So whats in the case

So whats in the case Deputy brought and I the coolest gifts What a special day Deputy Zambelli is a freedom fighter a Patriot one of our biggest Brazilian voices on and an all-around cool person Thank you

JasonMillerinDC Washington, DC So what’s in the case? Deputy ⁦@CarlaZambelli38⁩ brought @cahmagal and I the coolest gifts! What a special day! Deputy Zambelli is a freedom fighter, a Patriot, one of our biggest Brazilian voices on #GETTR, and an all-around cool person! Thank you! 🇧🇷🇺🇸 CEO, GETTR, The Marketplace of Ideas. Former Senior Advisor, President Donald J. Trump. Contributor, @Newsmax.

Teri_Kanefield Beautiful Central California Coast This is where I trip up. Nobody really thought that those forged electoral certificates would have "fooled" anyone at the National Archives. Suppose Pence had declared Trump the winner, what then? Would a few hundred million Americas just say, okay cool? 1/ Lawyer (UC Berkeley) Book prizes include the Jane Addams Book Award. OpEd contributor Washington Post, NBC THINK & others. See:
MattWalshBlog Cool. Hey while I have you here, quick question: what is a woman? theocratic fascist, bestselling children’s author

elligott9999 @Angelasfreenews @Theshells1111 @robbystarbuck What the heck is the glamour about being evil? I just don't get it. I don't understand. What is so cool about killing people and creating a sick-as-heck society? I tried to understand this for a year but no luck. If I was a billionaire I would enjoy life and help others. Question everything, including Covid. Time to wakeup and take back our health, lives, and the world. #JustSayNo #HoldTheLine

aang0203 @TarzTweetler @MekaApe has cool 3D NFT art. Will come with staking soon and a play-to-earn 3D shooter in Q4 2022. The community is awesome, what else do you want? #NFT #NFTart #cryptoart #digitalart #NFTcollector #NFTcommunity #MekaApeClub #MekaApe

hiigotlost wonderland So my rising is Taurus but my chart is then ruled by Venus which is in Gemini in my 2H. Sounds cool. Resonates. But WHAT does this mean? 𝐻𝑜𝓃𝑒𝓎 𝒹𝒾𝓅𝓅𝑒𝒹 𝑔𝓎𝓅𝓈𝓎 𝓈𝑜𝓊𝓁 🍯🖤 lady dragon born under the cancer sun.

Mohamedalibo Brooklyn, NY The cool thing about doing an intense 2 hours workout is that it teaches you patience. Your mind has to slow down, in order to keep up. Very meditative moment, humbling. And ofc you have to rest in between while listening to rap and tweet about it, otherwise what are you doing? Published author, I teach, I eat, I write, I learn, read and travel the world. Mental health advocate.#Blm #StopAsianhate
LegendaryMantis Lordran, Blighttown @slimyswampghost That's what this game is?! It's logo looked like similar to a jank looking fps, so I ignored it, but man! This looks so cool! I kinda just... post doodles and things. Mostly posting small studies here and there to see how I improve over time. And full paintings when I get to 'em

MrX_UNI Brymwood @TheFemoid Its cute. Like its their girlfriend. Unless she's doing something he don't know about its just the dude going on about how cool he thinks his girl is. But what do I know? UNICLR and FS Wild Card. Toku and Super Robo Lover. Creator of Asterman. Follow me on MINDS: Pfp= @Foxanderart

KITYC0RPSE this doesn't feel like home i am friends with a ZOOPHILE since 2021, she told me she sucked her dogs thing but the fuck did i know about zoophilia? shes horny asf, she was so cool but i found out what being a zoo is and she told me what she did to her dogs and i wrote her couple of paragraphs, she just- 🕸️hey, im rose, i like homestuck, music and sewing alot, im 12 and im lesbian,

AungLay66535610 @diluxcc @supercutekiller u are still lmao. dude just seeing my profile isn't enough to know what are inside my account.Don't be shy. you are a low brainer who 'is trying so hard to look cool.but failed. what's the point of you keep arguing? get paid? date

CharlesPerree London, England How freaking cool is this? I ordered a t-shirt from @MercedesEQFE and they threw in a free cap! You know what I’m gonna be rocking for the #DiriyahEPrix 🇸🇦 this weekend! 🤩🤗🤩 #WeDriveTheCity #ABBFormulaE Politics and International Relations @RoyalHolloway. Head of events @politikaorg. Intern @BigTentIdeas. Jersey Bean 🇯🇪 @McLarenF1 and @WestHam fan 

FPLCodebreaker Green Arrow Boulevard If sex is so good, why is sex 2 always delayed? Squid Game is getting a sequel, why isn't sex? Time to face fact: Sex isn't nearly as cool as what the media paints it to be 🏆The Most Underrated FPL Account || Lasted 4 days in the 21/22 NNN || Odegaard Enthusiast || Was once in the 1k

more_moxie Harlem USA Cool cool so after we abolish abortion the SCOTUS is gonna ensure that Black and brown kids don’t get a fair shot at higher ed. What’s next, the govt will send every citizen a gun? I meant what I said.

LennyDykstra NY/LA/Philly/Nails He/him trying so hard to look cool! And keepin’ it so real and manly with his cutesy little LOYAL-TO-THE-CUBBIES-BABY shirt. Real winner! What do you he/his boyfriend is like? 86 Mets WS Champ | 3x NL All-Star @phillies | NYTimes Bestseller #HouseofNails | |(would/wouldn’t)

shirotubaki_ バキバキランド Oh my goodness!!! Who is this??? How cool!!!! Good looking guy!!!!! I've never seen such a man!!!!! ...what? 40 years old????? is he???? Holy shit!!!!! You must be fan of he right?????? 成人済。通称:バッキー、ばきお。四捨五入してライトニング・マックィーンの後輪。社会の底辺で毎日騒がしガール。腐&夢は主食。画力向上の模写垢&気象系アイドルヲタはこちらから→ @baki_baki_shiro 特に内容のないもの→
dangwwesucks United States @Ajaxterdam1 @AliWWE Are you fucking dumb?? WWE can just break 200+ contracts and youre cool?? Stop sticking up for corporations, what the fuck is wrong with you. #FreeAli

Xpressivemee United States @FINALLEVEL That’s SO COOL!!❤️ I know @BabyChanelworld is so proud of you! What did she say cuz she says the cutest things?! Be the Change you wanna See!💯 Trying to Make A Difference😉God 1st😇Principle of it. Empath & I ❤️Humanity. Mom of an aspiring Rapper!!😃DEVEREAUX on #YouTube

senna23 I am not alerted again IG what is happening Anyway, Wittamer and MisDo collab? Cool!✨ Fangirl account (spoilers/some nsfw⚠️) 🧢ビクトリアです‼ | tweets👉💙逢 坂 良 太, スレ ミク,⚾◇のA→①御 沢,✦ありがとう 夢色キャスト🎵ハイキュー,✦嵐•prfm🎶–some anime/mobage–♡イチ ルキ☀☽

AbdRahman_KL Kuala Lumpur City @eatlovepray211 I'm cool with peaceful protest, but if bunch of thugs vandalise a city, police should grab their asses, arrest them and MADE THEM CLEAN IT! What the fuck is this mess?!? 🔅Malaysian ex-muslim - in the closet 🔅Vastly inspired by the likes of Christopher Hitchens! 🔅All for personal liberty & equality 🔅Uber allergic to Wokeness

WUTSTHEBIGHIDEA @kensgotbs @j0n517 @MySportsUpdate So your argument is that the Bills defense had to bow up and stop Mahomes in OT? Cool. So what about the Chiefs defense? It goes from God, to Jerry, to Kent, to the cleaners.

Things to value in a friendship.