Iphone is cool

Iphone is cool.

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AJFromOH he/him yeah the new iphone is cool and all but have u tried eating dirt? i prefer the latter is all i’m saying wh at
cozynamie a cute cafe I got my iPhone 13 like 2 months ago and it keeps overheating 🔥 I have to turn it off completely to make it cool down. Not only is it annoying to hold a hot phone, but the screen also dims automatically when the phone gets hot. Not great when I’m trying to edit videos or photos kawaii content creator 🌸 crafts/DIYs, gaming, cute collectibles 🌸 links ⬇️
stioru final exam. Pfp cr @6baji OH MOON GOODDESS I found something cool and unbelievable. It's really happens and it'll make it easier for me to move the file from my iphone to my ipad/my another iphone this is really cool I want to cry t__t 17 || rindou haitani is my lil meow meow
BenGeskin Latvia It's cool that there is that feature, and sometimes you can get cool shots. But in most cases, the picture is not so pleasing. Cinematic mode on iPhone works better. But I want to give a point to vivo for making bokeh light rings 👍 iPhone don’t have them, it’s just blur. Tech Enthusiast 📱🕶 Content Creator 🎬 Concept Designer 🖥 Business via DM/email: bengeskin gmail
888Tron TRON.network 🤑Don't forget to take part in our promotion! Hurry up and get your cool prizes! New MacBook Air💻 or iPhone 13 pro max📱 - the choice is yours! #Apple #win #Giveaways #casino 🎮 PLAY #games » ⚒ MINE #888tokens » 💰 EARN #USDT rewards on & #slots 🎰 #livecasino 🎲 #sportsbook 🏈 #lottery 🎟 #TRX #BTC
PrinceEkeNdukw1 @Okey_Bernie @usiyamcneo @TheMusicBinger @OfficialGefteM @HermaineM most people I know use iphone because they care about what others think of them...I have this friend that really likes samsung and how their UI is designed and the features it gives but because he doesn't want to be seen with android he uses iphone...IPhone is really cool soon-W$/
thvbreadcheek she / her • 18 A typical vadak guy who just got his new iphone and is trying to sound "cool" by showing off his misogyny Is what I would title this 💀 I live so I love 💗 btspopper ✧தமிழ்
PapSkiro_Gh Tema, Ghana SWEET DEALS iPhone 12 mini 128gig factory unlocked available for cool 3700 This deal is available to be purchased and paid in installment. Visit their website Or dm @ForLinkin to apply for installment deals Pls RETWEET 🙏🏿 @Donzy_Chaka 💕 II @ComedianWaris || #DcEmpire || Supportive || #TeamDonzy II #LinkinForLife
ForLinkin Accra Ghana SWEET DEALS iPhone 12 mini 128gig factory unlocked available for cool 3700 This deal is available to be purchased and paid in installment. Visit our website to apply for installment deals Pls RETWEET 🙏🏿 || MacBooks, iphones & Accessories || Rt is not an Endorsement|| 📞+233541427156|| Location : Circle Mall, Tip-Toe Lane|| || #LinkinForLife🔌
0xZuwu In your head, rent free @kerfunkl Ain't that the truth bro, I love this thing for photo and video editing, drawing is fun even though I'm not much of an artist, and things like garage band are cool, but so many basic bottom apps are missing half their functionality and/or like you said are just stretched iphone apps Anti Influencer Influencer Club | MAYC #4510 | 4510.eth & 9973.eth | I'm here to be an act, not a role model
statecs Stockholm, Sweden Cool! UX Developer #bitcoin #ethereum #cardano
rrandiiii Detroit, MI @MarissaWolff_ i'm so bored of iphone and the z flip is so cool 😭 Real down to mars girl • my twitter is just a stream of consciousness • 🌐 CHAMPS FAM ❤️‍🩹 @iamblackbear
BacterialTalk @TamayoLab If you have an iPhone you can connect your vaccination record from healthcare provider in “MyHealth” and it shows up and is accepted. It is pretty cool actually. Bacterial geneticist fascinated w biofilms n signal transduction. Educator. Out-of-the-box. What is dogma? Mom. Foodie. Runner. MTG enthusiast. Opinions my own
ergosteur Toronto, Ontario, Canada @GibiOfficial I really don’t get it either. Regular wireless charging is kinda cool, like you can have a spot on your desk or in your car where you can just toss your phone and have it charge, but iPhone MagSafe does not look convenient at all to me. 🧑‍💻Sysadmin | 📸Tech enthusiast | 🇲🇺Mauritian-🇨🇦Canadian | ⚜️Francophone | 💽Datahoarder |🎞📚Media nerd |🎧Giblet | Views are my own
Sommer Brooklyn, NY As #GAAD2022 is approaching, I encourage everyone to get to know VoiceOver...ON YOUR MAC! VoiceOver is amazing on iPhone / iPad, AND it's also phenomenal on your Mac. To learn the key commands, your OS already has really cool built in tutorial mode - check it out! #accessibility Accessibility Manager/Eng @SlackHQ. Prev Apple, Twitter. Aerial artist/coach. ❤️ roller coasters, peanut butter & iOS.📱 tweets here, 🎪 @strangesommer. she/her
teasized any prns 18 desi @ivehater hey lol *leans on expensive car that is a um very cool brand and looks at the time on my 400 karat gold rolex. pulls out my iphone 12 and looks at you through my louis vuttion sunglasses* fool (self-diagnosed)
McComiskeyCrea1 Hudson, MA Warm weather is coming, stay cool with this snow phone case! Available for both IOS and certain Androids. Free shipping link in bio #photography #snow #staycool #photographer #iphone #andriod #freeshipping #etsy #etsyshop #phonecase #case #smallbusiness #smallbusinessowner Photography captures the beauty of the world. Writing creates the beauty we want to see
lynnskyi United States @RichardClaypool Cool! My first iPhone was the 6s from AT&T. After that, I switched to Straight Talk with the SE. Now, I have an SE 2, and love Straight Talk. I wouldn't go back to another carrier. ST works great and is so affordable. Reader. Pro human rights & social justice. Law school graduate. Follow @OutspokenProg for personal political perspective. Seeking to love my neighbor as myself.
BuffBunnyMika Pfp: @nekuronsfw @the_n3rd_man I used the vivid cool iPhone filter at 25% which is why it may look blue, and thank you! It's actually a dress, it can just be tied different ways Short haired buff waifu💪Side @Chadkasa Business inquires buffbunnymika@gmail.com Free OF ⬇️
nassir_bold Pakistan @phonetivepk You can’t compare Iphone with baseus, baseus is definitely cheapest brand in front of iPhone. Sending some screenshots about local market price and your demanding price, kindly compare it with cool 😎 mind. Senior telecom engineer
LynneCabban Parkes, New South Wales 🇦🇺 Awesome idea for iPhone👍I’ll keep Tollcross in mind when I chat to Ilona cause there’s a place near the castle that Ilona goes walking and the flowers etc there are beautiful. Cool😎on the theatre are you going to see a production there?! The magic mountain is on there 26 August Nothing is impossible💙s life, friends, family, my job, yoga, music, all forms of film, theatre & lots more. Life's to short so enjoy & b happy with it🧚‍♀️😉🤭
stargeek13 El Paso County, Colorado 'Saint Harambe' iPhone 12 - Snap The Goddess Venus needs to move over, Harambe is here and he's got wings #harambe #gorilla #vector #cool #metal #hardcore #animals #animal #retro #vintage #funny Stargate aficionado and overall scifi addict. Here to share some of my favourite things with Twitter. Rude people will be blocked. Some posts are sponsored.
cyberprzemoc DNI: under 16, mcyttwt it was recorded with an iphone which i think is a cool fun fact and adds to the overall realistic vibe. the lead actresses say they were involved in the creative process, even helped to write a lot of the dialogues which makes it seem more nuanced than- aleksy/achilles, 20, he/they on/jego, entp 8w7 (derogatory). ustawiam się tylko ze słodkimi patusami
pengmanmodel Lagos/Manchester Alll you need to do is register on 1XBet using the code “Pengman” & stand a chance to win an iPhone, an Apple Watch, and many more cool gifts! Register here - Professional Fine Boy😎 #Model Pengest YouTuber in Africa | Party Host 🎤| Fashion Icon | IG/Tiktok @pengmanmodel || Leaving my footprint on the sands of time👣
iFixMalaga United Kingdom (iPhone iPad repair) Sandmarc Film Rig for iPhone, GoPro, DSLRs: Your iPhone is very capable of capturing amazing video. With a decent smartphone filmmaking rig, you can attach your lights and other accessories to record more… (Repairs 655424075 I want to make the world a better place before I die
MaBlerh South Africa This is the Nokia 5110. The iPhone 14 Pro Max of our time. No phone will ever say I am within things like this one. Trendy parents and cool kids had this. #LongLiveAkhumziJezile
tucksnz Tauranga, NZ @Parko23 @hillyshoist You've got it backwards mate. Owning an iPhone is like living in the city and driving an SUV. Sure it looks great and your mates think you're cool. But it's a massive waste of time and normal rational people think you're a popsicle 🤣🤣 49ers, Liverpool FC, Parra, Lakers, Avs Fan
ryancbriggs Toronto, Ontario @HeinerSalomon @KhoaVuUmn To simply say “yes” would be a huge understatement. The new chips are incredibly efficient, they’re based on the iphone chips rather than intel laptop chips. They’re basically always cool (fan noise is rare) and battery life is amazing. Raising kids & bread & grant money. Cleaning data & diapers & fish. International development & EA. Social scientist at @uofg. typos.
pankbluepink Crystal Palace South 🤭 @mushynanco @SophiaEarle @stvn_____ Even the phone backgrounds and all that cool stuff that's preloaded on iPhone or a Samsung for example is taken using an SLR or DSLR 🤣 it's a scam. Here comes the sun 🌞
jaybraymer Orlando 1. @AJamesMcCarthy is a great follow. He takes and edits some really cool photos and videos of all things space. 2. This is $7 well spent! These look awesome on my iPad and desktop. (Sorry, I can’t kick the family off of my iPhone) Woo Pig Sooie
KristenDaukas North Carolina Tyumen (Russia) – 21 January 2020: TikTok, Facebook app on the screen Apple iPhone XR getty It’s all about the algorithm. Social media is an important space for those who ... #contentmarketing #digitalmarketing #socialmedia #Digitalmarketing pro. #Influencer, #EventPlanner. Guiding #smb on #branding #contentcreation, and #socialmedia to improve #ROI ➡️
Metacodee @altcryptocom Real gem now is trading FUTURES! That's the way out of this Killin dip! You can't afford to miss the beauty of making cool 10X by predicting the market movement. By trading futures on @MEXC_Global you can even win a Ford mustang, iphone 13, PS5 and loads more; LIFE OF CODES #programming #coding #photography
Samwitch__ The moon Who has the galaxy flip phone? And is it worth switching over from an iPhone? It looks so cool idk what to do I’ll show you my crystals if you show me yours
travbuc Pennsyltucky Listen I hate rich people more than anyone else, but man my iPhone is a pretty cool device and it wouldn’t have been made without capitalism. 31. Dalmatian daddy. Stupid, albeit entertaining. #BucNation #MMA #NASCAR #SportsTalk
gsonart @Ruben_Fro This is so true. I have a young daughter and at bedtime we’d snuggle up and read Richard Scarry, we’d talk about all the cool details of these charming little worlds he creates. Not an iPhone in sight! 😉 Abstract digital artist. Exploring the interaction of digital/analog mark making. Deconstruction becomes discovery. Links below. "Elysian" FND Sold – 1.6 ETH
nehafatima832 heaven people who attracts me is not one with luxuries like car, iPhone or money but The one with good manners who have basic etiquette..who know how to treat people. That's 🔥🔥 I see people doing inappropriate things and thinking it's cool🤣🤣 Like really I don't understand them Engineer👩‍💻|| FashionDesigner || FitnessFreak💪 if traveling was free,you'd never see me again ✈🌍 If I was u I wanna be me too BESTIE : @beswastik ❣
StephStradley Houston, Texas @LifeasMack Thank you. A Tele Vue 102 we got used on an astronomy roadtrip to Tucson too long ago. It’s the cool evergreen and white color. First time I tried pictures because iPhone is easier in the dark now. Great evening. Some neighbors came over :) Write about NFL #Texans @ Houston Chronicle & other stuff at other places. Lawyer too. I try to be nice, helpful. Be not afraid.
romethy_ they/he/she the question is should i get the iphone 12 or the iphone 13 mini, both are the same price but i would much prefer the bigger screen size, however thew 13 battery life and slightly better specs would also be cool gelato Colorado 🤷‍♀️ q
Junodeer Ontario @HYENABLOOD Took this with my iPhone and some weird bottom star gazer thing, worked pretty well I think!!! But hey, even thought the resolution isn’t the greatest, it’s still cool and what matters most is that YOU saw it, nothing beats seeing it in person! :D He/They | Demi-Pansexual | 18 | Artist | MUSICIAN with @FuzznetWorld | 🇨🇦 | BLM & ACAB || pfp @kinggcollie || NSFW DNI || SFW || (∞ ❤️💙) || Priv: @deerwasbad
TheAntiCostanza Ottawa, Ontario God my iPhone is too old, so the camera sucks. But I can see the lunar eclipse then my window while I sit at my desk and do school work. And it *absolutely* has a reddish tinge to it!!! SO COOL!!!! Jesus my camera blows lol It’s so much better than I can give credit to Manners cost nothing; and never go out of style. Chef/Baker over a 19 yr career. I love food & animal vids
iTweetTurf State College, PA Went through some old “auto upload” photos from my iPhone and came across this beauty from Slovenia. Anyone have a guess as to what the pathogen is? Turf diseases are cool. @PSUTurf and @PSUHemp researcher | pest diagnostics via @PSUTurfPests | @Turfpath & @Greensightag | Turfgrass Management Co-Author | tweets are my own
Ogbodotonzi Toni's device... Which cloor of iPhone 13 would u like to pick.. Available #Toni's device... U can ping me on my whatsap @+971528637731 %08039435859... Thanks for choosing Toni's device, and ur gadgets is cool available. Dedication to self service as business and administrator
rupr3me Loop of lazyness @Thisisnarendran Agree, maybe that's why LG doesn't make phones these days. They made some interesting devices but not for ordinary use. However, Note 10 is one of cool device of Samsung And you are using iPhone right now? 08 🌟 Bright Multitasker / Discord : Rupr3mE#6282 / PFP : 워비스
WolvesRube21 United States @renegadeswampfx @mmpadellan I continue to agree with u & u keep just getting angry pal. Take a pill and calm yourself down. Seems like ur fuming right now. I get it, you're super cool and knowledable about all sports in all markets, and you have a super awesome truck and iphone and great life. Life is good! Here to argue about sports with you
ARD2209 @StyleAndSelfies Random, but the light in your photo was interesting to me, so I played around on the iPhone image editor and came up with this, which I think is pretty cool. It looks cartoonised (that’s not a word but it is now 😂).
EvEy_Mo @mkhabela_zide @Lofty_K See what i was complaining about. And I’ve seen some really cool features iphone has shem, ngl. But the android system is still more user friendly for me. Peep header - - - - coming soon ❤️ *Pharmacist.
thejaksonbaus @wydpoke @zippyse13 @sorcehri "It's got FaceTime and iMessage" Cool, so just fb messenger or Google duo? Oh, and your texts to other iphones are blue. Iphone people i swear. Especially since they're always the ones the bring up that iPhone is better than Andriod. I've never met an android person who 1/2 I'm funny. Sometimes
mwakkka So you can jump me? idk what any of this means, all i knows is iphone = cool and trendy 👍🏾 just here for craps and giggles
Jtenna_ @chitaglorya__ Looking for mouthwatering freebies? The MEXC 2nd Futures Competition is just 3 days away. Win cool prices such as a car, iPhone 13 pro max, PlayStation and more. More info on @MEXC_Global Passionate about making things work #creativity
HoustonChron Houston, TX The iPhone has a number of cool shortcuts, writes Jay Lee. For example, if you ever need to type the degree symbol to tell someone how hot it is in Texas, you can press and hold the “zero” key to get the symbol. News headlines and tweets from Houston Chronicle journalists.

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