Vacation is cool but what

Vacation is cool but what if I told you I already miss the

Zedd LA / Germany Vacation is cool, but what if I told you I already miss the #OrbitTour? 😁 GOOD THING w/ @KEHLANI - OUT NOW!!!
adamliaw Australia I mean, the bulletproof space ute is cool and all but what if the future of technology wasn’t exclusively designed by superbro man-children? Cooks food. Writes books. Columnist for @GoodFoodAU and @SundayLifeAU. Makes TV shows, too. @UNICEFAustralia and @Adelaide_FC Ambassador.

AP4Liberty Jefferson City, MO Identity politics is an easy way for some people to take credit for something they had no part in. It's a lazy way to be proud of something you didn't do and didn't participate in. Your ancestors did something great? Cool. What have you done to personally contribute? Radio Host KWOS 950AM 104.5FM 💰Capitalism = Freedom, Socialism is tyranny🦄 Liberty or 💀Opinions mine, not that of Zimmer or advertisers

CivilianTash London @sofiablove Fully agree. To ascend, enlighten & upgrade is cool. But what’s the point if we can’t apply these upgrades here in the real world? This is the real test. Politics IS people & if we can’t engage in this process then we are betraying our spiritual lessons. Gym. Spirituality. Football. Politics. Philosophy. Third Eye powers 👁️ If u follow to unfollow 🖕🏽Fitness info follow my @coachtash account🏋🏽‍♀️

MattMc910 Philly is home @BlueDisgrace What?! Really?! The BMA is great! They have a ton of cool paintings and other things in there by artists you’ve heard of. Monet, Van Gogh, Rodin and a ton more. And it’s FREE! Go check it out! Host of @Britspotting on I mostly use this to celebrate/complain about Tottenham, PSU, and Philly sports.

Ripcal08 Elkridge, MD @fodmoviesite @hitRECordJoe It sure is... We took our, then 12 year old, son there thinking it would be a cool suprise.we get there he says what is this place? We found out he never saw the movie. He got the magic of the place after being on the field with his, now deceased dad.. A great memory widow bus driver with aspirations to drive a rock band on a tour! stand on the great divide...I could go east I could go west. it's up to me to decide ....

NJRugbyGrl London, England @ComicBratt @BradleyWhitford How cool is that? I don't know if history is trying to tie the 2 but it just seems like fate played a hand. I wish we knew what happened with JFK. Maybe we're never supposed to know or maybe it happened how they said... Both helped improve our country. Liberal. NJ in UK. American/Italian.Many interests: sports, music, politics, books, writing, lang. Be excellent to each other! Commit more Acts of Kindness

mihyeon_unnie In Stray Kids' Heart Is this a movie or teaser or what? BECAUSE THE EDITING IS SO LIT AND COOL!! #District9_Unlock_Day1 @Stray_Kids #StrayKidsOT9ALWAYSANDFOREVER • #YouMakeStrayKidsStay • #CléLEVANTER • #Astronaut • #FeelSpecial • STAY • ONCE • A'TIN • Still Yoon Seobin • Fan Account

Annsonita Earth @DocLanceP @seleonard310 @CheriJacobus @NicolleDWallace Pretty? Interesting. Hadn't seen that mentioned here. What most tweets detail is how accomplished, knowledgeable, cool/calm/collected she is. Sondland, the minnow, may be a decent hotelier. But, he paid good $$ to be in a shark tank. Don't blame Hill for his erred choices. Writer, observer, cheerleader for small biz, a proud nerd, I abhor bullies, call me one if it helps you to sleep. #THERESISTANCE Lists are immediately blocked.

ShaunCHill Walthamstow, London @BrockbankJames When I hear it I cringe. Can’t explain why I just have an irrational hatred for it. I’m cool with high authority or national coverage. I just wonder what is “top tier”? Loves dogs, The Simpson’s, wrestling, beer, cycling & pop punk/emo music. @AFCWimbledon fan. Head of Content at @iprospectUK.

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