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You know whats coolThe NWS Bay Area Night ShiftersYou know what else is coolOnshore flow bringing temperatures back to average this weekendQuite the change of pace for Saturday

NWSBayArea San Francisco, CA You know what's cool? The NWS Bay Area Night Shifters. You know what else is cool? Onshore flow bringing temperatures back to average this weekend. Quite the change of pace for Saturday! #CAwx Official Twitter account for the National Weather Service San Francisco Bay Area. Details:
mirandadevine New York, NY Intriguing… anyone know what these flights are about? You wouldn’t be deporting people from NC so is it picking up illegal migrants to make that last leg of the journey even easier? Part of this problem is that Republican donors are cool with the influx of cheap labor Journalist, wife, mother, dog-lover. Truth-teller @nypost @dailytelegraph @foxnews Author of bestseller #LaptopFromHell
2noPropaganda2 close to home @whywouldyou_uk @ErGodbutter @IreneMinkema22 @Ericthe10547001 @HanneyAngel @Bilal_Moslim @for_americans @IMDibe @yes_we_cat @emmettimanu @Brad_Spielman @bob_alian @JonathanWeissb3 @cool_grandad @say_no_to_Quota @Pen_Bird @swanz2506 @childofeternity @SamLevinson8 @Coho29415979 @DamienDown112 @Carl0s_Vela @BarryBenjamin21 @kevinadiamond @Jill_Azzouzi @spindokai @BanuOkumus @Borktheborkbork @BobbyTaylor810 @realChaim_Rubin @Indisciplined12 @corjoy @Buckeye_ricky @artstop @GenomeNathan @Richard63103014 @asegovia9 @JoeMigs @reallhere @arieh00 @NuHakolBeseder @AJewFromJudea @ScottAlan107 @HuizengaWest @gomiriam63 @10pillar @robinsonmsr10 @MulToot @AllThingsIsrael @DNy1818 What is Islam based on? AUS Jewish Lawyer/Policy Analyst. politically and Legalistic driven. #Antisemitism slayer,#Russiaisaterroriststate , #DolphinTamer
whywouldyou_uk @ErGodbutter @IreneMinkema22 @2noPropaganda2 @Ericthe10547001 @HanneyAngel @Bilal_Moslim @for_americans @IMDibe @yes_we_cat @emmettimanu @Brad_Spielman @bob_alian @JonathanWeissb3 @cool_grandad @say_no_to_Quota @Pen_Bird @swanz2506 @childofeternity @SamLevinson8 @Coho29415979 @DamienDown112 @Carl0s_Vela @BarryBenjamin21 @kevinadiamond @Jill_Azzouzi @spindokai @BanuOkumus @Borktheborkbork @BobbyTaylor810 @realChaim_Rubin @Indisciplined12 @corjoy @Buckeye_ricky @artstop @GenomeNathan @Richard63103014 @asegovia9 @JoeMigs @reallhere @arieh00 @NuHakolBeseder @AJewFromJudea @ScottAlan107 @HuizengaWest @gomiriam63 @10pillar @robinsonmsr10 @MulToot @AllThingsIsrael @DNy1818 Judaism is based upon what ? the experts expert
AlexHaightNEWS Minneapolis, MN @CaseyJBortnick @MercedesTVnews @melissasteinTV @jcrew @SPECNews1BUF @SPECNews1ROC @SPECNews1CNY @SpecNews1Albany What a random design. Now that you know what it is, does it signify that you're so cool? Growth Strategist @MediaMinefield. Former 📺 News Anchor/Reporter. @WSUCougars Alum. Green Bay Packers fan. TX-ID-WA-WY-WI-NY-MN.
4skin420 Texas, USA @zootboots Like Avril Lavigne says: What the hell? This is such a cool 2000’s vibe pic lol..no.
eskejp_ @Drfraud19 @yarnyarn12 @SpiritofLenin You also bare the responsibility of what your empire did while you say on that throne. You say youre not an apologist so im trying to understand what cool nee point it is you think your making? propao
hourlygumil 'If you don't mind me asking, what's the eyepatch for? To cover a wound of some sort? I've heard that your homeland is quite… violent.' 'It's fer nothin'! I thought it looked cool!' 'Are you serious?' jv ♡ gf
taliaferro_jay @FoxNews @TuckerCarlson Watch what happened in the midterms though. You think 51% of the population is cool with the government making their healthcare choices? Lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Animals, science, food, cats, horror films, the boo. Total communist libtard that loves people but not fascists.
romanzolotarev @adamwathan cool! what app is that? recreational webmastering #javascript #typescript #neovim #ergodox
PoisonPact 》 🐻E | 🍰R | 🐶H | 🌹A | 🐍C 》 ooc 35 | he/him | multi | duel fc @bananauyu_x Yeah it's cool when that happens. Makes me wonder if there is a big message my brain is trying to say. Eh? What are they talking about? Of course you can have repeating/continuing dreams. Something small in the dreams can change, but the general dream can be exactly alike too. Don't be fooled, for heaven & hell is not what it first appears. What's perceived good isn't always good, what's perceived evil isn't always evil. | @CLUBN0CTIS

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