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KnownAsBart @Dax741 make this ur pfp i think its cool and girls will be like omg i love ur pfp its so hot 17 and i stream r6 i guess
ejjirodo he him @didyaknowtensei i like tde story wise. while philosophically itd bet better to choose something like demon or freedom personally, i like the idea of the demifiend kind of feeling betrayed and having to turn to luci. yeah i guess it makes him a bitch but i think its cool regardless lmao i wanna flip her taxes
Harmful_Logic Drogheda, Ireland song i privated like 4 years (no idea why), found it again and i think its cool and decided to unprivate. enjoy founder of @tsunderefanclub ////////
YRGCEO commisions/依頼:1 clip=$5/500円 @trealXX @hero56k I feel like these high amounts of RSMB can give the video to have some fragmovie vibes and i think its cool;p CEO@CLAIRVOYANCE AND YURU GANG
wwwkurtcom Twitter I think its cool that I have a book out in the world and another one coming and more after that. Credits: Credit 2 Society | Good at Drugs (2021 @patioback) | Tubi Poems (2021 @dailydrunkmag) | Blech Life (@BottlecapPress)
ErrorAt808 Honolulu, HI I think its cool and sexy how I’m just rawdogging embroidery like i really just learned three stitches and nothing more TELL ME YOU LOVE ME IN PRIVATE
Love_You__Harry ot5 i think its cool.. i think mine matches me sometimes, and sometimes it matches me way too much --I couldn't want you anymore tonight 19 😋 she/her
musa_voided Atlanta, GA @its_evan_yeah Damn I didn't think you would lay it all out like that but that and the article Malik sent pretty much answered all the questions I had. I think its cool that people wanna treat Digital Art like Fine Art now but I totally agree that this option just isn't the right direction [MICA 22 GFX Major] Professional Jack of All Trades
DJtrainzzz The train room Im not a huge sports fan or anything, but i think its cool that @Drivr3joe answered my question about the Toronto blue jays. So thanks, and keep up the good work with the live streams, there a ton of fun😁👍👏 Thomas and friends/railway memorabilia collector since forever
razz_xo orario | he/they @teafunni_ LOL DONT BE SORRY WTF and i think its cool in cali but weather-wise it depends on whether you're norcal or socal since norcal has colder weather more frequently and i live in the bay area so ig its not AS hot as i make it out to be but still 😐 too. hot ✋😔 vtuber/hyperpop addict 👾 | discord: razz#9999 buh
pomfey ❌BIGOTS, ❌NFT, ❌PRO-SHIP @bloodwurm i like learning it! i think its cool how russian and greek share some letters of their scripts! eli ✨🕊 • they/he • greek-american (white) artist • ENG/GRE OK! • NO REPOSTS
johnnigs I own a Police Car with a 4000 thousand horsepower engine AND I THINK ITS COOL Hello my name is Scott Cawthon, did you guys know what scott cawthon was named, John Nigs.
d_gazer @Octowitch As much as I love Splatoon, I love seeing some of my favorite artists draw new things. I think its cool you're practicing anatomy and shading techniques. Keep up the great work. I am a newbie when it comes to Twitter, but I've been on deviantART for well over 7 years. I hope I can be welcome amongst the community.
TACOSIX1 Its just one of those days @ScrryMonstas She stare up at the male and slowly nod. " I see... well, I think its cool you do those sorta races... its the .. patience you have I admire." is 19! hair color changes a lot:D
SpaceMoneyM San Diego @harrisonw2024 I think its cool but a lot of crap could go wrong with all those parts and doo dad, crab walk crap all that junk. I feel that thing will be in the shop more than on the road I like space and I like money. $TSLA⚡️🔋
johnnigs I own a Ford Raptor with a 4000 thousand horsepower engine AND I THINK ITS COOL Hello my name is Scott Cawthon, did you guys know what scott cawthon was named, John Nigs.
martuvillamayor Weston, FL Honestly, I made my linkedin because i was tired of being judged for not having one but my pfp is me with the butterfly filter & all of my dms are old, pervy men and while i think its cool people get to humble brag about their accomplishments, mine aren’t as impressive. 🦂 she/her #BLM
vvitchbottle bee/g(19) he/they/it yes i think its cool that the ending of fnaf vr is u playing from a kids pov and being lured by afton to be killed and stuffed into a animatronic suit so your soul is bound to it giving it the power to function the way it does so it seems like its super high tech crap. go away. i exist purely to annoy my friends. i post my art here sometimes | blm acab terfs die challenge
richard92x i think its cool and interesting how some musicians showcase their skills the most when covering others' work Richard | UK | philosophy student at UoB | he/him | just vibing
DrunkatTheRalph @SportsRoc2 Here’s my controversial take- The shout song is tired and played out I think its cool that most people like it. It’s just not for me and if I had it my way I’d pick a different hype song. It gets the people going tho and that’s all that matters. I’m happy everyone else likes it #BillsMafia Drunkest Bills fan since 1991.
Milkywazze BLM. Asian lives matter. Tw // exposed bone and peeling skin talk ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ So my brain had an idea from scaled and icy. Drawing both tyler and josh seperately, their cheeks or smth will be covered in scales and that peels away to a skeleton underneath.. I think its cool i'm sorry aren't you excited that i'm givin' you the best me!? | 20 - they/them | digital artist | multifandom | don't follow if under 13. | EST.
cordaliciouss she/her i think its cool that im only gonna be twenty for one more week and i accomplished absolutely nothing at this age or any age before it 🤡
peniscrapting gec/gecself @chungusizedfart @KingPrince___ i think its cool and nice BORN TO DIE / WORLD IS A fork / Kill Em All 1989 / I am trash man / 410,757,864,530 DEAD COPS / alt: @rslashminecraft
junnananas she/they | 17 | STHS What do you think about milgram? (also I think I kin Mu what do I do) — i think its cool! im not as into it as other oomfs but its fun to see and listen to casually :D and kinning anyone from milgram.... hugs u are u ok? #珠緒: the geneva convention? what's that? | art rt acc: @ursaorieon
seanseightheye Kyler ❤ @dylandesu_ I think its cool not having to go through the lines like that and crap cause it be a real hassle for me to even shop at Walmart or Publix tbh (R.I.P. John ❤)
SA3UKEISM 🗯. . . !KIT !PUNK !MEW !THEY i was testing this new app i downloaded anD i think its cool or whatever >\\< ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 𖤐 uchiha sasuke . . . loml me thinks 🧷⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀
maeposts i think its cool that sometimes i try to say something and i say a whole other thing plum fan
animenanaosaki she/her 20 @wobohobox TRUE i also noticed that they're nana stans tho and i think its cool 😎 that girl who wears leather jacket
Insp3ctlol Houston, TX ok i think ive realize why im having a hard time ranking up and playing at 100% all the time. i just need to figure out how to fix it but idk how ill look into it but i think its cool how ive figure it out. like a personal growth thing 15 | comp Valorant | sova/viper/breach flex player | definition of hardstuck
inumakkki just swag @dazaikth1 i think its cool !!! detconan was like my childhood and first First yea its kinda long when i rewatched now but amazing same w one piece too !!! 🏴‍☠️— haruka mirai. 𖦹 any pronouns!
IsaacOstlund_IO @berry_variant Pretty early i guess? I dont mind people seeing a work in progress or rough draft. And im not worried about idea poaching or anything really either. So.. About when i think its cool, which can be pretty early lol I'm a scientist, a DM, a pokemaster, and a creator of games, images, and stories. #ttRPG #science #pokemon
lemon_bois they/he Killed by demons and ghosts and crap every buzzfeed unsolved supernatural episode and just him and ryan in general. I could go off about what I know about the fnaf lore which isn't much but I have theories with what I barely know and stuff I think its cool- I could honestly+ cannot wait for season 3 of tua● minor😩● I art sometimes ● im gonna crap your pants
tipsybiologist Sent to the shadow realm @SQUU1D Its when you and your friend or partner have 2 kins who canonically date or are dating i guess it doesn't have to be canonical And I think its cool 🌺YUGIOH and other stuff || Ray || white ||she/they 🏳️‍⚧️ || 💙💚@goth_jessie💚💙🌺
inigzz partical accelerator @HDADONlS not interested in an idol game but i think its cool theres some dark lore and its not just "haha look at us dance" constant spinning, kinda comfy / i tweet like 5 times a week lol / god someone please teach me the funny
doggydogson United States @ExieBebe Hi, if I can interject, I think its actually okay for you to draw her hair like that since not all black women wear their hair naturally!! Black women also can have their hair relaxed and colored and curled, so I think its cool that you have multiple hairstyles planned for them! i really like dogs | she/her | 20
Alex_is_Epico South San Francisco California i really wanted easter neneko but i got this, i think its cool and everything but the only bad thing is that i dont have enough money to deploy it :pain: #battlecats any pronouns, Gamer, Super Mario Bros Warioware fan. Kirumi tojos biggest fan. i like tally hall too alex is epico#7272
dwizzzleMSFT /AppData/Roaming I think its cool to see SGX and TZ targets, really looking forward to learning from this MSFT Director of OS Security.
transpontiff she/her Wanted to share this Kongo crucifix, I think its cool because its symbolic for both Christian and native Kongo religions, and is a really good example of how they blended together in a unique way. Specifically its a Kongo cosmogram, it represents the connection of life and death 21, Carolina girl
Spac3y3xpon3nt @CoDGhosts619 @patrickcctv @okay6o But I like that style don't get me wrong after hearing that im gonna go give both a listen and there the only 2 that do this i think its cool gives you some perspective I stream siege, rocket league, valorant, and minecraft. week nights from 9pm-11pm us central. teamed with @awokenallies. Path to affiliate! IG Is spac3y3xpon3nt
Amadeity1 pfp by @liviviili This is entirely incomprehensible but idk! I think its cool to see how younger artists toy and play around with their art, I've seen amazing linework, color theory, concepts, and more from them. I hope they're having a great time Taz stan account (Not adventure zone) ♡ Artist & Writer ♡ 18 ♡ Black & Khmer 🇰🇭 ♡ Genderfluid ♡ He/They ♡ My Jester King @singleusemen ♡
johnnigs I own a Ford MustangMachE with a 4000 thousand horsepower engine AND I THINK ITS COOL Hello my name is Scott Cawthon, did you guys know what scott cawthon was named, John Nigs.
shyfew ২২ 𓆞 @uhhmarty @flowertinctures and even if she didnt it was like one last nice date to end things on a high note i think its cool circling the dark
mooglare i think its cool that lucie and luke meier work together as a married couple fashion! • bored with opinions! • subscribe to my weekly fashion newsletter!
heirals tax || 23 || she/her || ⚢ the junctioning system is unironically one of the coolest gameplay mechs in ff. i get why people hate it. but i do not and i think its cool as fork #MUSTADIO: damn that's whack wtf
johnnigs I own a Ford F-150 MKII with a 4000 thousand horsepower engine AND I THINK ITS COOL Hello my name is Scott Cawthon, did you guys know what scott cawthon was named, John Nigs.
johnnigs I own a Hummer with a 4000 thousand horsepower engine AND I THINK ITS COOL Hello my name is Scott Cawthon, did you guys know what scott cawthon was named, John Nigs.
VaporwavNashira cave @AspenNightray @merkiplier Theres no need to be a condescending fork nut. I like mark. I think its cool he's not a garbage human. But he's not perfect and nothing is certain. Latching onto someone and worshipping them isn't good, which is why I said anything. Its from March 24th why do you care not a terf. ready to get mcforkin spooky. unfortunately american (USA). cryptid. ze/zir/zeirs or they/them/theirs 21 years old
wronghat nana / 23 / they/she / edi i think its cool how paypal has all my money and wont let me get it go back to arkham city where you belong
curebahamut @elusivejumps it does! which is why i always go for it, i think its cool. and it is isn't it!! esp in the boss zones i love them grettie, 24, he/she, mixed white, autistic ✧ ffxiv/ocs/gacha/a mixed bag ✧ does a gay little mahou shoujo henshin that pisses you off ✧ dp: @/7HRang

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