Iphone is cool

Iphone is cool.

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addicted2edge twitter for Android/Iphone is cool and all but look what i have twitter said no to saying "end your life"
JoeofYahuah New York state @bennyjohnson I'm just cool with my 5 yr old Samsung Galaxy S8. The thing is ah beast!!! Unlike iPhones where Apple plays with your phone remotely making you believe something is wrong with your battery and need a new one. Who in their right mind if okay paying over $1,000/yr for a new iPhone? 59 years. I don't use Telegram, Google Chat, Signal, WhatsApp, etc. Don't ask what I do for living. My roles & duties R confidential. They're not be discussed!
mrbrentmorris Woodstock, GA The sunlight hit my iPhone and created the perfect reflection of the camera on my dash. @Apple @iPhonedo I bet you’ll think this is cool too! Animator, artist, photographer, videographer. I love to flex my creative muscles. FAA certified Remote Pilot. Available for freelance work.
TPrattski The new Crash Detection on the IPhone 14 is cool until you tomahawk down Highboy and accidentally call 911 Utah Born and Bred skier, @snowbird @altaskiarea @k2skis @strafeouterwear @sawatch_hemp athlete
HaroGaro1312 @flipper_zero @tekphreak An iPhone/Android NFC and lightning/usb-c U2F support on the flipper zero like the yubiKey NFC should be cool ! Is it possible to integrate one ?
shaadvl @elonmusk @Liz_Wheeler There is a need to break duopoly Android and iPhone, And extended life of smart phone devices by modular upgrades will be cool “Endless patience, great discipline, and steely resolve are required,” “Nothing you do will guarantee success, though you can tilt the odds significantly.....
la_markblue The iPhone argument is really forking funny considering it’s American big tech. You forking annoyed me and I’m trying to cool my jets right now same rules, bots will be ridiculed and blocked. if I don’t know you best stay out of my mentions.
ratsmakemehappy United States Obsessed with rats? This Cool Rat iPhone Case is the one for you! Pop it on your phone and keep it protected from any dirt or damage instantly. Order Now => Do you love Rats? Follow us and visit our shop to find unique products for rat lovers :)
StevenJSabin @ScottAdamsSays Studies show that electricity generated in China and India using coal is also green. Because NIMBY. And because that new iPhone is so cool I prefer not to think about where it’s made. I need a new one so I can virtue signal with the latest instead of last year’s model.
mainyan3 📚new blog account💌✍🏻 This is my previous and current iPhone wallpaper.📱💙🤍🖤❤️ Elvis' cool back, beautiful profile, and beautiful tall body are perfect for iPhone wallpaper.🫶🏻💗💖💘✨💫 → #Elvis #ElvisPresley #EP #elvisfandom #elvisfan #elvisfans #elvisweek2022 #elvistheking Prince from Another Planet is Always On My Mind💙💜💍👑⚡️🪐🌏💫/art🤍elvis🤍sumo🤍game🤍beauty🤍leopa etc/🎵Tokyo
Wasifimtiaz9 Sydney, Australia @Pirhaaaa @gradecricketer @wasimakramlive Calling fellow desies a desi doesn’t make you look cool and showing off an iphone like this is the worst kind desi crap I’ve ever come across A proud Pakistani, RT’s r not endorsed #امپورٹڈ_حکومت_نامنظور
rahriiesymoni World Of Toka🪐 Is anyone else’s iPhone doing this? It looks like a stealth mode. Super cool but if I wasn’t familiar with my apps and Home Screen it could be a issue lol p.s it looks like a dope painting 😅😂 Artist 🎤🎭💃🏽🎨 Be The Flame That Never Outs 🔥🌸 🖤👽🇬🇧🇯🇲🇺🇸IG- Rahriie FB- Rahriie Symoni💫 #ArtIsToMe #ConnVo #ArtIs2Me #RahriieRants #IFDA #BSR
somidax worldwide decentralized ecosys @elonmusk WoW! This is super cool and what a way to demonstrate Thanksgiving using the edit button from your iphone 😀. @Twitter really improving with unique futures. Keep it up 👍👇 and I think this should also be an #NFTGiveaway 😀 #thanksgivingdinner Service :| ✍️ SMDX:Join
aravarora_ @JosephRosner @techcen8 I didn’t for me. I have charged my iPhone 13 overnight for 10 months and battery health is at 97%. I did say overnight charging was preferable but if other charging methods keep the phone cool and don’t reduce battery health too fast, that’s good. Random person on Twitter who loves tech and wallpapers!
Ahnis_S Resident of the Blue Planet🌎 @AbhishBanerj BJP ecosystem is obsessed with the term 'ecosystem'. See @RShivshankar or clown @rishibagree. It used to be a cool cliche in 2014 when we were falling for Apple 'ecosystem'. iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, Apple TV. Godi media is a day late and a dollar short. And sound stupid! Vote Blue 🌊🌊🌊 #BLM. Indian Muslims are Indians. Blocked by Savarkar, Godse & crazy Tom Fitton. No Hindutva BS 🚫MAGAt/Sanghi traitors. 🚫DM. Trump is Satan.
sanjosebarbie73 San Jose, CA @GRDialogs Okay, I tried what you said and it MAYBE worked. I saw that there is another friend of the squad just a mile or two away from me. Cool! But I don't know if it added me or not. I tried it from my iPhone and that didn't work, so I just tried it from my Macbook. It is useless to follow me, because all I ever do is retweet and like other people's tweets. But if that's your thing, go for it.
KTM90379290 @dormantdrakaiNa That would be cool! Main reason i use a android phone and not iPhone is for emulators. Parent, Husband, Mechanic, Horsepower, Sports, Constitutionalist, 2A! FJB... Before you DM just know you're NOT getting any money ever!
TheActualDemi @sin_nombro Imo "idiot" and "lazy boy with iphone nobody cares about" is pretty agressive but thats cool. Didn't mean to sound like I was baiting, legit tryin to learn cauae hadnt heard but thats pretty hard on social media these days, especially with touchy topics like Tesla EV enthusiast & advocate. just tryin to get through life one step at a time
MellyWonka_ Indianapolis, IN My brother refuses to get an iPhone. He is seemingly unimpressed by my iPhone 14 Pro Max. His exact words when interacting with Dynamic Island was “oh that’s cool” and then handed it back. He uses a Samsung S22 Ultra. He’s going to use an iPhone 12 for second phone for iMessage iPhone 14 Pro Max  iTrigger Android users. Nintendo 🫶🏽 Goku ≠ Naruto. Stock holder - Follow me I post stupid crap
kaitlynwithakay Seattle, WA Recently upgraded to an iPhone 11 from an SE. I guess Face ID is cool and all, but my thumbprint worked in the dark. Just sayin. Queer, atheist, neurodivergent, chronically ill, somewhat cranky library person. She believed she could, but her cat was asleep on her lap, so she didn't.
roadhouse2100 Here and there YouTube on the switch is cool but what’s with the touch controls? U can tap but not scroll, who made this?! My son tried it for 5mins, watched 2 Thomas the tank videos and came right back tryna take my iphone prolly high, big whoop, wanna fight about it?? gamer.. smoker…
PromiseInfusio1 Ibadan Song Recorded and edited with an iPhone Extra cool beat by @YoungJonn This is also titled Extra cool. @Olamide @MAVINRECORDS @officialnairam1 @DONJAZZY THANDO WELCOME HOME #XiaomiEmberPromo As real as real it’s self. I love people 💯 I’m an Up coming Artist a King Star that’s about to Unleash its light 💫
PromiseInfusio1 Ibadan Song Recorded and edited with an iPhone Extra cool beat by ⁦@YoungJonn⁩ This is also titled Extra cool. ⁦@Olamide⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦@MAVINRECORDS⁩ ⁦@officialnairam1⁩ ⁦@DONJAZZY⁩ THANDO WELCOME HOME #XiaomiEmberPromo As real as real it’s self. I love people 💯 I’m an Up coming Artist a King Star that’s about to Unleash its light 💫
cameramayn Karachi, Pakistan to be honest, dynamic island sucks in online pictures. see it in person and it's very fitting. pair it with a cool wallpaper and all. doesn't bother much. what i will say is, it does look out of place for an iPhone. why? because this shape isn't Apple's thing, unlike the notch. 22. Photographer. Author of 'Broken Pieces'. Business: @watchmayn
Nexx4real @Witmer01 @aitechwithme @JamesSchwarzen3 @techyped “What he said is right” just because your broke friends keep saying they want an iPhone to be “cool” doesn’t make this true 🤦‍♂️😆 people buy iPhones because of the ecosystem “easy of use” and loyalty thats 70% of the buyers… rest 20% are the ones who buy it for brand value Typing…
JustJosh132 A tea party. Women want a way out, a good time etc. A 17 year old with an iPhone 14 from her 35 year old boyfriend is cool. She's never really hungry and always has a good time which what she wants obviously. She can be taught not to pursue that and maybe it works maybe it doesn't 1/2 you may have noticed i’m not all there myself.
ChaurasiaAchal While going to any supermarket, you might observe that the organic fruits and veggies usually have their own separate sections, accompanied by some cool and classy lighting. And, this section is usually approached by the ones owing a Gucci or an iPhone; just to be a show-off!
dalnktech San Francisco, CA @M2chip @RjeyTech Everything else apple makes us USB-C and actually has good peripheral support now but the iPhone is like DERPPPPPP I CANT DO ANY OF THE COOL IPAD PRO STUFF THATS A SEPARATE DEVICE PLEASE BUY THE LIGHTNING PORT PHONE 🤳 Pixel 7 Pro is godlike. Apple M1 dethroned intel. Samsung DeX replaced my macbook pro. Person of Absurdity. he/him/any
ecstacygg Melbourne, Victoria Boutta jailbreakmy iPhone X iOS 14.6 with checkra1n currently my phone is very plain but I have been using a theme called IconBoard that is very cool Only worry for jail breaking is batteryloss and random reboots so I’ll update when I’ve done it Jailbreak Tips And Tweaks
w123PeterPan @SnazzyQ imo the iphone 5c was a pretty cool looking phone. Especially the white on black. That is until it showed any sign of wear and tear. Youtuber/Photographer/
PromoBCH @rogerkver But Google Play and App Store do, luckily for Android the APK can be served uncensorable over torrent, also private companies e.g. bcom have to obey, bitcoin is cool but in combination with iphone & private companies that have single point of failure (one owner) its pretty weak
owen__oven @sadier0gers did you know that if you call *3001#12345#* on an iphone you get FTMInternal which is arguably more fun and cool your favourite neighbourhood responsible pet owner
pururajdutta @iupdate This is me every time I see someone using an iPhone X / iPhone Xs / iPhone 11 Pro. Also, the unique design of the iPhone X adds to this. It just looks so good — It’s a perfect blend of Simplicity, Sophistication, Modernness and has a “cool” factor attached to it. You might know me for AirTags. Associated with Redfruit Media Brands @Appleosophy, TechPod Social, and @AppleSummit Thoughts and Views are my own.
T3hL1ttle3ngine Lake Titicaca, Peru @tubman_onlyfans The entire point is that the iPhone just isn't cool anymore and hasn't been since the first time in 2013 that you saw a fat DMV lady facetiming in an urban Walmart on her iphone 5. The saga continues
USBprotector you own a phone cahrger? let me Introduce you my new charger protector. the charge protector is protecting your charger from getting broken and save you money. an iphone charger cost: 40$ charger protector:5-7$💰 you can save 40$ by buying a product cost 5-7$ and it looks cool! usb protectors
T3hL1ttle3ngine Lake Titicaca, Peru I've been saying for a while that the iPhone is pathetically stale and has never been in a more vulnerable spot to be truly disrupted. If Musk can make a $2000-3000 "Tesla Phone" that feels as "cool" now as the iPhone did in 2007 then things get interesting, fast. The saga continues
LonnieNewtonJr Saginaw Township North, MI The iPhone 14 Plus cinematic camera mode is pretty cool. Here are some clips of Londyn and her White Pine teammates from tonight’s game. Another win for both teams! Christian | Husband & Father | Assistant Coach of Michigan Storm Elite 2028 | Engineering Manager- Nexteer Automotive
JypsyRose666 @Bubblebathgirl SERIOUSLY?! That is not cool. Again, someone in charge is censoring and boycotting free speech. I love my iPhone, but I find it hard to believe this is a legit APPLE decision. An Arizona native Raised True & Righteously💞Earned Humility & Wisdom. Lover to Life & All animals 😎 I Am Me
USBprotector you own a phone cahrger? let me Introduce you my new charger protector. the charge protector is protecting your charger from getting broken and save you money. an iphone charger cost: 40$ charger protector:5-7$💰 you can save 40$ by buying a product cost 5-7$ and it looks cool! usb protectors
cryptonition @iLoveJaneAdams @TYonClubhouse @Apple Did you even try Android? I did both. After using iPhone XR💩for 2 years and getting back to Android I would never touch iPhone again. It's overrated and inferior to Android 10fold. Not customizable with poor app ecosystem. 🍏hardware is cool, but you can find as good🤖for less $
USBprotector you own a phone cahrger? let me Introduce you my new charger protector. the charge protector is protecting your charger from getting broken and save you money. an iphone charger cost: 40$ charger protector:5-7$💰 you can save 40$ by buying a product cost 5-7$ and it looks cool! usb protectors
dalevon_digital Virginia, USA I bought MagSafe charging stands,car mounts, chargers and cases for my Pixel and iPhone and don’t even used them. The idea to me is really cool but it doesn’t work for me. Tho the car mount is actually awesome dropping your phone on it. How is your experience with MagSafe?? Professional Photographer Youtuber Social Influencer
Ty_Haines Tennessee, USA @Elder_Gamesman It is 2 developers and they are working pretty hard on it. Im loving it so far but I am also on iPhone. Give it some time though. It is a mix of MySpace, Twitter, and insta. Pretty cool so far! He/Him l Registered Nurse | Video Games | Diet Coke Enthusiast l Business Inquires: tyhaines24@gmail.com
fxn Barcelona Shared iPhone camera for a call. This is a desktop setup where I normally use a webcam. Worked really well wireless, and Center Stage looked cool and quite natural to me. Everlasting student · Zeitwerk · Rails Core · Fukuoka Ruby Award · Ruby Hero Award · Freelance · Life lover
Murraypalooza Culver City, CA @ApesWithEgos Oh I def use the Twitter app on my phone, it's the fastest out of all of them to me. But obviously everyone's mileage may vary. So far Hive has a cool interface, but the Android app is leagues behind the iPhone one and not optimized. Hopefully the get the web interface up! Producer/Prod Supervisor based in Los Angeles. Philadelphia born. Flyers hockey, Karaoke hack, & dad joke enthusiast. GIF-replier
BModderrr Retirement home for modders Being Neurodivergent is dope!!! We are the androids in a boring IPhone world. So consider this a quick love note to those who may be different, you're loved and I think your cool. Titillating the juices of modding. I used to mod a wrestling game for fun and prizes
caren_cary Georgetown @WhatsApp Y'all should put something like "status viewed on iPhone or Android or web", depending on which one the user is using, it'd be cool. Or when you add someone, you get to see if the number is active and what phone the person is using
xooset I put my iPhone 14 in the microwave for like 40 seconds and it charged it.. wtf? Is this a hidden feature? So cool low fidelity 3d cgi
CountEmrys Michigan, USA @CookieNinja50 @JMikero @TheInsiderPaper Cool story. Now if only Apple could manage to get close to 50% of mobile devices in circulation, I'd care. Given the fact that side loading apps on an iPhone is not hard and that Twitter meets the criteria to be hosted on the app store, I don't. 🤡🤡 Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Engineer / US Army Infantry Veteran
MykeDropps @xZexalxx @Brad_Walraven @svblimity @RATIOOOO10 @deadsbirth Iphone is the most basic bitch thing you can own. Especially if you are obsessed with it and think you're cool bc you have one. Just an unoriginal simpleton I'd give my Bio a D grade