What sort of Union is

What sort of Union is it when one partner cannot legally or politically leave without the permission of the other This judgement gives the lie to the nonsense of a partnership of equals I m angry beyond words but we need cool heads amp warm hearts

GavNewlandsSNP Renfrewshire, Scotland, E.U. What sort of Union is it when one "partner" cannot, legally or politically, leave without the permission of the other? This judgement gives the lie to the nonsense of a "partnership of equals". I'm angry beyond words but we need cool heads & warm hearts. #SupremeCourt #IndyRef2 Proud MP 4 Paisley & Renfrewshire N. Prouder husband to Lynn, and dad to Emma & Eilidh 'World class darts player'- Russ Bray 📧 gavin.newlands.mp@parliament.uk
davereaboi Miami Beach, FL My first response is disgust, but then I quickly chuckle. If you New Yorkers are cool with this because you like your all-night bodegas, hellhole subways, and the flickering embers of a once-great city, who am I to care about what happens there? National security, media & political warfare. Graphic design. Fellow, Claremont Institute. Jazz, hifi, bodybuilding. “Right-wing Twitter pugilist”—Politico
TDEM Austin, TX Did you know: #Thanksgiving is the peak day for home cooking fires?🔥 If you’re cooking this holiday, remember to: 🥘Watch what you heat! Most house fires start in the kitchen. ♨️In case of an oven fire, turn off the oven and keep the door closed until it’s cool. #HolidaySafety Official Account of the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM). Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Information for Texas. Publisher of @DomPrep Journal.
Deathstare64 Your Mothers House @JaymesHanson @PiccoDamayonaiz @jvhn9818 @mangaeurope Really? What is it? You just cool with Kubo like that? My new account. I made a new one cause I was bored of the last one.
LiamTRoche England & California You know what’s really cool? 🧲Magnets🧲 No, I am not a physicist or anything of the sort. I am just speaking generally that magnets are just really cool. That is all. Happy scrolling! Law student from the Napa Valley, California studying in the north of England. Find me here and more actively on
AnonyMMouse3333 Spaceship Earth @DrJoeHanson Musk-rat really hurts my heart, these days. What is really going on in his brain? Started so good: Paypal - critical 3rd party payment app Tesla - Made e-cars cool SpaceX - reusable rockets Starlink - global internets The Boring Co. - well, they tried. Then off to crazy-town Quixotic / Ephemeral / Silly
Lou_Gou_EYFS Somerset @joeb_EY Wait, what?! This is very cool! Mother, wife, teacher of primary, #EYFS, DT lead, lover of animals and laughter. Yorkshire lass living down south. All views are through a window.
londolozi Sabi Sands Game Reserve "While escaping the warmth is reasonably simple for us humans - but have you ever wondered what the animals do during the ‘heat’ of the day?" Read more - #londolozi #thelondolozieffect #relais #relaischateaux #wildlifeblog #safari #safaristories What if there is a place that inspires a profound desire in people to live in deeper connections with each other and the natural world?
steven_schnegg @FoxNews That's what I like about academics is their cool under pressure and their command of the English language! Such a classy guy. Why wouldn't we listen to him?
statefarmjk @rosmolinasan @DaemonFahkar @CKTaylor1969 @MoralHeathen50 @Longhorns4itall @JoJoFromJerz Okay so are you going to adopt the kids then? All these people saying adoption is the answer not abortion. Cool, fine that's your right to an opinion regardless of what i think, but then act on it and say you'll adopt a/the kid(s). If you won't then shut up #Crew96 #cbj #gobucks #Steelers F1 #haas
The1tru_LeviLee @Nicoles48133671 @shegeSZN @charmyy23 What's the business with Alone being the only song on the album? You be fool ,you say the song no get PR and iam telling you that the song being on a movie like black panther is a PR on it's own..Go and get back your Brain Banta mumu or if you like take 🍌🍌 chop cool your mind Chelsea Fc💙/Golden state worriors💙💛 Movies/Sports/Fashion/Music
shroominn @BMS_Scientific @DrHyfe @UniNMBU I tracked abstract until ‘niche dimension’ - what is a niche dimension? Another explanatory variable? I’m sure I should know but….I’ll dig in to this paper. Cool! Fungal biologist. Briar patch native. Field Station Director in the north woods. With decomposition comes character. Views are my own. he/him
ButterBabe__ Lagos, Nigeria @McNeachole &what's wrong with submitting? Unless of course you want to carry a stethoscope to be watching the women you take care of. Then what you need is medication not the woman. Again, take care of a cool woman right & you won't have to be prancing about your house demanding submission Gastronomic Babe💃 ...A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver. 🌻
Leptonmancer @MSo__cool @TroubledMindsR @Project_Veritas 🤦‍♂️Jesus. Is that what the tweet says? Why did you feel the need to ask a stupid question when I clearly stated the reason that I voted "no?" Nope.
_v1perr @JealousGoat I dont even play that often, so what if i play it? Its just a game and if the fandom ruined it its not my fault. The game itself is pretty interesting with lore and cool fights?I see you are romanian and even grown people play brawl stars even if its cartoony and mostly for young He/Him
nikolsayangkm @Metteseus HEY NOYI! i just check your rentry and WOW reading the explanation behind your name is really cool! Nice to meet you anyway! I see that you're a scorpio part of water signs like me, pisces! And you like Joji as well I LOVE HIM TOO! what song of him you love? Gaellio my sugar cake
luzurabot rentry byf woah! what's going on? what is this? woah–ho! this is so cool! yeah, yeah! i'm gonna study everything! has lines up to thanks to them! tweets luz content every ten minutes & replies are on :D
forev4rfine Midwest Shorty 📍 both tweets stupid asf 😂 tf do what a mf wear have to do with respect? and tf would a man need to be fighting for? 😂😂 is you cool? Baby, I’m the chosen one. 🤪 #twentywine🍷
_MintyZaki_ シュガーラッシュ Swizzle's car is cute because it's colorful. But, he boasted it's cool. What do you think about that? 映画【シュガーラッシュ】に登場するミンティ・ザキの非公式botです。映画中、台詞が無い為、発言は全て捏造です。苦手な方には フォロー非推奨です。返信はほぼ手動で行っております。沢山話しかけてあげてください。I am an unofficial account.

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