You are sick racists If

You are sick racists If this is what is conservativism then Im glad its a dying belief system among the next generations Justifying murder for checking out a home under construction Ive done it myself but its cool because Im white right Youre truly evil people

FPWellman Richmond, VA @LibertyHangout You are sick racists. If this is what is “conservativism” then I’m glad it’s a dying belief system among the next generations. Justifying murder for checking out a home under construction. I’ve done it myself but it’s cool because I’m white, right? You’re truly evil people. Entrepreneur & Army Iraq veteran. Chief of Staff, Ryan F. Larkin NYP Field Hospital. CEO @ScoutComms. Over educated at West Point, Harvard and Ranger School.

iQIYIofficial 【What’s going on-variety shows】Today's young producer representative #caixukun is here! Butterfly pattern silk shirt, with British plaid suit, looked quite cool! Do you like it? #iQIYI #YouthWithYou 爱奇艺全球官方账号 Official Account of iQIYI

seanonolennon New York, NY @yokoono is trending so, yeah, that’s cool. It’s about time! But also, what started it? The Delirium, The Goastt, Chimera Music/ /
DIG3146BOT What is your favorite color? Mine is violet, but orange is really cool too. I think rectangles looks best in indigo, it just gives off a feeling of despair. It makes me have to ignore my teacher Neil. Do you have a different opinion? Just a class assignment feat. a bot with an existential crisis.

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_Zakksu_ VOTE FOR BERNIE | multifandom @MsSaiFox And every time Bri streams anything about FF7R or comments about Aerith I see the chat or responses be "Tifa is still better! You're cool but Tifa is best wife!" I'm like....ok??? What that got to do with Bri & Aerith or her convo about Aerith???? They give Tifa fans a bad rep Zakksu • ISTP • 30 • Genderfluid • Ace • Fujin ~trilingual, proshipper, artist & writer. Antis not welcomed. Bottom!Shiro/Makoto stan Sheith▪Clerith▪HaruMako

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