What is your I did

What is your I did it before it was cool thing

ThatEricAlper Toronto What is your " I did it before it was cool" thing? Freelance Music Publicist. SiriusXM Host. Shameless Idealist. Lifelong Musicaholic. I talk about Music News in the Media. Eric@ThatEricAlper.com

DannyDeraney LA-NYC What is a game from your youth that you loved, but nobody talks about any more. Who remembers how cool it was to play Stay Alive? | Emmy Winner | Entertainment Publicist | @DeraneyPR | Former Youngest Person in the World | #girldad | I Cleanse Your Timeline Daily |

Cernovich Orange County, California What’s fun to do in Scottsdale for small group? Doing VIP in am or afternoon for cigar night. Anything off best that is cool / most don’t know about? Twitter is a strange loop.

cianmaher0 dublin, ireland Astrology people, what does it mean that I am a Scorpio sun and Scorpio rising, but a Cancer moon? I do not believe in astrology whatsoever, but I still think it would have been pretty cool to have been born with triple scorpions. 2 scorpions and 1 crab is way less cool Freelance writer and editor with bylines @ The Guardian, The Washington Post, The Verge, Vice, Wired, Polygon, Eurogamer, Gamespot, IGN, RPS + | He/him

KillaThrilla_YT Greenock, Scotland @TheBoiInBox True true Things like "here is this character, Bashir Al Bint Jihad Mahool, a Jewish Muslim Biromantic Non-binary genderqueer fluid BLM ACAB activist" "Ok...cool...what does she do in the story?" "Saves the entire universe from Nazis." Ultra Based Pepsi-Man III, officially titled as such by miss Based._lemons on Instagram. It is an Honor. Blocked by Vaush and ShoeOnHead.

BebopBoxed @Virgo4u86 Damnnn, worth it though? Also considering that from what I see your hair has a more curlier (?) texture that must have been quite the challenge to work with, unless whoever did it is a pro ofc. Either way it looks good, must help ye in keeping your head cool. Old Lady | Gallian Lt of Squad 9 | Parabellum Corp bodyguard | Friend haver | Daughter of a healer main | NSYNC hit single | Dog mama (since 12/3/22)~

whensoulswail @huhnahno Havzbbsknsksbs what is that?!??!? Why is it so cool 36D

FreeAtLast2021 California, USA @anonsognosic @the_zython @berniesbc @guy_freire So, not only do you not understand what chemical castration is, you also don’t know the process for trans people/kids and their healthcare. Cool. Anything else you don’t understand? I mean, besides CRT and sex ed. Mother of 4, birthed 2 surrogate babies, pro choice (forced birthers & TERFs can fuck off), Trans Women ARE women. She/Her, #taken by @DoctorLordBasil

JunkMarzi RabbitToaster (read carrd) @AshiPaws @FlyshineStarz what is pawing off? (if your implying you were doing nsfw stuff as well while not at the same degree as manedwolfy, thats still not cool at all that your doing that in the same world as the person you said was a minor. what the heck) im abit confused now Pray for Ukraine, professional dumbass, He/Him on break. ((veiwer discression advised)) (19) Neurodivergent

GRucker_ @MOBzooko That’s cool for right now. But when he win this championship before harden then what?😂is he gone be better then or that still don’t matter #FreeKash 10/24/19🤍 guided by vision not by sight


BADspellCheck83 My butt @Leonkennedy87 Oh cause the lead is, yea cool? White, black, Indian, whatever, a good lead is a good lead. lol. I seriously was like, what, why? When I saw this. It sounded just kind of out of place. Like the lesbian thing in The Last of Us. Im strait, I look at Selenas butt lol. But I never Don't judge me on grammar. Its my dang phone. The calibration is a mess. More so after twits oddly. Thus grammar check will pick random words? Its nuts

RoadWarriorPop @BroadStBull @NHLFlyers @phillyhockeynow Cool how you take shots at Provorov...remind me what was Yandle's +/- and is there a grade lower than F? I get that he's a swell guy but shitting on the players that still have a future while praising a guy whose streak should have ended a few years ago makes it all ring hollow. Yes. No.

LocoSanchez23 Bethlehem, PA Your 1st mistake was trading for him… this is your 2nd we all know what’s gona happen next right? Cool.. lol I thank god every day for what i have, an what he has given me.

RedZoneLandlord @AaronTobin1 another obvious affliction for @realjameswoods - he feels that is the best photo of himself. cool? handsome? sexy? bright? what a tool.

MishmoshTv It/xe @EFartsalot TY??? IDK WHAT SPECIFICALLY YOU THINK IS COOL BUT IM STILL GONNA KISS YOU ON THE MOUTH ANYWAYS ''Pop off druggie!'' 17, transmasc, used to be a streamer but not anymore ig RIP LOL 🎗️Techno support!🎗️

SweetRori East Coast USA "what do u think about ppl who are always on their phone?" - Do what brings you joy. If being on your phone/online makes you happy, that’s cool by me. The idea that we miss out on “real life” because we are online is stupid imo. Online is also real life. The sweetest brat you’ll ever meet. Writer. Artist. Optimist. She/her. 30s. Married, but allowed to flirt. @bensfate keeps me safe. 💛 Let’s be friends! (18+)

Hoktar_invest @0xairtx @AlgoFamily @SolanaStatus @Algorand @jpmorgan @BankofAmerica @bankofengland @DietCoke @MELANIATRUMP @DowJones What exactly is a dope AMM? Being cool is useless if you go down all the time lol. @algorand is the future Fire extinguisher specialist. Algorand enthusiast. On the lookout to learn new things.

ssj3musashi @3sl07_B887gie Thats cause the Cool Grey is the only good 11 to come out about a half a decade and YOU know that🤣🤣🤣 what else they was gonna rock? Jubilees!?!?! Not to mention they was easily available The real life Eren Yeager... The one and only #Sicko

eyeonthefly Treaty 6 (1796)🥣🌳#LdnOnt🇨🇦 I don’t know who needs to hear this but feeding wildlife “human food” is not cool and causes lots of problems. Feeding bread to wild birds can make them very sick. What’s the policy for feeding wildlife on campus at @westernu? He/Him🙋🏻‍♂ I’m a PhD candidate @WesternU studying bird-window collisions, advocating for wildlife, asking❓& trying to be a better ally🏳️‍🌈 #BlackLivesMatter

DemonCeelin Texas You know what would be a cool mechanic for Phasmophobia? If at the start of the hunt players had a random chance to become the ghosts 'favorite' hunter, causing the ghost to be more active when that player is in their vicinity. I make bad jokes, swoon over kittens, and rage at video games. Art posts will be tagged #brushtailart. This is a NSFW twitter so consider yourself warned.

minusinthesun ...Huh, it looks like the protagonist is a knight. Oh, the dialogue between the hero and the rival knight here is so cool! Let's see. They both draw their swords and stare eachother down. Hm... maybe like this? ... I'm gonna have to practice with KAITO and see what he thinks! My pulse races. I forget I'm in real life. "White woman spotted." I say, audibly.

mattyoxide @gprofessx What happens when this fad is no longer cool? mostly carbon atoms. just trying to get along.

WoodyLevin Is crypto cool or what? What else would we all be doing in a Saturday night? Lol 😂 Founder/CEO @HelloExtend - Previously VP/Head of Growth @Docusign Board @DraftKings Founder @EstateAssistus & @BringitGaming Badger - Chicago sports fan

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