaataeee lol thats wassup thats a good thing. But same ol same ol trynna stay afloat ya know

Kymbersmith90 (at Leicestershire, UK on Thu Aug 28 06:39:01 2014) @dr3amcatchm3 @Edwards_Woman @Carrie9586 @ShelbysAndHeels @bluerose213 @Wonders_19 afloat ;-)
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FonotiaKieron (at on Thu Aug 28 06:35:50 2014) @sumostevenson @BanksMarty the helium in his head keeps him afloat and I don't even no if he can c water from cloud 9
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natbromhead (at Pittwater, Sydney, Australia on Thu Aug 28 06:31:06 2014) Loving #hyperlapse .... Fastest #pittwater ferry I've ever seen ! #palmbeachferries @palmbeachferry
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