you know what I mean though. Like someone literally said they want public sex to be legal.

TheAngryAfrican Kinshasa, Dem. Rep. of Congo
@xoxArham you know what I mean though. Like someone literally said they want public sex to be legal.

Bermont Chile
I liked a @YouTube video CNET On Cars - Car Tech 101: Auto-start-stop explained

IAmAFroot Ryn's Shoulder
They're probably just bothering me. I know them and they're complete trouble makers and we aren't on good terms

faruqshaibu lasgidi,Nigeria!!
Stars stand with Kesha amid legal battle with Dr. Luke

#Three #Terms Is #Enough for #Morales

@Laurie_Wetzel @AnthonyDFarr Always a legal fine print to be read


This is the sort of legal issue that Cherie Blair & Co. should be fighting for.

Just don't understand how this is even a legal battle in the first place. @KeshaRose is and always will be amazing. So sorry love #FreeKesha

pattheflip Sunnyvale and LA, depending
@Shivelamouse i think if I were a parent I probably would want to handle that on my own terms, not forced to by a game.

@heyevz her story is dark, the legal facts are actually kinda bullshitty

Perspective: The Rise of Legal Knowledge Management #legalindustry

tasteofaz Phoenix
Proof that Ted Cruz did not become a US citizen at birth and and

KWM posts flat global revenue of $1.02bn as it slashes practice group numbers #legalindustry

In terms of errors that leads to points, that's a fairly big one from the boy Blake. My unders bet is gone here FYI.

“We analysed the game together, focusing on our errors,” Vainqueur explained to Sky.

@Preston_Leslie if I explained why I wasn't a basic hipster, that's what a basic hipster would do. Therefore entering the debate is futile.

What's understood need not be explained if you really live it

Half terms gone too fast

The reason why this is going down can be explained here:

The NFL's magic yellow line, explained

1cornishblue Newquay, Cornwall
@chumpster64 oh yeah. I explained how the bottles are getting smaller, or the glasses bigger, I wasn't quite sure

PMcToal Boston, MA
@JoeWils60944901 In terms of Mourinho, as Sir Alex said "No one is bigger than Manchester United." Mou doesn't fit the ethos of the club.

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