Taibbi - here is proof

Taibbi - here is proof Twitter didn t do what Democrats wanted Me - Cool what s the point of all this again

BradMossEsq Washington, DC Taibbi - here is proof Twitter didn’t do what Democrats wanted. Me - Cool, what’s the point of all this again? Twitter addict who will not pay Elon. I talk on TV sometimes.
conorsen Atlanta, GA An extension of this thought is what's a cultural amenity that signifies a place is cool and exclusive today? Nothing immediately comes to mind. Columnist for @opinion. Founder of Peachtree Creek Investments. Sun Belt enthusiast. The future is a policy choice.
jasonlchambers Aiken, SC Today is exactly 3 weeks since my collection, 300 Days of Cubism launched. I can’t believe in this crazy market it’s SOLD OUT. I’m beyond humbled by the support from the community. 🙏🏻❤️ What are some cool ideas that I can do for holders in the future? I appreciate any feedback. Full time artist/ “Where Abstraction Meets Cubism” Ink lover, NFT artist and collector ✨Featured artist on @opensea homepage
ClickySound United Kingdom #latestnews What is something cool/neat/interesting that gives your team bragging rights? - (POST_EXCERPT} Photography at its Best!
will_from_mars_ Earth @michaela_nft What flavor is the cool aid? 🕴🏼
NokomisJones @ActualZombeard @libsoftiktok Cool. Then those who believe worshipping Jesus is totally normal should also be able to express their worldview in like fashion, right? Or are YOU the arbiter of what’s protected speech or not?
Hipjaabi Karachi, Pakistan Khalujaan too passed away. What do you do when the weird , cool, crazy uncle who’s your best friend, who you joke around and also fight with, is no longer there? What is this bakwaas @ life.
PigFahy @0xMert_ @xKarsa_ @0xSoju Cool How many token pair pools, who is providing liquidity etc and how? It's a clob so who are they hooked up to? What DEXs? Raydium used to both supply and take liquidity from Serum. Is this similar? SMB #3092 Tradfi Investor for over 25 years My first Solana bag was at $3.02 - my top SOL projects are LIFINITY/PYTH
_elisewang This is true for me as well and (maybe a side effect?) it has meant far more outrage content than “hey look at this cool thing I found” and gossipy content, which is obv what I’m here for law & literature (old) | conspiracy theories (old and new) | taiwan (new and yet to be) | asst prof Cal State Fullerton | #medievaltwitter
_fasado Burbank, CA what the fuck is up with t-shirts having a tiny little logo graphic on the front, but the cool crazy design on the back? Zack Monroe | Mograph / Animation | Compositor Prev: @pipifilm and @DMOfilm
MeganDogsLover2 @GeorgeAlivent @MindSongs @Skeppy I have a question, what is HappySwapEvent? I’ve seen it on my tl before and I don’t know what it is, it looks cool though :D /genq She/They, I main Happytwt but I also like the other DSMP members too, I also enjoy TOH and Amphibia. If I do anything bad please dm me! I post art sometimes
neglectedacc @NVIDIAGeForce #BeyondFast looks cool, can anyone tell what the car is on it?
healthyious Why is Inflammation Bad for the Body? How does inflammation affect the body? What are the signs of inflammation in the body? #health #healthy #healthyious #wellness #fitness Healthyious is all about the Understanding of Health disorders and Conditions, Diagnosis and Therapy. #natural #health #healthy #fitness #nutrition #healthyious
WanderingSosuke ReiCalamity's Heart Yuri Lowell What else can I say? He's hot, He's cool, He's smug, He's the protag of my favorite Tales game He is the ultimate MC next to Twitch Affiliate, VTuber, JRPG/Action/FG player, @ReiCalamity is literally my everything. There are NSFW Likes/RT's. Business Email: R.glenn424@gmail.com
Gam3rD Oklahoma, USA Know what's kinda cool? The fact you can actually see what a "blasted" Samophange is in WoW 🤣 (other versions were more like a weather vane) #warcraft A gamer & artist of 25+ years. And someone that really likes spicy foods 🌶
BigGonZ51 Tijuana, Baja California @MannellaKeenan @WrestlingWCC Mic skills are sub-par, at best. He's supposed to be the "Cool stoner, dude" but he just comes off as if he's trying a bit too hard with it. He's the "Original Bro" wearing booty shorts and barefoot flops, what kind of stoner bro is that? To Live and Die in LA
crissbliss7 @elonmusk You're another fool A human being who is white who thinks he is special You didn't end world hunger You didn't end nothing You make things for the rich and on good jobs, that's cool bro. You will one day download your thoughts into a computer chip, what does that even mean?
FrisKerderer Seattle, WA [email myself a picture of a dry erase board with work stuff on it] "Alright cool. Got that to reference for later." [email notification goes off for the email I literally just sent] "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME? I'M BUSY!" Seriously, what is wrong with my brain... Database Nerd | Twitch Streamer | Former L2 Magic Judge | Connoisseur of fine Ska/Punk | On an endless journey to make as many awesome friends as I can!
nobodyatalest In class today we had to share something fun but simple that we did over winter break and I said that I taught my bro python and the prof was like "Oh he's 15? It would have been cooler if he was 4." But it actually is cool because he's my little frum bro who didn't know what the
itsndyue Toxic contamination is big problem all over the world. When you drink water, eat food, how sure that what you're eating hasn't been contaminated? Would be cool to turn this into a product to make widespread testing for Dioxins, Lead, PFOAS economical. Người Việt ở mỹ / Vietnamese diaspora
kezia_nini @Smart_NFT_News @TheBinanceNFT the name is already cool, what more is the game itself right? this is really interesting one live in pink, live with ink #ETH #NFT #BTC #BNB
JohnRHutchinson London, UK Watched "Off Season" on Shudder. Pretty good horror movie, more spooky than terrifying. Not really a jump scare movie. There's one cool scene that gave me my weird fiction fix. Couple is trapped on an island (Florida keys?); what is behind this? Evolutionary biomechanist. Awesome animals, dinosaurs, anatomy, locomotion, computer modelling, #DisabledInSTEM. #DAWNDINOS. He/him
succyermom NunYaBidness @VeteranTakeBack This is cool what does the car run on?
WaifuPrime @OUnderfolder @Heels_vs_Wedges @YammerPsaka @StarBerrySheep_ @fayemikah @Moddy82 Cool? I don't see what that adds to the conversation. As everyone pointed out, the whole point of a dogwhistle is the subjective interpretation that only certain groups will understand. I block bigots. She/her.
isabelle_dornic The concept of a 160 characters bio will always amaze me. Mine is pretty pathetic I must say! Haven't found anything better yet. What's the coolest bio you've ever read? For me depending on my current mood, I like @kevinbacon’s ! Pretty cool! #alifein160characters #bio Alors… Ph.D… un peu d’enseignement, un peu de business et… histoire à suivre ! Ph.D... a little teaching, a little business and .... story to follow
katiecampbellwa Seattle, WA What's in store for the Seattle housing market in 2023? @AngelaKingKUOW spoke with @Redfin's @FairweatherPhD on @KUOW's @MorningEdition. "As long as mortgage rates stay high, the housing market is going to continue to cool." More 👇 @MorningEdition Producer, @KUOW | Past: @kjzzphoenix @AzCapitolTimes yada yada yada @UFJSchool | Let's talk: kcampbell@kuow.org
AnthonyLifrieri New York How cool is it to kick off 2023 with 2300 followers? Deepest appreciation to everyone in #trenchcoatnation. You’re all why we do what we do at #thesmithtownnews and #theobserver. Sports Editor for two of the top Sports Sections in NYS: The Smithtown News & The Observer. #TheBestWritingMachine #TrenchoatClub
Moderates_Unite Salt Lake City, UT @marybeth5025 @dave_not_here @ByronDonalds @CoriBush Cool. What are his qualifications? And I’m very familiar with the district and how unrepresentative it is of America. 68% of the vote in Naples means nothing about qualifications for speaker Media and political parties have forgotten that a plurality of Americans don’t align with the Trump right or Sanders/AOC left. We are the Forgotten Middle
FunkoMeevin @pmmeuhsLyce @_GothFemboy_ @SargyIsForSGT @libsoftiktok Reality is not a transphobe. Reality is the fact that trans women are women and trans men are men. End of story. also cool, im bisexual too, but this is not what we're talking about, am i right? Im the Meevin that's a Funko toy He/Them
RitterTweetz @mattenryy @SnapDecks @MARVELSNAP @MarvelSnapZone Cool deck. Daredevil seems odd, what is his role without the usual payoffs of Hobgoblin, Prof X, etc? Are there any cards you are missing that you would add? Artifact, why?
MadhieK your mom @Symphonic_Smile I'm 178cm and I'm going to have a wonderful time if my favorite waifu is that tall in canon, now what do you think about Bismarck's height? Tall girls are cool ngl I escaped nuremberg trials
DistantFoxx @calikingz01 @Xeno_TG Is there anywhere that compiles all these cool Marvel 3 mods and what works with others or not? Aspiring writer studying game design. Danganronpa is my life. Play Chaos;Child. He/him
HippieC28463643 @sigler_joel @5317006 @poochalot1976 @erichovind Cool, then what is your definition for the term “atheism”?
NyarNCharge United States of America @AltHistoryHub That’s cool and all(I’ve actually never seen the small earth view of Columbus visualized like this), but when is your Transformers 4 video coming out? That’s what we’re all really here for! I like Stuff and am a Thing; Eldritch Weirdo; If you use Light Twitter there is something wrong with you
cantfrost antfrost stream probably @Kai_Nyktos THIS IS SO COOL WHAT!??!?!?! Chatfroster, he/Him, Cosplayer, ♡ #frostingtwt , #pptwt , #colourcrew , #crewfu , #5uptwt , #cupcaketwt and #desserttwt main ☆
L0VEJ0Y0NLINE he they @starncva HELLO WHAT??? THIS IS SO FUCKING COOL??? OMG you can kick the teeth into my head | wheg enjoyer | zippywhiptrio with molly and xav | carrd byf | fan acc
HidingLmao On my computer probably @AirisuBaka You know what else is really cool? Leah. I'm so tired Clown of a uni student, mediocre guitar player Icon by @MissKomarisan

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