I think its cool

I think its cool.

What are people tweeting about I think its cool.

GmoneyGmoneygmo @Clint_Davey1 I think its cool. Would give a great narrative reason to only have certain mechanics active at a time. Like practicing drops but not certain types of combat. Plus it actually gives some stakes to the tutorial and makes it "matter" more to the player.
jdgejulieunruly New York, NY @jessmargera i hope they are all safe and come home soon. addiction is a terribly misunderstood disease. i think its cool you are talking about it. peace. commie mommy dont hate on me
tmbg13 @scrowder i think its cool that your ex was in the process of divorcing you and you coped by making crap like this I'm Alex. Nightmare Disney Adult. He/him or whatever. Say pronouns in bio to poo your pants. Formerly the lil stinker of online (good now)
oblivionite she/her • 19 • bi ☽⚔︎☾ @girlbosstiel FR LIKE I DIDNT LIKE SOME OF THE crap SHE DID, BUT I ALSO UNDERSTOOD IT, AND THERES JUST NO WAY SHE'LL EVER BE AS BAD AS JOHN LIKE me personallyy i think its cool that she came back cause they have to reckon with the fact that she isnt perfect or on a pedestal (bc she isn't dead) Blm • leftist • 🏳️‍🌈 | spn ⊬🫧🏴‍☠️🥂
swordvampyr SoCal @baileyzindel absolutely! I also get really irritated with draggable pngs on sites because its a pain to use on mobile / without a mouse. do i think its cool? yes. but it's not very usable and distracts from your work. a graphic designer who accidentally learned about words • she/her • 21
RichardEdenfie1 Catskills, New York, USA @Timcast I think technology lends itself to a certain transformation. I don't think everything should be seen through a negative lense: Life isn't about being yourself, it is about creating yourself, that's Oscar Wilde. And I think its cool to keep the pathways of creativity open. Father. Husband. Brother. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Moon. Stratocaster guitar. Otter. Dolphin. Blue Whale. Cheetah. Aquarius. Universe. Soul. Writer.
FLINGP0SSEINC he/him + 17 🇨🇱 a fact i think more people should know, nausa de zuiqu (ichiro and samatoki duet) uses levan polkka as their base for the song idk i think its cool boyloser account ☆
WhenDayBreakes Søra#1283 @lunarsfullmoon I THINK "STAR" FITS BETTER BECAUSE HE HAS A STAR EYE AND I THINK ITS COOL 😭 ¶ 'I may want to kill you but I'll never let you die, even if it kills me.'
ThekgoR Pretoria, South Africa For someone who likes their own space. I think that's cool, just to evaluate your growth from a space of solitude and oneness. See where you actually are in life. We don't grow together always, and to avoid crippling co-defendance I think its cool. Creative Writer Thekgoraseala41@gmail.com Ig: Thekgo_Raseala
taciturnAdjutor Somewhere in IA, formerly NJ i think its cool (and yknow ofc she is) that my boss constantly screws staff and the kids over so she can make a couple extra bucks for her vacations every other month forkin pig lmao 29 | ♊ | they/she | bf: @toffinski🫀
minimoefoe @willbondspeare no I think its cool that she believes that but in the grand scheme of canon or rep within the show it doesn't mean much to me. like if moffat turned round and was like rory williams is actually bi I'd be like right well it's not in the show or any eu content so idc dw, twd | 23 | also: @dw_caps
toastyryee in bed with doppo kunikida guys so i kind of associate ppl with colors based of like .. idk .. something if anyones curious to see what color i think of them as respond and ill show u bc i think its cool 🤗 any pronouns | 15 | karl supremacy | kunikidas #1 fan | priv acc → @wilosbitch | selective fb | RCBYF
HypoShrek @RiPPiN_NM @MintBlitz Watched your video on yt, yours too Mint, and comments were turned off so came here to say I think its cool youve done this! I’m sure some haters think its too much, but glad its a collection that makes you happy. Watched 90% of the video
Masharifov @ItsDhanushka @FlashFilmNews It doesn’t matter cuz Zack doesn’t own it. I think its cool hes using it and we should enjoy it. Also this will prove Zack is better. IG: nodirm SC: nodirm93 | I write to remember.
meowtsuba any pronouns ♣.♦.♥.♠ mitsuba thinking insta quality is crap is so me I LIKE THE IDEA i love the little detail about the cleft lip and cleft palate because my little cousin has cleft palate so i think its cool you added that :) #MITSUBA ☆ 「only I remembered」• eng:bis:日本語 OK!
williecaljoun1 East Pleasant View, CO @SlabDaBase @CardPurchaser I think its cool asf and the story cool asf too. keep it avg 3.6 pts a game in the 80s before i hurt my ankle. 🏀 guy
Vendetta_won Heaven i think its cool but doesn't fit transformers. glasses are funky with that face which reminds me of Aztec artwork and i think that's neat I'm a user of nothing. Just the way I like it.
bntzillaguy USA @spankzilla85 I think its cool you're exploring the Dreamcast's library and discovering games like this Married. Father. Dog enthusiast. Sega Retro Gamer. A fan of Dallas sports, Baylor University, movies, comic books, Sonic the Hedgehog, Godzilla and DOOM.
glizzymcguire5 @niclaysroos this is sort of how my current relationship is going, like we're just closer friends but more affectionate and intimate and stuff. i really really like it. i think ive always wanted a relationship like that and i think its cool we're together in this way half man half amazing he/they nb bisexual
babyfacexjackie JUNIEBJONES HEAD. 732|233 KID @cheynoelle98 @danny_carreno19 idk my body and brain just wont let me lmao. something wont let me ask “whats your name” lmao. i think its cool though cus now they got nickname forever. baby, from the eastside, with love.
eitrymir Spain i only played it a little but i think its cool, youre just haters and hate fun 23. she/they. lux 🫳🌱 goobie snoobert | genshin, aot, honkai, tlou, zelda and more.
hinahedgehog 🏳️‍⚧️ | he/it/xe I DIDNT EVEN LIKE. SAY ANYTHING TO MAKE HIM DO THIS EITJER I WAS JUST LIKE "im a guy and i wear dresses i think its cool" and IMMEDIATELY he was on board. good for him! good for him ➥ 16 | 🇲🇽 | nsfw/proship dni | sdr2 + p5r + ohshc :) | 🍀🌻 / 🥞☕ | dating akechi n komaeda i dont make the rules
minrafn Portland, ME i did rly have so much fun reading trimax what an experience. still marinating in it. i think its cool knowing that hiromu arakawa likes trigun and realizing how much vash is in ed niel or pony . he/him . 26 . white . friends only follow pls
CoolGamerRainy joined the yiikcord out of curiosity about the games development and got assaulted with like 3000 word paragraphs on the yiik lore and hidden subtext and my mind was not ready for that. (for the record i think its cool) The wind feels so nice... This is my first time experiencing spring. (she/her)
moosekababs 26 / NB / They - Them/ CST 22) when i was little i was racing my across-the-street neighbor samantha, crashed into some lady i somehow didnt see, and got road rash on half my face. straight up looked like harvey dent for like two weeks while it healed and i think its cool This pokemon has the amazing ability to use twitter! Unfortunately, nothing it tweets is worth reading. ⭐ robots, various sillinesses. 🔞 discussions
softnadjah_png @dieworkwear like as an art historian, i think its cool that the present still is part of history, like yk it is a dialogue between the artists of the past and the present, i mean sure preserve historical artefacts, but now that it is done, it can be part of the object's history 🌸🌊✨/ art historian, podcaster & archivist / pastel disaster (she/her) would die for abba 🌸 Full Time Barbie Girl 💖 @imaginarium_pod
segachanneI they/he/it/fluff/xe - 17 Im watching chainsaw man and i wanted to screenshot makima so i can tell everyone i think its cool how unsettling she is gaysex | mostly anime girl rhythm games | ffxiv acc: @lesbians4graha | art: @merc_mart
vertigone_ no-sleep-land @theboneturner hes an avatar of the vast what more do you want/j the scar is just cool, smelling like ozone/thunder??? thats my dream, yeah he has killed a lot of people but he still seems so human? and i think its cool that he used another fear to get rid of the one that tormented him they/them|aroace|23 • mostly podcast stuff (w359/tma/a81/bvm/redval/wtnv/dndads etc.) • ☁️vastard • D&D, Fallen London • malevolent pt. 12
CringeLinn yaoi dot com Telling his roommate/work partner this, and said roommate is like "damn thats rough buddy. /i/ think its cool u can crush a skull in one hand." i cant do it i have to put all my cringe oc behavior in a separate space
Marilthecat Tokyo @MONKEEMOTO @Fereiliquid how did u already forge it?? I connected my Cirl wallet and it was NOT hubbed, i thinks its a mistake but I think its cool @RTFKT @clone6771 / @metashimaNFT #3928 / @CloneForceTM / @WilderWorld / @CloneXtokyo / @DenDekaDen Digital Fashion Web3 / Creative Director / Design Engineer
_LoneDeviant No thoughts, only Zenos @_ZenosVGalvus its a young idea so, still needs more polishing but i do want her hair and eyes and maybe even abilities to sort of shift during said times. i think its cool and as for zenos, he doesn't care about anyone else beyond ciel and his kids however, Pandora is one of those ppl- Proudly Afro-🇵🇷/Tribal life ❤/Deviant🌻/Cringe but free 👍/Macabre💀/NSFW🔞 🤍❤️🖤𝓒𝓲𝓮𝓵🖤❤️🤍 - ''Zenos forks my Wol'' 🔪
d_mowans @Hog_Ridah @reddit_lies Homie you are clearly a dumbass so I'll explain it like this. Being tolerant to the intolerant will make the intolerant stronger and destroy the tolerant. I like the first amendment i think its cool but everything has a limit. You cannot denay fox news as a fascist outlet 1/2 Conservatism is good /s
miolovesshun cw 40 bmi 15 use any pronouns sometimes tweets go to non edtwt tl so I think its cool to tw and censor it 19
hug_silas @mikec_marin @RandomBlueJays @MUFC_KJ @SAF__Boss Thats why Papin has 90 Rating and others like Mostovoi (no front but who the fork is that even? 😭) have 86. I think its cool to have more cards, because the Community is from all around the world, and everyone has some Idols from childhood. Who wouldn't want to play with them...
haurchefant australia @kogaoogami YEAH!! I think ITS COOL since kohaku is his only other role!! BUT OOOH THAT’S UNDERSTANDABLE!! I gotta see who is voicing the dub but I hope it has a good one too !! OK BUT PLEASE I just finished work so I’ll run home and watch then run into ur dms nat. she/her. 🌸 ‘ sometimes the only way to protect the ones you love is to take a stand. to refuse to suffer in silence. ’
xoIaii vixxy, amia, emoboy, alfi💞 @Axel95840854 rip i think its cool and lovely ੈ✩‧₊˚ ★ ₍ ᐢ.ˬ.ᐢ₎˚୨୧ 🧸 #ilovekaraaandmina
FannierFan OH MY GOSH SO SO I FOUND SOME SMALL INFORMATION (that’s probably already well known aa) THAT MADE ME SUPER HAPPY GRAH i think its cool! honestly trophy and fan are just goofy silly guys what
miso_fire For instance, I like how you have been handing out blue check marks personally to influencers and celebrities. I think its cool to see that person to person validation that used to be the social norm before the internet.
nelenelifee98 🇩🇪 || 🇬🇧🇨🇳🇹🇼 @Leea82507221 @Leoskywalker20 Well thats not logical but ok. I think its cool that they prepared themselves and didnt want to forget anything😄 Multi ♡ 🎶 Atiny, Monbebe, Stay, WayZenNi, Choice 🎶 ♡ xikers 😈❤️‍🔥 Kim Minseoung, Hong Keonhee, PHanbin, Keita 🔥 Let's debut!🙌 Jaystar 🎸✨️
wildtimes7932 Socal @ureverydaywoman I think its cool and hot at the same time Fun adventurous guy in socal browsing for fun. I have snap if you want to see a genuine pic.
Amphere7 And i think its cool how the major players of this choice was his first and last student. Aira. 24. She/Her. posts nsfw & problematic content so no minors ok🔞mainly jjk(allmegumi+stsg) & sometimes bnha(krbk)&gnshin(klc.hkv) alt: @myAMPS @Amphere14
caesiumSystem alternia i think its cool that badger likes bjork and fiona apple jesse wld listen to radiohead probably idk @vinylvehemence :3! / she/it / main: @drawnDesperado priv: @drawnDoinkass / 16!!!!!!! / aceflux
Cyrus_The_Fox Texas, USA @nahalo95 2021, I realized after seeing art! I was in love with the community. I was told I wasnt allowed by my parents, however Im still spectating and working on things! I think its cool despite the circumstances Ive been put in. | 15 | I love technology, especially Apple | VR is cool |
LiamKazzy ~ They/He ~ 5TEEN~🇺🇸🇲🇽 I dont even watch mob but i LOVE how the background characters look like the main ones and mob just looks like a background one I think its cool Ready, Steady, ROLL! 🫶🗯: RGG | TRIGUN | POTC 🫰: @Depoweredtaz ESP/ENG
byehazards 🪶📜 I feel like every new area in genshin doesnt need a million new mechanics/puzzle types and a bunch of gimmick things its a bit much. Like I think its cool that each new region has different stuff but it doesnt have to be the every new smaller area that comes out. So overwhelming ˖⁺ ꒰ა pepper ♱ 22 they\them ♱ degen roach doll ໒꒱ ⁺˖ 🔞 & 🪦🕊 (DNI MINORS) 🗝🩸
Batmancanceeu Gotham I think its cool that Zack likes The Volume ,but he didn't use it for Rebel Moon because his war scenes have over 100 actors in it and his sets are too big. 🦇🦇🦇🦇Here since 2011 🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇
lemonscrap nz personally, i think its cool and healthy for long-term product growth for the first replies to every tweet to be the worst owner of yahoo answers 🥚 Cohost: 🐘 Mastodon: @lemonscrap@mas.to 🐳Spoutable: @ lemon
_TOYstoryy Nork Yall taking them adult tumbling classes and i think its cool ASF tf!
PillowFort_Game @PolarPeri I think its cool to have lore if you come up with it but also some poeple are just cat girls and other are just a potato piloting a mech Games from the pillow fort because nobody want to be an adult anymore.
blindness_10000 @s_kumaco if this creature was in real life i would be traumatized by how it looks and works but since its digital i think its cool. blindness 10,000 you can find me on

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