So stupid. These "legal" documents are such a joke. I can not imagine Shinhwa would have ever signed these

cookie_lass Philippines
@orangeagassi So stupid. These "legal" documents are such a joke. I can not imagine Shinhwa would have ever signed these

_emulsifier Internet/Melbourne/Jakarta
@destinygyo @cookie_lass can shincom sue them for forgery of 'legal documents' as well? what a joke XD

shorty13melissa the great state of Tennessee
@facebook this id shit is a joke!! Locked out till y'all review my documents?

@lukewalkerbooks We've spent the last week sending various people various documents. I'm suspecting it's all just an elaborate joke.

minefornothing London
THIS IS A NOT A JOKE Page 33 - lines 1&2 of the table

faduda Ireland
"S4 Public provocation to commit a terrorist offence" How long until we arrest someone for a Robin Hood airport joke?

UrbsIntacta Waterford
And still #Waterford waits for @Failte_Ireland to put City back on map of Ireland Getting to be a joke at this stage

Shyama_Sachi San Clemente, CA
Surprised his materials didn't include a CIA training manual. What a joke mainstream news is. (Bad joke.) Benazir...

African Debt agreements, Vision 2025, policy documents sponsored by GH/African govts. U dey joke or? @neneodonkor @kwakuanansee @iamblay

lachlan DC
Dark joke? Huma tells Clinton: "I'm giving you credit for inspiring the 'peaceful' protests."

jurekvengels München
@EU_Commission Better regulation!? Are you serious!? That just sounds like as sick joke after this: #ttip-scandal

simplykaty beau|james
no joke i actually like filing documents in cabinets wow

ovr2you Damascus, Syria
@AllahsLoneWolf What a joke, while this document proves #obama knew was supplying #AlQaeada all along!

Have to go into Graveney to sign History Coursework documents.....is my life a joke

joke_sparrow दिलढ़ली से हू भाई साहब
Needle of ugly conspiracy turned to Bush. Osama believed 9/11 was inside job- US documents

mikedebonis Washington, D.C., USA
Here's the whole thing

Why would you release documents... This country is a joke.

prolifeunity Join us Today!
Criminal Hillary doesn't have to release 55,000 pages of emails until AFTER the election. Yeah, no joke,January 2016.

megaspacepanda Brooklyn, NY
People outside Scientology who know all its beliefs via leaked documents/course materials see it as a joke. More info = clearer perspective

luketoast PA / NY
also told this kid's mom a joke about how i "have a lot of word documents." idk if she got it

Created: 28 May 2015