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Sure is cool but you know what else is cool Bow ties

DoctorWho_BBCA The Lost Moon of Poosh Sure, #NationalBowTieDay is cool, but you know what else is cool? Bow ties. #DoctorWho The official account for Doctor Who on @BBCAMERICA. 💙💙
OmariJHardy Washington, DC This is dumb. What's interesting, though, is that it concedes that the supply of habitable places is critical to reducing homelessness. So how about allowing people build more homes in LA? Their per capita housing permit numbers are a joke. Build more homes & watch prices cool. Dad. Husband. Comms. PR. YIMBY. UMiami Alumna. Loves buses, trains, bikes, and the English subjunctive. Fmr State Rep.
FabrizioRomano Milano, Italia Klopp: “New midfielder? If the right player is not available in this moment we tend to deal with what we have. It would be cool to have new midfielder in, of course”. 🚨🔴 #LFC “Naby Keita will not go but if he would - he won't - there must be a replacement”. Here we go! ©
glassbottommeg she/her 🏳️‍⚧️ in WA, USA So the Horizon devs MIT licensed their physics engine (Jolt), and someone ported it into Source, and that's cool! But you know what's more cool? The webpage for the ancient Jolt3D game engine is still up and looks fukkin amazin Queer af founder of @GlassBottomGame, made @skatebirb! Also Hot Tin Roof etc. I work in a barn in the woods of PNW. birb chat:

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