The Prophet SAW said Indeed

The Prophet SAW said Indeed the first of what will be asked about on the Day of Judgment meaning the slave of Allah being questioned about the favours is that it will be said to him Did We not make your body health and give you of cool water to drink Tirmidhi

Hadithoftheday UK The Prophet (SAW) said: “Indeed the first of what will be asked about on the Day of Judgment – meaning the slave (of Allah) being questioned about the favours – is that it will be said to him: ‘Did We not make your body, health, and give you of cool water to drink?’” (Tirmidhi) Providing daily drops of inspiration. Daily newsletter: - Love space travel 🌍 tennis 🎾 cooking 🧑‍🍳
pwcdanica Manassas, VA You know what’s cool? Feeding hungry kids. Del. @mikemullin4VA is carrying the bill and I’m carrying the budget amendment to feed every kid in every Virginia public school without charging them, just like in 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 when the feds funded it. Let’s feed the kids. Delegate: @VaHouse 13 Candidate: @VaSenate 30 ED: @EmergeVirginia “Burn the Page”: @VikingBooks Best Public Servant/Politician: @InsideNoVA, @PWCtimes 🤘🏳️‍⚧️
Grady_Booch Maui Microsoft's CoPilot is cool but what I really want is an AI librarian: teach it the ongoing design decisions - both big and small - that shape the form and function of my system so that, as time unfolds, I can go back and ask it "why was this done?". scientist, storyteller, philosopher
malnote Wyoming, USA @GoudriaanRemco what is your purpose? very cool In one hand I hold an unfathomable bar of soap, in the other a prophetic pomelo
phlygm_pumpkin @DrakeNierTweets uhmmm second person clearly shows how little they understoof the game cuz how are they saying that a2 was made to REPLACE 2b????? like a2 was built first what 😭😭 not to mention that the gameplay between a2 and 2b is not at all the same a2 was more violent and she had the cool t i like to draw sometimes :3 drakennier, ff7, zelda and more !
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charmainevee Los Angeles, CA I’m not into this trend of animated shows w/ non-stop aggressive camera moves. What are you trying to convey w/ that? The animation/design is usually great, let the viewer focus on that instead of being whisked around. It can be cool & effective but shines when used sparingly. Director at Cartoon Network on @CraigOfTheCreek - Storyboards/Writing/Character Design - My views are my own - She/Her - 🇨🇦
DeathReviews Everywhere @TF_Moments Hasbro: "What??? How DARE you make a cool looking TFA Cyclonus! How dare you make him look similar to his G1 counterpart! How dare you lay bare the fact that Universe Cyclonus is a floppy piece of trash by comparison??" I'm the Grim Reaper - what, you need a description?
AHerr127 US @AurumVTuber I’d literally just drop it where it is before law enforcement gets involved. This isn’t funny or cool or anything else. Someone can easily get hurt, needlessly and recklessly. Inform people to stop harassing and drop it. Drama for the sake of what? Clout? Come on guys. 18+ Account and content. / Aandy Herr, 26 they/them - no group msg requests please, thanks.
Muck10018101 goofy goober land or something @poofyfysh THIS IS SO COOL, WHAT ⁉️ HOLY SMOKES I LOVE THIS SM. }Pfp by @PEAZYN_ | Artist & Animator !! | boyflux | 🇵🇭🇲🇽🏳️‍🌈 | MINOR | MOOTS!!: private acc: @Guygoopy
smolgoatfish @zephybite YOOO THIS LOOKS SO COOL may I ask- what is the estimated time playtime for the game? :O I might wanna try to stream this, but want to plan accordingly. Twitch ENVtuber agender mer / thirsty bi / 🔞 Discord server: 🐚 #smolartfish 📺 #goatfishrising PFP by @Uberzers Banner by @Michiroon
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haichaoyin8 @visegrad24 What does Scholz think, what will help Ukraine win this war? Smiling speeches without saying something? Keeping quiet and waiting, waiting .. ? Not remembering anything that happened? --- He is acting as if he could make dead people raise from their graves. How cool!
KyleK57374521 Surrey, British Columbia @DougSpencerOSP What you need to understand that Doug never lets a little thing like the truth get in his way. As long as the media calls for a quote he is happy. Look at the current gang culture, didn’t he stop all of it with his cool videos and great relationships?
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DarkPhantomOW2 Ur Mom’s House What is some of the most not talked about but cool pokemon? I will go first. Mega Garchomp Average Support Enjoyer
HeroOfHell1995 @Rheehaaaawq @qreeter @TheOmniLiberal yes it is. You judge people as if they are rational when you know its not the case. What behavior isnt rational that you could accept? Thinking incest is wrong isnt one of them. Cucking is cool by you too.

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