What is this A dip

What is this A dip for ants Expected some consolidation after we pumped from 4 to 14 so quickly but cmon that was like 1 red day Can t wait to share some more cool stuff with you over the coming days lt 3

TheGentlemonke 116 Ape Lane What is this? A dip for ants? Expected some consolidation after we pumped from 4 to 14 so quickly, but cmon, that was like 1 red day :') Can't wait to share some more cool stuff with you over the coming days <3 GM Co-owner XLabs, Mob Studios: -Xin Dragons -Infected Mob -Bounty Hunter Space Guild -Zenin -Dandies Bonk bonk bonk
livewithnoregrt check out my $25 course being attractive is cool but what else can you offer ? rip dad 🖤
YouKnowCWillTTV Alexandria, VA Word of the day is “Engagement”. Yeah it’s cool if you really good at whatever game you are playing, your setup looks nice, your audio sounds crisp etc. But if you not engaging with your audience what are they there for? Owner of You Know Entertainment Discord (and Gamer for Forward Thinking Gaming. Contact information in link below.👇🏾
Tantacrul London, England Today, we finally saw the initial shell of what will eventually become Audacity 4. It's running in Qt (moving from WX Widgets) and uses the MuseScore UI library. We have a long way to go but it is so cool seeing it in the, um, flesh(?) for the first time. I write music and create YouTube videos on a variety of musical topics. I am also the head of product at MuseScore and Audacity.
WildBill3786 Sparta, TN @EvilEngineerRoc @davidmweissman @mattgaetz ROFL. Cool story commie. What failing dem city are u in? It’s your daily trumpertantrum we laugh at. This is why lost the popular vote. Bc of people like YOU. Well I’m an independent and we hate you big govt commies on the left. No safe spaces on libertarian pages. Libertarian. MAGA. Educating selfish commie liberals on a daily basis. Biden is a known Pedo. CCP, Saudi Arabia, russia, cartels and taliban love him. LGB
taffypointby rus/eng | 22 | they/them @DE4THPUNCH WHAT THHEEWKDIJDHDJCOXOXAXKJKDKX THIS IS SO????????????? YOURE SO COOL YOU KNKW RIGHT jean/hoxjean/taffy :•) brain infected with easwin... a parent of 300+ ocs✌ 💛💜 / PR0SHIPS EXPLODE / art only: @hoxjeansky
ohiozei Federal Capital Territory, Nig @NewsWireNGR Woow. Except y'all are click baiting, this is not cool from Mr Osita. The Igbo who they claimed invested for 24yrs notified the party that the ticket should be zoned to South East but the party betrayed them. So what's all this talk now? Chief Economist Serial Entrepreneur CEO - Radiance Kiddies World Abuja
GoonerSulz @_KESH_ Facts! Why you celebrating a loss? Is what they said They hate us coz they weren’t us and now it’s new cool thing to say Welcome to the Arteta era @Arsenal fan with an opinion and occasional @fcbarcelona tweets
fella_trumu @Chopmonie_1 @Enteryard @iam_RealAsahd @asare_jemimah @CallmeEcklypse @paaqwecy__11 @1_obour @Akosuaborga @DhatBoiYM @AlphaSarkces @SneakerNyame_ Lol Y’all think your Oldboys and Moms are holy or what? If they meet their mates, this is all they’ve been doing! My Dad act cool when I’m around but at my absence, some naughty Man bi er..: Ebi something normal Take nothing you see down 👇🏾here personal. Music 🎶 over everything. In everything positive, I figure out something negative to conclude No Perfection ☺️…
maracuyaamasce @thatpokemonprof @dumbdotcomm Lmao you lost the plot, reread what they said. She understands that anti-black comments are not okay cool but is not capable of apologizing for excusing SA, racism, and speaking over Asian people? no one said she "owns" anything, she's just being a hypocrite
Nobackhand DC @AUSAorg @ArmyChiefStaff I thought McConville was the cool headed one that might keep us from going down this road, guess I was wrong. Beyond Sabre Rattling this is war-monger stuff. What exactly are they teaching at the War College? night vision, thermal sights, optical systems and other manifestations of the Apocalypse.
openzap Downtown Twitterville @Icecubedigital thanks for sharing! #cool #DigitalMarketing : What is Digital PR & How Can It Help Your Business? Discover and vote for live links from cool people
buildthebrands New York, NY Consider This: Faith is not reflected in what you know; it's reflected in WHAT YOU DO WITH WHAT YOU KNOW!! You can believe in something all day long, but unless you DO THE WORK nothing will change nor manifest!!! We good? Cool, you're welcome! #thementor #dothework Brand & Sales Strategist | NYC | Supporting Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
ArpanLokhande Web Design Agency @abhishek_ux @AppRivista Hey Abhi, Just created my Profile on rivista, its cool. just curious, why named Rivista ? Like What is stands for ? Building Web Design Agency | College Dropout | Google Certified Dev. Mostly Tweet About #Branding #Marketing #Startups & TCN 👉 #chess
pointysnails 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @Romina_Velo @StrykeSlagar @daniellismore @jk_rowling ah cool someone who doesn’t understand what being trans is, just a honest question why do u hate trans people this much? what’s ur rationale explanation? u smell of bum
microseguresp Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid 💡 What is #networkelectronics? Network electronics is particularly important in special installations, it is a branch of #technology that is responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of communication systems and #networkconnection 📡. Instalación, integración y mantenimiento de Sistemas de Seguridad Avanzada / Installation, integration and maintenance of advanced security systems.
DocDeezWhat @merhababruder @Timcast Cool what's y'all's murder rate for comparison? How many mass murders of school children? Let's get some numbers to see which system is better. Single handedly stopped Elon's takeover of Twitter (wait and see) #TeamNormal Former pirate Catawampus 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇦🍆💦
waltgrace_1967 @jimwimmer4 @psopen2 It’s cool to take money from Saudi Arabia and Russia but not China? Is that what you’re saying?
miloisugly he they she 18yo i was so surprised to find out two guys on my philosophy class were nice and not bigoted at all talked with them the whole class WHAT IS HAPPENING SOMEONE IN MY SCHOOL IS ACTUALLY COOL??? sneegsnag enjoyer and just really sleepdeprived second acc @miloinmoon
panphora You know what'd be cool? If everyone had the confidence to talk about a new idea in the same excited way they dream about it in private. That bubbling, newly-forming energy permeating an idea you've just fallen in love with is as palpable as it is fragile. I want more of that. gonna change the world if i feel like it 🪐

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