the roof is nicethe roof is nice

lysssaarzola (at on Thu Dec 25 09:07:36 2014) the roof is nice

BobbyBrutality (at Las Vegas on Thu Dec 25 09:07:11 2014) LOL i think the roof is going to come off no joke. if my window breaks from this wind i will fucking die from laughter,or shards of glass XD
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_katejimenez (at on Thu Dec 25 09:07:08 2014) “@PelayoKathy: I JUST HEARD SANTA ON THE ROOF HAHBZHXJXGZVAVAVA” I want what you're on

PatrickAnnFoy (at on Thu Dec 25 09:06:51 2014) @aaroadwatch @BarryWhyte85 @GregHughes2 Roads very slippy this morn car on roof just above Castlefin Donegal Garda at scene 9am

HeyitsLos (at Lost Angels on Thu Dec 25 09:06:38 2014) Really think I heard a nigga on my roof
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seeyairuhh_2 (at on Thu Dec 25 09:06:29 2014) “@MBalsitis: WTF?! Some fat dude just crashed on my roof! 😡” IT'S SANTAAAA!!!!!!!!!🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎉😭😭😭😍
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Erik_Machado_ (at on Thu Dec 25 09:06:24 2014) I lw wanna chill on my roof
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LadiAdagun (at on Thu Dec 25 09:06:23 2014) Omg, I got a Ferrari! My chimney and roof are messed but thanks Santa! :)
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mason_wear (at on Thu Dec 25 09:06:14 2014) THE WALKING DEAD - SEASON: 5 EPISODE: 3 - FOUR WALLS AND A ROOF

modernshopping (at on Thu Dec 25 09:06:07 2014) #ebay Roof top cargo box
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lyndsayshepp (at on Thu Dec 25 09:06:07 2014) I think Santa has arrived. I hear tiptoes and reindeer walking on the roof. 🎅😍🎄❤️ guess I'll pretend to be asleep now! Goodnight all🎁
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autos_fsbo (at on Thu Dec 25 09:06:00 2014) Other Makes Other Makes 2011 Used. Cookeville Tn 38501 #OtherMakesOtherMakes
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amberswales1 (at Bedfordshire on Thu Dec 25 09:05:36 2014) I walked into my medals this morning and mum thought there was reindeers on the roof👀😂
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johnstafford72 (at Millionaires Row, Eccles on Thu Dec 25 09:05:33 2014) @MellesBellesMcr reminds me of the time our son shouted "I've heard a noise." Nobody there son. "It must have been Santa on the roof then"

moids (at San Francisco on Thu Dec 25 09:05:27 2014) Why not smart guns that dispatch EMS the moment shot leaves chamber? Roof mounted cams that track officers on foot? #AntonioMartin
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ShyRuisu (at [18+ #OpenRP] on Thu Dec 25 09:05:21 2014) @TheAsashinClan He looked at the activity on the roof, not able to understand what was happening
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megantatumm (at Los Angeles on Thu Dec 25 09:05:19 2014) I think I just heard santa blow off the roof... 🎅🍃

AmandaDestro (at buffalo, ny on Thu Dec 25 09:05:17 2014) There actually was just some clatter on my roof, Santa may not be a scam after all

ChiefBeeeef (at Crooklyn Dodgers on Thu Dec 25 09:05:11 2014) I want to sleep on my roof . With a tent With an Arizona With the ihome With my dog coco
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fohozefifopu (at on Thu Dec 25 09:05:07 2014) Two antennas met on a roof, fell in love and got married. The ceremony wasn't much, but the reception was excellent.

MeggStone (at on Thu Dec 25 09:05:03 2014) Santa must know I'm awake cause it's 4am and I don't hear him on my roof.
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rB3Ju5ke (at on Thu Dec 25 09:05:00 2014) RadiationDose_roof Radiation dose per hour:0.082[μSv/h] 2014/12/25 17:05:00

djishh (at San Francisco, CA on Thu Dec 25 09:05:00 2014) “@R_devv: Santa on nigga time... He hasn't landed on my roof yet”lol same
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badgalyoyo (at Eritrean in Chicago on Thu Dec 25 09:04:51 2014) First time my whole family is under one roof in over a year, man I love the holidays

TheIncognitia (at Somewhere Vague on Thu Dec 25 09:04:49 2014) When it rains for a long time, the ceiling and roof above me becomes an indoor water park for rats and it's quite ominous.
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viewsfrommark (at Just north of London, UK on Thu Dec 25 09:04:46 2014) "I don't care who you are fat man get those reindeer off my roof" ~ Dean Martin.
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rissmusacchia (at LI & BTV on Thu Dec 25 09:04:21 2014) if my roof wasn't wet I would just sit on it until the sun rose but standing in the backyard is nice too

TommyBartram01 (at on Thu Dec 25 09:04:12 2014) @AfcFreddie @GeorgiaHayden_x haha I know mate never been so nervous but when she said boy nearly went through the roof lol x

FrantikChaos (at Save the Sharks on Thu Dec 25 09:04:11 2014) So I've been watching the roof all night and honestly, I don't think Santa Claus exists.
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