This characters name is EllianaCool

This characters name is EllianaCool Whats her mechanicAyala

danfornace Seattle, WA This character’s name is Elliana. Cool. What’s her mechanic? Ayala. CEO of @StudiosofAether. Creator of @RivalsofAether and other videogames.
OwenJones84 London via Stockport, baby For the record, this is false - none of the FBPE types around College Green intervened when I was mobbed by Tommy Robinson followers - and what is this? “I might not defend you from being mobbed by fascists because you oppose a politician’s dishonesty”? Cool cool Socialist, antifascist, Guardian columnist, author, podcaster, YouTuber, geriatric millennial. He/him. Subscribe to our YouTube channel: 🏳️‍🌈
unstoppableweb UDverse Free .blockchain domains are cool, but you know what's a game changer? All your @blockchain wallet addresses are automatically attached to your domain after mint. 🤯 This is a huge UX improvement for users and a new standard for the future of crypto payments. 💪 Unstoppable Domains is the #1 provider of #NFT domains. Your name, universal wallet address, login for Web3 | 🎙️ Unstoppable Podcast on Apple, Spotify, YouTube
LA__Wrestling I get get this Miro gimmick. He just seems crazy. Not in the cool way. It's like he is the star of his own movie, writing his own storylines that is on a different planet to everyone else. What's the end game? To wrestle God? Just don't get it. #AEWDynamite #aew Let's Argue Wrestling Fan of wrestling, place to discuss and share opinions away from alt account.
Alezy47089215 @/hansstyle_hanna IG update with RM 💛 👤: What do I need to say? I met you at the event. RM is so gentle and cool looking! I'm not very welcome. I hope my Roa will marry a son like this. It's an honor for me to take a picture.❤️ @empty.seoul.kr #RM #BTS BTS Army Girl 💜⛓️ Hey I'm Alezy OT7 💜 Taekook Biased 💜
dearIord space ✫*゚・゚ what is it about japanese versions of albums that they always get an extra (usually rly cool) song?? old grandma who will never grow out of her stan acc 😭 // 日本語を勉強してる〜
zehurting123 any asian country @vietnambestrice (oh cool. another oc, looks really cool like usual) *violently coughing* what dafuq is this smell? a uncultured idiot with declining IQ and (sometime) a lot of brainrot i sometime makes too much joke. even at the wrong time (I'm also bad at English) (¹²)
Mrkai711500 West Chester, PA @cool__dude__69_ @AbsoluteChelsea @JacobsBen Really so Giroud that come to Chelsea from finish Arsenal to win champions league is what?? Ode I support @ChelseaFC and any other club that is playing against @FCBarcelona 🧌🪵
shy_charles London Could argue that what’s needed is a cool neutral-looking backpack but backpacks are a challenge for me because in school everyone used to grab them and yank you down on to the floor, which I’m always still a bit alert to 🤣 plus having to take them off to access contents? Odious Automatic Supersonic Hypnotic Funky-fresh
Fuceducationsy1 jhope’s throat is this what sex feels like ? OK BUT THE MV IS SO COOL SEXY NUKIM out on Thursday 6pm Kst.
LindaLush4 Tampa, FL @JLVsTW1 Cool? What is that? #YouMatter Educator by day and pirate by weekend. Most important job is being Payton Rose’s Noona. I support my LEO son. No DM’s please. #Catholic #Democrat
dabxrbie_ I remember back in like 2017-2018 I went to my friend’s house and our parents were hella cool. So somehow the conversation of signs comes up and their mom is like “what are you ?” And I’m like “I’m a Leo ♌️” tell me why that lady looked me up and down and said (1)
chaewuonies Class 3E. 🏫 @ATZYUHNO hello, Yunho senior! the first song that comes while i was scrolling through my playlist is Youth by Troye Sivan! ✨️ i think it truly suits the young yet cool aura that you and ATEEZ have, what do you think? 𝐦𝐦 ⋆ the adorable ssamu fairy who acts as the leader for 𝐥𝐞 𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐟𝐢𝐦, loving choco-mint ice cream to the fullest. 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐞𝐰𝐨𝐧 is here! 💫
PlatinumVauxhal Trowbridge Taking any exciting city breaks this summer? The all-electric Vauxhall Corsa-e is just what you need for all your fun-filled city adventures; with its cool tech and effortless power you’ll be zipping round town in no time. #platinumvauxhall #newcar We are a #Vauxhall main dealer based in #Trowbridge. Follow us for our latest car offers, news, jobs & events. Part of @PlatinumMotor group
trav_1111 Sunshine Coast Sure @pencilzwrld is cool, but what ever happened to Elons Step Sister? @wing_sol triggered some flashbacks on me. Degen Dad, Community Manager, NFT enjoⓨ00r, Art/Procreate newb
lytearphile they/she, ask for screenshots @innerchilding7 exactly what was going on in my mind? i think the mv has tonnes of references to other movies, and the way it's shot is so cool ~Life is not something you live along but something you live through~ • BTS stan account • read carrd before you follow

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