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AngelaN43904259 (at on Sun Dec 21 18:06:51 2014) Set afloat suspiciously lake faubourg minute reddition by all means bartizan: zvCdt

saskiey (at on Sun Dec 21 18:03:54 2014) Santi singlehandedly led us today. Szczesny kept us afloat but terrible defending cost us points. Substitutes didn't work.
two things she loves: Arsenal FC & 2NE1. the rest is dessert.

Omen100 (at UK on Sun Dec 21 17:57:07 2014) @demindblower @prcfry @seeker21 @55krissi55 In #taxhavens? In #USA to keep them afloat!! #Bankers
Campaigning for a strong anti-corruption Law(+transparency)& its effective implementation. Lies by Politicians damages Democracy. Member of freecriticalthinking

FarrellWaller (at on Sun Dec 21 17:47:11 2014) Seniority speaking of pos conjunction gratuity hereinafter technique into set afloat yours incumbency dedicatio...

ToxAndBeyond (at on Sun Dec 21 17:46:11 2014) Plastic Pollution in the World's Oceans: More than 5 Trillion Plastic Pieces Weighing over 250,000 Tons Afloat at Sea
Information about science, the environment, consumer products, risk assessment, risk management, and beyond, served alongside the wonders of humor.

MurphyDarian (at meddy? on Sun Dec 21 17:46:04 2014) i'll keep you anchored while you keep me afloat. exchange of power.
like he was pitching a line and went fishing for conrete. the earth is a drum and he's hittin' it on beat.

wuzubygynot (at on Sun Dec 21 17:45:18 2014) Eric Hoffer~ Action is at bottom a swinging and flailing of the arms to regain ones balance and keep afloat.
Hipster-friendly problem solver

SailingHQ (at on Sun Dec 21 17:44:44 2014) #sailing How to Sail - Single Handed How to Tack: Part 3 of 5: ... -
For the love of sailing

757LiveIE (at Ireland on Sun Dec 21 17:37:22 2014) #'Hugely Positive Response' To Barrow Blueway Project - Afloat
Comprehensive, up-to-date news coverage, aggregated from sources all over the world by 757Live Network //t.co/WWUgI2LvZs

DysonGregory (at on Sun Dec 21 17:35:28 2014) Lay in kitty purveyance conversation products afloat ebay.: qEKjn

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Mr_tofunmi (at AFRICA on Sun Dec 21 17:26:29 2014) Udunmeanit "@DieuBizarre: that nose keeping you afloat lol RT @Mr_tofunmi: Being a bachelor is too hard, esp when u are veryyyyyy buoyant!"
Former account @hrf_tofunmi #MUFC #Entrepreneur #OAUalumnus #TeamAfrica #Christian Discovering myself

DieuBizarre (at on Sun Dec 21 17:24:15 2014) that nose keeping you afloat lol RT @Mr_tofunmi: Being a bachelor is too hard, esp when u are veryyyyyy buoyant! :(

MarilynLiving12 (at on Sun Dec 21 17:23:22 2014) The cream downloadable squeaky blood tutoring resource in favor of subside prices afloat the morass: XTzYNBWM

Varoya (at on Sun Dec 21 17:17:43 2014) Stay afloat Toronto, Canada. Step aboard this charming floating Bed and Breakfast and feel right at home. Book...
Rent a boat/yacht by the night. Or free of charge, list your boat/yacht to generate revenue while docked at the marina.

theREALgenieDB (at NORTHLONDON-KENT on Sun Dec 21 17:15:08 2014) "@ayar_one: @Rageouz @theREALgenieDB lol we tryna stay afloat u man always ona negative, hold it down" looool
i violated your girl thats y she hates me.... Insta: ogeeniedb

ayar_one (at London on Sun Dec 21 17:08:16 2014) @Rageouz @theREALgenieDB lol we tryna stay afloat u man always ona negative, hold it down
east of the river on ma bs // //t.co/QFbjwgyGNt

ElRoiShalom (at United States on Sun Dec 21 17:05:25 2014) When all is said & done there's only One investment that will keep your assets afloat. Seek Him while He may be found. #MKT
Ma.22:37 Jesus replied-'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' ...Love your neighbor as yourself.' Ma.22:39

relaxwefloat (at Portland, ME on Sun Dec 21 16:59:00 2014) Is Oprah ever wrong? UPGRADE your shades: Slap on a pair of Amicos to your fave shades, and keep them afloat.
Amicos: stealth floaties for your sunnies. keep your style. keep your shades. relax, we float.
Pittwater Afloat
JadedByPolitics (at Northern Virginia on Sun Dec 21 16:57:51 2014) @MiaoReport @sleepywizard @comcast comcast is a communist run organization who is looking for govt daddy to keep them afloat!
Conservative to the very core of my being;Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

Siren_Six (at Your Chimney on Sun Dec 21 16:55:53 2014) Wow, the garbage afloat in this hashtag is breathtaking #pigswithwings
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CindyNevaeh (at on Sun Dec 21 16:51:13 2014) Procedure into hold off above currency afloat hotels for undisclosable bookings: LuiTcM

steram81 (at Winlaton on Sun Dec 21 16:50:40 2014) @McNallyMirror @LukeEdwardsTele does it every year. A few decent wins before Xmas. Just to keep us afloat and keep ma happy. No ambition

CarterGilbert1 (at on Sun Dec 21 16:47:51 2014) Wholesome a priori reasoning afloat cement producing retail commercial affairs: Pmqvbuor

mikesimaginatio (at Cornwall, UK on Sun Dec 21 16:46:24 2014) some mid-winter fun afloat...
web developer - specialist in PHP, MySQL, javascript etc.. Photographer, expedition cyclist, kayaker and ex-aerospace engineer.

bgaaeroweb (at United States on Sun Dec 21 16:43:29 2014) General Dynamics awarded $498M contract for 4th U.S. Navy Afloat Forward Staging Base. More Info:
Aerospace & defense news and market intelligence. Coverage: civil aviation, weapon systems, defense contracts, M&A activity and company financial results.

KingsmanGracie (at on Sun Dec 21 16:39:53 2014) Toyota prius-an frankly bastard afloat gulf: SbwOU

GeraldWainwrigh (at on Sun Dec 21 16:37:15 2014) Portland casement duster and toadstool dumping companies-vigorous authorize in consideration of keep afloat an ...

77Trenae (at on Sun Dec 21 16:34:08 2014) God's presence in my family's lives and Health. When the bottom seems to drop out, He is always there to keep us afloat. #myc2story

suxsive (at km // Aidan // bae on Sun Dec 21 16:31:05 2014) Like a rock afloat Sweat and conversations seep into my bones Four walls are not enough I’ll take a dip into the unknown, unknown
♔charm lead me to paths ♔so much for asking. ♔ hardcore feelings ❤ M.B ❤

imscum (at on Sun Dec 21 16:27:51 2014) u gotta stay afloat
sex is good, i addict to pepperoni, adam sandler is my favorite movie, im stupi

strokeixx (at on Sun Dec 21 16:25:07 2014) @adiosdinho I'll stare into the strobe light flicker And afloat I'll stay
nobody breaks my heart

Gowtyydepp (at chennai,india on Sun Dec 21 16:20:47 2014) A guy has to do wat it needs to be to b done to stay afloat n relevant. Not surprised wit omar endorsing BJP's move.!! #indianpolitics
A bitching rock and roll wannabe from mars, a pig of a photographer and a freaking weirdo who luvs books and writing.!! truth b told - i'm a geeky introvert

ruWINNEd (at three stars and a sun on Sun Dec 21 16:20:16 2014) @ygstan_winner i know. but i think he gets blinded by his love for his faves. lol he forgets abt the need to keep YGE financially afloat.
reared 5 dumb precious absolutely talented and gorgeous boys for 10 months in my fangirl womb. is now currently stanning life ruWINNERs. || (S) inner circle

OmgItsDavey (at on Sun Dec 21 16:03:02 2014) So much of negativity in my life. It's even hard to stay afloat
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afsfitness2010 (at NYC, DC, & Boston on Sun Dec 21 15:59:23 2014) Keep your SHIP afloat. Abandon needy, insecure, and clingy ways. These 3 can sink your SHIPS, friendSHIPS and...
Online Health and Fitness Consultant. National Council of Strength & Fitness member.

Loc_The_World (at TRILLUMINATI on Sun Dec 21 15:57:37 2014) Trynna Stay Afloat, Oh How iHope INever Sail Awaay 🎶
If It Ain't Real, iDon't Feel It. If It Don't Touch My Spirit, iWon't Get Near It. #ThatsPointBlankPeriod

Frigibar (at Miami FL on Sun Dec 21 15:56:27 2014) #Boating #Yachting : Keeping your cool afloat since 1971... Frigibar Industries, Inc. is one of the longest...
#MarineFreezers, #MarineRefrigerators, #DockBoxes, #DeckBoxes, #fishboxes #yachting #boats

DerrickMadelyn (at on Sun Dec 21 15:54:21 2014) Distribution we set afloat your holograph chastity: qZLt

FredKiesche (at Franklin Park, New Jersey USA on Sun Dec 21 15:45:29 2014) @SheckyX Hey, they probably depend on the "float" they're getting on our refund to keep the state afloat.
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CurtBrown_SCT (at on Sun Dec 21 15:45:26 2014) Holiday sales determine if locally-owned, small retailers stay afloat
Staff-writer for The Standard-Times, New Bedford, Ma., formerly with The Herald News, Fall River, Ma., and former freelance writer for Mass. Bar Assn.

FlannaganPaige (at on Sun Dec 21 15:45:25 2014) Superstratum 3 sites till load edition afloat in addition to flv cpa: WnPNctHr

ChloePoole4 (at on Sun Dec 21 15:45:10 2014) The baths so long here Im on my tiptoes to keep myself afloat fgs😂😭
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