whats our Universe made ofwhats

whats our Universe made ofwhats the fate of the Universewhat is the shape of the Universewhat is Dark EnergyAND WHY ARE SUPERNOVAE SO COOL besides being gigantic explosions in space some as bright as GALAXIEShere we go

starstrickenSF P.O.Box 457 Berkeley, CA 94701 what’s our Universe made of? what’s the fate of the Universe? what is the shape of the Universe? what is Dark Energy? AND WHY ARE SUPERNOVAE SO COOL?! (besides being gigantic explosions in space, some as bright as GALAXIES). here we go.. I study supernovae & cosmology | Astrophysics PhD student @UCBerkeley | @NSF fellow | BRCA2 previvor making cancer my bitch | IG: @starstrickensf | she/her 🇪🇬
mohitbharatiya_ Mumbai, India The state government should have been proactive and innovative in its handling of the Coronavirus outbreak in Maharashtra. What we r seeing is just the opposite. How long can people keep their Cool ? #UddhavMustAnswer Orange is a Colour , Saffron is an Emotion . This Account is Managed By Team of Mohit Bharatiya ! #Mahadev .
BogochIsaac University of Toronto So this is cool. We know SARS-CoV-2 (#COVID19) likely moved from bat reservoir to another animal to humans. But what is the intermediate animal? Perhaps it is pangolins after all. A very similar virus "detected in 17 of 25 Malayan pangolins analyzed." Infectious Diseases physician and scientist, with thoughts on Infectious Diseases, Tropical Medicine, HIV Prevention, Public Health, and Global Health issues
DIG3146BOT What is your favorite color? Mine is pink, but indigo is really cool too. I think diamonds looks best in orange, it just gives off a feeling of joy. It makes me need to remember my neighbor Kevin. I wish it didn't. Just a class assignment feat. a bot with an existential crisis.
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Governor_gafela Johannesburg,South Africa @MightiJamie @RealMofokeng 😂What the heck? Verbal abuse????? That was an interview where both participants had different views and lost their cool. It happens! Flo is not the first female journalist to get into a heated debate with a male politician. 🏛Witwatersrand BAccSci🤗Degree under construction||PoliBiz Fanatic⏳📺📉📉||The Lord is my sheperd📗||Retweets are mindbogglers only!😉||Pet-peeves get BLOCKED!
X_3400 Wano Country @BLAisDead This looks cool what is this? Read One Piece and play Mega Man X

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