I think if the world goes to war the women will survive because they know what its like to bleed for a week when men will just die

I think if the world goes to war the women will survive because they know what its like to bleed for a week when men will just die
I wana friendship so tight to the point when I die I'll know my son will be taken care of by my friend&mom &sister's 😔
When Will I Die?
Ibelieveinsam Please Be Okay Jared #AKF
@scifidiva24 @J2rules @kelios @JackieBojarski I hope when Sam sees Death, he says, "nice to see you again Sam" and that will just anger them
when will i die, death
Nikki_Irish NYC/DC/Vegas
@HumanityPlague When that one comes to fruition I'm going to just lay down and die. Everything I need I will have had.
dirtdon Omaha, NE
When I die and go to hell I have this feeling that it will consist entirely of implementing AppleScript support in OS X apps.
zed42069666 emo hoe
when i die then u will realize
angstyFenris English/日本語 SPEAKING OK
When I die. Then you will realize. #RayBot
discotapes glasgow/edinburgh
when i die i hope my last words will be "fuck the tories"
yassoon2015 london
dont think "i'll fix up when i reach ..." because what if the angel of death doesn't let you get that far? then how will you explain?
haimstille manila
@JOEL9ONE will do. I'm a die hard 49ers fan but I always gotta watch you when you play us. Good luck this season.
It seems to me that when I die these words will be written on my stone
tristaneelfe Family Simpson Evans
@simpsonelfe I swear it will get easier Remember that with every piece of ya And it's the only thing we take with us when we die
Noreen_ayman Madrid
When I die , which I will young I hope ,, I want my ashes to be spread in the Mediterranean .
She_isKing_ look up, say your prayers
When will I stop mourning a death that never even happened?
When Will you Die?
LilDemiGod_ GMU18❤︝ΑΟΠ
When I'm annoyed, the littlest thing will piss me off. Someone sniffling their nose? Nah they're boutta die
I WILL have a Kia K900 when I graduate, even if I have to pay payments till I die 😅
tendstohappen Fxburg
When I die these words will be written on my stone
when tst trailer starts showing on tv that will be the day i truly die
jesussdaugher thats a pretty face
It will not let me sleep, I guess I'll sleep when I'm dead. And sometimes death seems better than the migraine in my head.
When I'm on my death bed, my last words will be, "Who the hell put me on this death bed?"
@madisssonriley when I die this will be the words that I last speak
alit_en On the Internet, Somehow.
When I Die, Then You Will Realize
Find out When you Will Die!
Can I have a hologram when I die? Can I put that in my will?
NewtonMark Get a warrant
If, in 50 years, Abbott is remembered as the man who was leading the nation when same sex marriage was enacted, I will giggle 'til I die.
when will i die, death
Prophecize Seattle, WA
@diaframps__ no the world will end when I go to New Orleans and die from crawfish overload
primemgc westside
some kid in my german class asked "when will i die" same
keith_brenton Sylva | North Carolina
If there's any food item I like at Walmart, it will never again be there when I return. I am death to the good stuff.
#DWTSAllAccess I feel when you all need help you send in L to post a bomb ass selfie and make us die so we will forgot your sucky promo
nita_HB ghana
Wonder what I will die if, where, how? When... I will never know I guess

Created: 19 May 2015