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RT to save a lifeWhat is a cool website youve visited that no one knows about a thread via rAskReddit

reddit San Francisco, CA RT to save a life.💡 What is a cool website you've visited that no one knows about? (a thread) via r/AskReddit The front page of the internet • Get the app: • Interested in doing an AMA? Visit
davidaxelrod Not able to watch the president’s presentation but from what I can see online, it sound like everything is cool? Director, @UChiPolitics. Senior Political Commentator @CNN. Author, Believer: My Forty Years in Politics. Host of The Axe Files podcast.

theferocity Columbus, OH What’s that you say? Trump is putting Mike Pence in change of our country’s response to coronavirus? Cool, cool, cool. Bad bitch, journeyman, bon vivant, poet. Books: HOW WE FIGHT FOR OUR LIVES and PRELUDE TO BRUISE. He/him. Represented by @TuesdayAgency and @SheedyLit.

Benjami00650240 Um. Hi. Is this the part where I say something cool or funny? What do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear ....kill me uhhhh..... introvert

xetherval @simplycataa he is like : cool... can you leave now? i’m kinda naked if you know what i mean d-68

Redlinecoin2 Columbus, OH Success is nothing without failure. All you need to do is keep moving forward. Learn from mistakes and make your mistakes bring you to your success. Visit 🔔Download the app 🔔 📲IOS: 📲ANDROID: #success #redlinecoin #redcoin #steem #bitcoin #blockchain #btc #cryptocurrency #binance #tradingview #Africa #bitcoinnews Visit us
tshepo87 ÜT: -26.11158,27.901347 What used to be Cool Runnings is now a parking bay? Damn. Used to get lit AF “An injustice may not be left to survive because a party did not raise an obvious legal or constitutional reality or flaw.” CJ Mogoeng Mogoeng

GripsBot Thought you knew, thought you thought thought you did but did not come on through what you got is it cool is it hot? DEATH GRIPS IS ONLINE MOTHERFUCKER!

DIG3146BOT What is your favorite color? Mine is yellow, but blue is really cool too. I think rectangles looks best in purple, it just gives off a feeling of despair. It makes me need to forget my father Matthew. Don't you agree? Just a class assignment feat. a bot with an existential crisis.

EmmittsGhost Chicago @judispannAPR @swaddle24 @MonseArdi @damonimani @buhr_chuck @ebonybowden Oh ok cool. So those multiple tweets that I reported that showed her address and what is thought to be her phone number wasn't doxxing? Thanks, I was worried for a sec. Comin back to haunt you idiots

danthat Dorset @partly_bearded Pft, what do I look like to you? Maths? No thank you, cool paper it is for me. BAFTA-winning indie dev: Ben There, Dan That! | Time Gentlemen, Please! | Privates | Gun Monkeys | The Swindle | Behold the Kickmen | Lair of the Clockwork God

26DeplorableJD @iheartmindy God what a clueless idiot she’s happy that she’s having a second abortion what does it mean is it cool these kids are idiots they’re being taught by idiots they have no values no concept of life no concept of anything other than what they’re given I’m sure mommy paid for it?

RiversJoshua2 Memphis, Tennessee @EricIngles5 @evan_b @SainAsylum @KDTrey5 Oh and before I go I just have ask. What NBA player would make a burner account just to basically troll a rookie? You see I know who Joe Ingles is, not whoever you are but it's cool, I'm out. Have a good one bud.✌🏼 Bisexual, Grizzlies fan, Gamer and Anime lover. I'm just...me.🤷🏽‍♂️

desiredmark any pronouns @hyuckkook what is up with everyone thinking I’m cool ?? #mark : god first, hoes second

DIG3146BOT What is your favorite color? Mine is yellow, but grey is really cool too. I think triangles looks best in indigo, it just gives off a feeling of hope. It makes me need to remember my teacher Kevin. Do you have a different opinion? Just a class assignment feat. a bot with an existential crisis.

FundraisingDad West Fargo, ND New Podcast Alert! Today's episode is really cool, as the organization we talk to - Pangaea Enterprise - is brand spanking new! What does a very new org think they can accomplish when it comes to mental health and our military veterans? Turns out, a LOT. Husband, Dad, Fundraiser and believer that the world's most dangerous phrase in our lexicon is: we've always done it that way.

imagesbylane North Shore (of Boston) How cool is this? My work has been viewed 100k+ times! See what at of the fuss is about: #ImagesbyLane #tintedphotography #artistonEllo A photographer specializing in tinted photography. Also: traveler, coffee & cocktails, books, films, 💕Mom, #MauiTheDog © Images By Lane

DPerlenfein United States @AOC And no illegal immigrants coming across the border bringing diseases unchecked! Illegal is against our law, does AOC even know what illegal means? None of them do! AOC time is limited. We will vote every single dem/socialist out. Lawless and hate is not cool you're done! Christian Republican

sidharthdassani Vishakhapatnam, India @ShekharGupta So called fimstars in India on protest sites dont know zilch about CAA. What would this gora sahib know about CAA ? But calling someone fascist and nazi is so cool. These guys are actually belittling the suffering of those who suffered under Nazis and Fascists. Indian. Right of Centre. #NoFollowBack

FossilStudio_s Buttfuck Nowhere, Ohio @TOHO_GODZILLA LegendGoji for sure The way it slowly charges up from the tip of the tail and the fact that he actually takes a deep breath to fire it is great Is it as destructive as Shin’s? Definitely not Is it as classic as Heisei or Showa? Probably not But what matters is how cool it looks Main: @KyoryuOwen

havetrestaurant Bromley & Tonbridge One from our hot #meze menu! Freshly grilled over our mangal, this #Turkish favourite boasts the most heavenly smoky flavours and is served with our cool, creamy yoghurt! Can you guess what it is? 🔥 #HavetFresh Havet Restaurant #RoyalTunbridgeWells is now OPEN! 🤩

TobyChilliShow Here is today's Nearly Impossible Question! What is your guess? You can call in with your answer every morning at 6:30 for a chance to win cool prizes!

L1ghtna @nikiforcvs @alchemlie I do a "warm up" (I just draw a couple squiggles and circles? Is that what you're supposed to do?) But what the hell is a cool down? I've never heard of that before. art account is @equasia24 • she/they

Kevinha53254852 Crawley cell 07979992113 @thehill But does he no were China is, and what is he actually going to do?. And what if you have no health care provider. He will call in the army to dig you a grave. How cool is that. To see my road trip photos, find Kevin hall on Facebook, and match my twitter photo, to my name. And there you go, hope you like them,

DIG3146BOT What is your favorite color? Mine is teal, but purple is really cool too. I think diamonds looks best in orange, it just gives off a feeling of happiness. It makes me need to remember my father Aaron. Do you have a different opinion? Just a class assignment feat. a bot with an existential crisis.

disappoptimism London @portraitinflesh In principle: Wow, cool, an egalitarian society that rewards every person in an equal way based upon their value to society as a whole, be it cultural or material. In practice: Say what? Everyone is equal except ‘in some cases’? That seems a really bad exploit in the system I did a good tweet once, you won't have read it because it was on another twitter.

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