We can make the magic happen.

kafcooks Kennebunkport, ME
We can make the magic happen. #strongertogether
@LizzyN09 you make me look crazy 😂
You gone make me show you something if you go against the grain
Nxhd__ United Arab Emirates
I want your arms around me 24/7 you make me feel safe
thmsbrngr Columbia, MO
NieRA is exponentially becoming more & more depressing the deeper in i go, but i REFUSE that this game will ever make me cry
syedkhawerabbas Milan, ITALY
I use @Dingtone to make free phone calls, send free texts, and have fun in Walkie Talkie mode! It's FREE!
LifeSpanIL Chicago, IL
If you see a crime being committed on social media, please call the police. One call could make a difference.
my kids make me forget about my anxiety
mythicflux Glasgow, Scotland
@The_Real_Big_Al there's nothing you can say that will make me not love it, but why?
seunghoonnnn Arizona, USA
this trafffic is gonna make me want to kill myself anhshs
This my new home, you cant make me leave
alecb97 notts/sheff
@PaulKavanagh_ but me and my gf have 2 off the same reference so if you could make sure you don't take them all that'd be appreciated!!
Can't wait to see Hamilton tm night so this will all make me even happier!!
Delveiryu18 Nowhere
Okay Colin actually make me laugh just now 😂😂😂
savannugh_ watching naruto w. finn
cabeyodreams_ Bieber Follows
Hey @SabrinaAnnLynn You make me prouder everyday! You're such an inspiration to me Brazil loves you 🇧🇷 Te amo ❣️ x685
DeAnne527 Milwaukee, WI
Never thought deleting a bunch of ish would make me feel this way
nwh91_TH 06/04/15 #HAREMIFNT (팬=여친)
I'll make you love me~ .เลื้อย(?)

Will Registry

Tripsz8 Toronto, Ontario
Ppl make me sick come to a restaurant n steal all the paper towels n toilet paper wtf
fawzy1990 heliopolis cairo
One look at any of your old whatsapp chats, fb messages etc , can Make you believe that there is no such a thing...
IalongoSimone aosta italy
@therealBrandy how beautiful your photographs always make me company in these dark days in this steel mill
@CraigHopkins_ @RyanYoung77 @Josh_Colwell3 don't make me bring out screen shots
demigawwdd lagos, pg county.
you make me nervous, but you also make me calm.
IWazYoung in the sunshine of your love
@jemmaaxxx If you catch me on the border i got visas in my name if you come around here i make em all dayyy running…
totfinsol in ya face
Some people on twitter are absolute fucking retards. Give your finger a break and stick it up arse. You make me sick. Fuck leaches.
PennyHollick Idaho, USA
Each day #matters. What I do or don’t accomplish #today sets me up for success or failure. Make today count.
KEIA_SHAE Louisville
At the end of the day a bitch gone remember me Ima make sure of it
@AssaultRifleAB music make me feel like I can move to the hood and flip bricks 😤
Take me to the sky above I can't make it on my own
AntoLaVita Detroit, Michigan
@KendraLust @KendraArmyLust @inna_sirina you are gonna make me blush right at work 😙

Created: 24 Mar 2017