What is your mother languageHow

What is your mother languageHow do you say we the peoples of the United NationsHave a look at this cool new video of our staff reading the preamble of the UN Charter in their mother tongues

UNGeneva Geneva, Switzerland What is your mother language? How do you say "we, the peoples of the United Nations"? Have a look at this cool new video of our @UNGeneva staff reading the preamble of the UN Charter in their mother tongues: #IMLD2021 United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) In French:
what_eats_owls Seattle, WA me: oh this is a cool development, I hope they find a way to pay the artist me: me: .... THIS IS HOW I FIND OUT WILLIAM CLARK WAS A SLAVE OWNER?!?!?! Occasional doodler, ding-dang-demi, and author of THE MERCIFUL CROW duology & LITTLE THIEVES (10.5.21)! She/her. Rep'd by the ✨fabulous✨ @LitAgentMarini
TheDeniseCrosby What?!!! That is soooo cool!
botmingii insp. botjoong n jonghobot ! @jonghobot OH YM GIROFJW!**@?$*×*$* HELLOOO WTF WTF GHBBNGHRRBGBBRHHNN WEE WOO WEE WOO AHHHHHHHHH what a cool guy mingi is i think an actual bot that posts love for song mingi that posts every 30 minutes.. !!
J97652969 @BetaEFT Honestly, it's cool to add more guns, always. But why a pistol? Unless it's going to be a better late game pistol than the 5-7. Maybe a 44. Magnum or a Desert Eagle .50AE... The Beretta is a great early game pistol too so I don't really know what this can offer.
Gail_E_Gilmore United States @SarahSaysWrite Very cool! What shoe company is this? I may have to buy a pair just for the box😉 Author of memoir Dog Church. Rep’d by @Janet_Reid. Missing Dogs Massachusetts volunteer. Fan of all things dog. #WritingCommunity #5amWritersClub
a_space_friend Space 💫 Have you been outside today? Please do tell what you saw! From the earth to the sky, there is so much for your eyes! So cool~~! Hi there! ★ This website seemed a bit down in the dumps in the happiness department. ★ I Hope you're ok! (´・ω・`) ★ 30 min bot
gemmacaf Naarm (Melbourne), Australia I guess what Matt Canavan is saying is that there are a lot of sexual assaults and that the PM is busy with...other stuff? Ok cool •Barrister •Radio presenter: @3RRRFM @trans_warriors •Chair, govt regulation & equality @LibertyVic •Raging intersectional feminist •Proud westie
SirJoscha Freiburg, Schweiz Great chance to work with @VirtualPalaeo on computational fluid dynamics in what's one of the coolest buildings in Oxford, which happens to consist primarily of cool buildings. Unfortunately only 1 yr, but maybe this is just the right position for you!? Pal(a)eophile with reptilian bias | Postdoc at Uni of Fribourg studying turtle evolution | former @BensonLabOxford member
evilbitchboy @FutonSecret okay but you know what else is cool? this guy minor × ele/dele – he/him × icon and header by Pinterest
skyewastakennn she/her WHAT THE FUCK I HIT 1,6K YESTERDAY?!!)! (! @! THANK U ALL SM THIS IS SO COOL #welovepiss // pissgc
_Lina_grey What words do adventures begin with? -You're going to your grandmother's. -In the cemetery? - To another grandmother #ostwind This is an easy and cool movie, watch it I'm crazy? I write about myself and my life
Dales_Starman Skipton @mars_stu @NASAPersevere Cool. Like what you've done there. What distance is it to the main area highlighted in the picture (centre foreground)? Astronomy, Vintage, Funny RTs, Yorkshire Dales, Chilli Fan, Dogs, Blah Blah..
ZssBecker Anyone know of a NFT wallet displayer/gallery app? The only way I can see my entire wallet is on open sea and its drab. What maker place has is really cool but It doesn't show em all. Example : #HYROS CEO, #ADA Maximalist, NFT Art Collector
TheSonOfLilly shintaro 🤍 honestly im just disgusted... is this what "cool" teenagers do nowadays ?? she her
What is Cool?
thealiovic جهنم @mhmd_saeed69 What do you mean tricked him? This is so cool Always Aired Always Abused
DJNags_TARAK amalapuram.hyd What Is The Mean’S Of Africa?: A = After F = Fucking R = Rest I = In C = Cool A = Area 🎹𝑲𝒆𝒂𝒃𝒐𝒂𝒓𝒅 𝒑𝒍𝒂𝒚𝒆𝒓Die hard fan of @tarak9999 🏏@ImRo45 @virendersehwag🥊 @WWERomanReigns @tamannaahspeaks
shtwt_confesses @sournectarines @hoseokdontplay @ugli_hoe @el_is_very_cool @90lbs_kid Because they said "why does your skin shrivel in the shower"???? What's coming out of your shower????? Nutrients???? Chemicals??? This is for shtwt/edtwt confessions and vents!! Open to everyone from mental illness twt. Agony aunt typa beat, baby. Sometimes, I vent...
yoojmins non karinas 🚫 something about the members acting all cool when karina babies them but they cling to her 24/7 like her body is a free state. what's up with that?? #카리나
aayushidua23 Turkey Wow 😳 Normalizing this vile behavior is not a cool thing, selin is a villain & she deserves no vindication or redemption & excuse me what fall in love, she needs to rot in hell or behind the bars, all alone in misery all her life, no love for her pls #SenCalKapimi #EdSer who? Keeping it real since 94 🔥 حب نفسك اولا 💫 Freelance SocialMedia Manager • Feminist • Believer • Meditator • Traveller • Vegetarian IG - @aayushidua23 🐈 🐱 🐾
Altha_0910 @Halcyon93813241 gotcha. I think rn I'm getting some demons with 2nd tier skills, so I understand now what it is. And concentrate sounds cool, especially with something like defense debuffs, right? 20|(RUS/ENG)|Aprendo Español|FE games primarily|Play TearRing Saga|Machua simp #1|Dagr simp too|Priv: @Dullahan_0910
Metricool_es Earth Tecnocasa Still do not know what Metricool is? The most complete and intuitive analytical tool. Analyze, manage and measure the success of all your content. Contacta con ajajaja La herramienta definitiva para analizar, gestionar y medir el éxito de todos tus contenidos y campañas digitales. Gratuita. Completa. Intuitiva.
bTackt_ Maryland ➡ Los Angeles ➡ Seoul anybody looking at hoshi? where's hoshi? what's hoshi up to? why is he unceasingly cool? #호시 #HOSHI I love to write, and run, and learn things, and I like esports (LoL/CS:GO/OWL) and kpop (SVT/NCTD) | @UCLA student, will be a video editor, 한국말 하려고 한다, 不久會中文