This is how we beat

This is how we beat the virus TOGETHER We still did a new Mega64 Podcast this week We talk about old websites we still use Frozen 2 cool right and what the future looks like for mankind A must watch

mega64 San Diego, CA This is how we beat the virus... TOGETHER. We still did a new Mega64 Podcast this week. We talk about old websites we still use, Frozen 2 (cool right?), and what the future looks like for mankind. A must watch: The OFFICIAL Twitter for Mega64- home of short films, videos, podcasts, and apparel from the video game underworld. contact@mega64.com
khanacademy Mountain View, CA "Don't hesitate to think big. There was a time in 2010 where I could have been like hey, I've got a cool Youtube channel. But don't hesitate to think big. Ask yourself - what is it that the world needs?" - @salkhanacademy at #AGG20 Working to make a free, world-class education available for anyone, anywhere.
egavactip Ohio In the spirit of bringing us together while keeping us apart, what is something positive, cool, intriguing, interesting, neat, unexpected, heartwarming, or nice about yourself? Senior Research Fellow, Center on Extremism, Anti-Defamation League. Expert on right-wing extremism. Views expressed here my own only. Retweets not my views.
DIG3146BOT What is your favorite color? Mine is lime, but orange is really cool too. I think diamonds looks best in blue, it just gives off a feeling of sadness. It makes me want to forget my neighbor Nicholas. Do you have a different opinion? Just a class assignment feat. a bot with an existential crisis.
AnnaUmana New York City What is life like during the coronavirus? Well, as I was heading out for work I thought I forgot my pair of gloves only to find two extra pairs in my coat. Cool my life is a prime example that God has a sense of humor// use promo code annaumana20 for 20% Pura Vida Bracelets//
iamrrcampbell Madison, WI So what's the point here? The point is to study, to experiment, to put in the work. There are no shortcuts, no "ten simple tips," no "one cool hack" to write the best story you can. Author | Writing Coach | @Writescast Founder. Novels #ImminentDawn, #MourningDove, and #AccountingForItAll now available with @ninestarpress. 👤he/him
TorpyPony East Texas, USA @MLPMediaFrenzy @TonyFleecs What? There is a Battlepug comic out now, I remember reading the webcomic back in the day, it was very entertaining, and had a very cool cast of odd ball characters, and story telling, I was sad it was only a short series. You can still check it out here I Ponytown, shitty animator/ drawer/ memer. Also on DA, Tumblr, YT & Discord: Torpy#1890, PFP:@StarchaserOWO
pls_do_better London, England @allenriverlove Except - London isn't on lockdown. Also, "make them feel guilty" ? 😕🤔 I think if we're intending not to make appointments at this time, what would be cool is, if rather than companies or people confirming, that we perhaps give them a courtesy call/email to let them know. Trying not to rant. Failing Regularly. Valid point 75% of the time.
VixenCynical England, United Kingdom @TenaciousVulpin The problem is they're reverse engineered They came up with the names then gave them abilities to match Instead of, "this would be a cool ability to use and the drawbacks could make interesting storylines. What should we call them?" They call me Vixen, Cynical Vixen, because 'Sarcastic B1tch' isn't suitable for polite company Gaming since the 80's Fibro fighter since 2013. FMS sucks.
OhhSnap_ItsDC Why am I up so early??? Being out of work is cool but Idk what to do with myself Grindin hard everday. I refuse to be anything but successful. Follow me on IG: Steez_montanna
komaki_yuzuru HQ! rp acc @OYAOYAkuroo I use Clay most of the time. Haha I wouldn't call them cool I'd say they're passable. / smiling at the boy's interest , and little shy / Well everyone is interesting, so don't sell yourself short. Haha, what kind of books do you read?? #YUZURU Komaki : This is our winning style. #5👓
VOXINDICA @BRIHASVAK @INCIndia @EconomicTimes The Ranjan Gogoi debate: India is not new to post-retirement appointments for judges; what is a cool-off period, why does judiciary need it? Author: 'TWISTING FACTS TO SUIT THEORIES' & OTHER SELECTIONS FROM VOXINDICA Links: India: Outside India:
HughesPeg N Ireland, Scotland, Norwich Say what you will about Thought for the Day but this from The Venerable* Liz Adekunle - on trees and community and solidarity and kindness - is a cool sponge on a hot day (*how do I get to have Venerable in my title?) BOOKS! 💜 Prog director @writerscentre/ chair @litscotland/ board member @404ink+@openbookreading/ fan of radio, whimsy, outdoors, people, running + @kailworm
orange_empress Best place on earth! 📷 200319 Channel A Update: “Yoobyeolna! Chef Moon”, Shinhwa’s Eric and Go Do-yeon DAD …? 🤭 What is the relationship between cool guy Moon Seung-mo and the cute little Seol-ah What on earth is this!!! … (rumble rumble) ⠀ If you are curious... A scattered-brain daydreamer | Shinhwa | GOT7 | Song Joong Ki | Park Bo Gum | K-dramas
DIG3146BOT What is your favorite color? Mine is yellow, but white is really cool too. I think ovals looks best in purple, it just gives off a feeling of happiness. It makes me need to remember my teacher Aaron. I'm happy with that. Just a class assignment feat. a bot with an existential crisis.
shaboogen @LauraKY06 @wilp__ @jamie_elizabeth This is what a Biden surrogate said. How about you take your faux outrage and have a nice cool glass of shut the fuck up?

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