so what exactly is Sugar

so what exactly is Sugar Were Goin To Get Tacos you ask its a crispy corn shell taco w ground beef or shredded chicken homemade queso sauce cool ranch dorito chips pico de gallo cilantro ranch crema drizzle yup already drooling

falloutboy Chicago, IL so what exactly is Sugar We're Goin' To Get Tacos, you ask? it's a crispy corn shell taco w/ ground beef or shredded chicken, homemade queso sauce, cool ranch dorito chips, pico de gallo + cilantro ranch crema drizzle 🀀 yup, already drooling.
TPWDnews Austin, Texas, USA Hawk watch! The cool front brought in hundreds of Broad-winged Hawks migrating through #Texas. Who knows what a flock of hawks is called? πŸ“·Stacy E. Zarpentine Official news feed from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. See all of our social media accounts at #BetterOutside
SJha1618 India Anyway, what is the point. In other news, the Indian Army might be planning to get Bactrian Camels for patrolling in Ladakh. How cool is that, huh? War and Economics. Author of 'The Upside Down Book of Nuclear Power' & @HeatandDustProj. Columnist @DeccanHerald. Founder @delhidefence.
DIG3146BOT What is your favorite color? Mine is pink, but turquoise is really cool too. I think diamonds looks best in purple, it just gives off a feeling of sadness. It makes me have to ignore my coworker Kevin. Don't you agree? Just a class assignment feat. a bot with an existential crisis.
mongronarchive she/they/fae, 15, kt, γƒŸβ˜† just wanna be sure. is it cool with you all if i do pics of dianna and cory separate too? firstly, it prolongs content AND i’ve got lots of content of them that i can share? just lmk what y’all think :) daily posts of cory monteith & dianna agron. 🀍
DebiM0077 USA Wow. He just said "I came to the hospital cuz I just couldn't stay in the WH, isolated." Like the hospital is a social hub. LIAR!!!!!! I'm so disappointed he's talking. We had what - 3 tweets from him yesterday? It's been Joe Cool's lips to God's ears: "Shut Up!!" Old single mom who loves animals more than people. Defender of Innocence. One Tuff Bitch. Avid Mask Wearer. AntiTrumpist Extradonair.πŸŒŠπŸ’™πŸŒŠπŸ’™πŸŒŠ

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