Thanks cool what art are

Thanks cool what art are you into Yh a bit of a story my muse suggested I work with highlife on the next outing and I decided too that it is a cool idea plus I feel the genre is in a drought of the BrymO influence long enough

BrymOlawale Earth Thanks.. cool, what art are you into ??.. Yh a bit of a story; my muse suggested I work with highlife on the next outing, and I decided too that it is a cool idea.. plus, I feel the genre is in a drought of the BrymO influence long enough.. 😂.. Family man!!..Sonic-Artiste … Most Powerful Artiste In The World - Conduit of order - tweets are rated 21+. eMail: brymolawale@me.com
ezralevant Canada and the world How would you feel if the German government celebrated Hitler's birthday? That's what China is doing today -- except that Mao killed more people that Hitler did. @TwitterSafety is cool with that. Even though Twitter itself is banned in China. Journalist, publisher of Rebel News — telling the other side of the story. Awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for advancing freedom of expression.
bomani_jones he was also *really* good at explaining things, and amazing at doing it on the fly. tony romo guessing plays is cool, but learning what a zone blitz was from someone not trying to show how smart he was? much more impressive. there are lots of tweets in my mentions, placed specifically to see if you're stupid enough to boost them. don't do their work for them. i'll try to do the same
a9apios @AmysMargin A skyrim mod? Cool! I see Eamon is a high elf. What is the mod all about? A new standalone follower or something else? I love Jesus and can't help tweeting about him.
Mike_Hoody Toronto, Ontario @kun432 Cool, what mobile app is that? Cofounder & Product Design at @voiceflowhq. Building visual tools to help people design, prototype and launch conversational apps.
dorandoran826 Pennsylvania, USA @0x50D9 Yeah but I don’t get it. We got people like me that would love to be involved but cannot due to financial issues what have you. Then you have Lions buying @BeauBennett19 an @LazyLionsNFT which is cool but cmon he can afford 50 of em. Why you giving him one? Makes 0 sense #NFT #ETH #SOL #SUPERFAMILY 2022 will be the year for me. #WAGMI
Dr_Of_Style Up at the "spot'. Managed to capture this rather cool looking bird on my travels through the wilderness. Not sure what designation this particular bird is...anyone know? Connoisseur of physical fitness. Jiu-Jitsu Purple belt. Biomedical Engineer. Video gamer. Long suffering Leafs, Blue Jays, Bills/Bears fan. UWO alumnus. Veteran
ProfessaJay Raleigh, NC There’s a weird delusions of grandeur thing with the conspiracists bros. Like legit, what threat to a country with a 13 digit war budget do you pose? Is it the cool vaping? Your o-so-rebellious face tats? You work at park time GameStop and sell you momma extra back pain pills. 🇭🇹 A public sector for the least of us. @UICBusiness PhD, 〽️@umichEcon alum, faculty @aysps. Efficiency of public service delivery, Econ of organizations 🍞🌹
DavidLa32363139 @Emmanue37844681 remember the LORD JESUS TELLING us we're gonna take a whippin from the world if we keep LORD JESUS' WORD AND TELL evil to their faces what the SPIRIT HAS TO SAY IN THAT PLACE? WELL we can PRAISE GOD. ALL HIS WORD IS TRUE. :) and guess what - LOVE IS COOL HOPE ABBA,FATHER) in all good humor uses suffering to direct HIS KING DAVID PURPOSE in Pres DKL LIVE BY FAITH AS WRITTEN IN CHRIST GOSPEL DOCTRINE BELIEFS in MERCY.)
MackCrooks12 Slippery Rock, PA @shoebratt @MeghanMcCain I would argue that nobody wants to see a child half naked on the internet. But perhaps instead of blaming the issue on poor parenting, we blame the trends they see becoming popular. Kids see and repeat what they think is cool and popular, right? Same concept?
Dems_R_Trash @daboftruth @NetMaven @TheRickyDavila Strawman? I'm just stating what I've observed over a long period of time in regards to Obama. Nothing about him is cool to me. I don't respect people that dislike me for superficial reasons. Many would call that bigotry or racism. NOT COOL.
thecummedian …intelligence… This word salad is so bad I am not even sure its #antiporn what the fuck is the revolutionary unity of the sexes?? Sounds like a sentence a cult leader would say right before killing everyone with cool aid. #thecummedian If you think it is fun watching porn wait until you watch it with me 🍆💦”

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