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cream_soda2626 シェケナダム
@to_to_to_3 cool( *¯ ꒳¯*)

Go Cool Smashers💕 #PVLonABSCBN

I wish I can sing with Kotone NIKPOID again, she's so cool~

rachellelainead Davao Region, Republic of the Philippines
Go cool smashers 😍💋 #PVLonABSCBN

After a while you start to smile now you feel cool.

MUSIC REVIEW: @ThisIsDeever - Alright (Single Review) By @iamtheglover "This track packs a big punch, dynamic and…

LittlewoodElla United Kingdom
@Wes10 Thank you Weston, very cool !

NZAircraftFan Tawa, Wellington City, NZ
@pietro_nurra @ctwentysevenj I missed that, it would have been cool to see that.

lrnnmln_ messed up
welcome 😉 i want to know you more cool girl — ow haha what a compliment

WriteLyn Australia
@HarassNoMore Utter nonsense ! ( yes some have poor parents, but far from all ) people are individuals & don’t do t…

eliasson89 Stockholm, Sweden
@dnwiebe For the general user, seems like a really rare case that they would have more than 1 NIC, but still cool y…

MollieBruce15 Weymouth Dorset UK
Its hot hot hot so keep cool you hot dogs and please don't leave us in the car even with water and the windows open…

Galing Creamline Cool Smashers‼️💪🏻💓 #PVLonABSCBN

gyusmusic GMT+8
a fan screamed you're so cool kim sunggyu and now he's laughing coz kilig uwu

margaripronina Казань, Россия
Cool project, good idea #dapp #gamedev #games #cryptocurrency #earlybird #bitcoin #cryptonews #ethereum #ico #preico #investing #BTC #ETH

notesfromwalden Concord, MA
Ay, the deep Walden Pond and cool Brister's Spring—privilege to drink long and healthy draughts at these, all unimproved by these men but

@aelfblockchain cool

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